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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Head of Al Qaeda in Turkey arrested - CD bomb found - American and European 'students' arrested in Cairo terror plot

Head of Al Qaeda in Turkey arrested - CD bomb found - American and European 'students' arrested in Cairo terror plot

December 10, 2006


Turkey seizes 'al-Qaeda members'
The arrests were made during the Pope's visit, reports say
Ten people with suspected links to al-Qaeda have been arrested in Turkey, police have said. Among them was a lawyer described as al-Qaeda's leader in Turkey, the state-run Anatolian news agency said. It said the arrests were made during raids in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir at the start of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Turkey in late November. Police seized bomb-making equipment but found no evidence that the men were planning an attack against the Pope. The police had been watching the suspects for a year and made the arrests after tracking e-mail exchanges on the purchase of bomb-making materials, the Anatolian news agency said.

During the simultaneous raids in three cities police seized what they called a CD bomb which would explode if inserted into a computer. Maps of an oil refinery near the western city of Izmir were also found. The police swoop was carried out on 28 November, when the Pope was visiting Turkey, the agency said. However, no evidence was found suggesting that the militants had planned to target the pontiff himself. Some of the suspects are believed to be members of the Great Eastern Warriors Front (IBDA-C). That group has it carried out the bombings of two Istanbul synagogues, the British consulate and a UK bank in the city in 2003, in which more than 50 people died. Some 70 suspects are still on trial in Istanbul for the bombings.



In the World

American, others held in attack plot CAIRO, Egypt - Police have arrested an American, 11 Europeans, and several other suspects from Arab countries for allegedly plotting attacks in Middle Eastern countries, including Iraq, Egypt's Interior Ministry said yesterday. The group was part of an Islamic terror cell that had adopted extremist ideas and whose members were living in Egypt under the guise of learning Arabic and pursuing Islamic studies, the ministry said. Along with the American, police arrested two Belgians, nine French and several people from Egypt and other Arab countries. The ministry did not provide names. - AP


MIM: The two Belgians who were deported from Egypt were questioned and released by Belgian authorities.
The two Belgians with both Belgian and Dutch nationality were arrested together with eight Frenchmen at a Koran school in Egypt. They were suspected of recruiting volunteers for Jihad.

In Egypte uitgewezen Belgen ondervraagd en vrijgelaten

BRUSSEL - De twee Belgen die donderdag in Egypte werden uitgewezen, zijn gehoord door de federale gerechtelijke politie. Er werden huiszoekingen verricht in hun woningen en ze werden nadien vrijgelaten. Dat meldt het federale parket vrijdag. De twee Belgen waren niet gekend bij het Belgische gerecht. Het federaal parket stelde ze niet ter beschikking van een onderzoeksrechter. ,,Ze hebben ingestemd met een huiszoeking in hun woningen. Het federaal parket heeft geen onderzoeksrechter aangesteld om ze in beschuldiging te stellen en om ze in voorlopige hechtenis te nemen", aldus Lieve Pellens, woordvoerster van het federaal parket.

De twee jongemannen, die zowel de Belgische als Marokkaanse nationaliteit hebben, werden midden november samen met acht Fransen opgepakt in een koranschool in Egypte. Ze worden ervan verdacht vrijwilligers te hebben gerekruteerd voor de heilige oorlog.

Egypte besliste om de twee uit te wijzen. De twee Belgen en de acht Fransmannen zijn donderdagavond aangekomen in Brussel. In Frankrijk stelt de antiterrorismesectie van het parket van Parijs een onderzoek in tegen de acht Fransmannen.

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