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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Hamas Stages Pro Terror Rally At Sari Nuseibeh's Al - Quds University In Jerusalem

Hamas Stages Pro Terror Rally At Sari Nuseibeh's Al - Quds University In Jerusalem

March 26, 2014

MIM: The head of Al-Quds University is Sari Nuseibeh who is widely touted as a 'moderate'. Among the trustees of Al- Quds University is Muslim Brother leader and radical cleric Yusuf Al Qaradawi who has endorsed suicide bombings. For more on Sari Nuseibeh and Al- Quds University see: Al Quds University President Sari Nuseibeh's' militant moderation' http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/25 http://sari.alquds.edu/cv.htm 'Rockets' At Jerusalem University's Paramilitary Hamas Rally
Photos and footage reveal pro-terror rally at Al-Quds University, after similar event last November led Brandeis University to cut ties. Ari Yashar

Hamas-affiliated Al-Quds University in Jerusalem once again held a rally supporting the Gaza-based terror group this Sunday, after a "Nazi-style" rally at the university last November led Brandeis University in America to cut ties with the institution.

Photographs from the event on Sunday circulated students' Facebook pages, revealing pro-Hamas students parading throughout the campus, and even carrying mock rockets. Just two weeks ago, the Hamas-enclave of Gaza showered Israel with over 100 rockets.

Soon after, footage from the rally was posted on YouTube, showing dozens of participants and including interviews with Hamas officials.

Tom Gross, the Middle East expert who exposed the rally as well as the one last year, told Arutz Sheva "these kind of rallies are obviously not conducive to engendering a spirit of tolerance, acceptance and non-violence among students at this elite Palestinian university."

"I think we need to ask ourselves the general question as to why Western universities (and also Western government agencies) are funding Palestinian -- or indeed any other -- universities without making clear that they should not allow the promotion of violence or terrorism among students," added Gross.

Arab students at the university reported Monday that they are tired of the school giving terrorist groups free reign to hold military rallies on campus. They added that the rally lasted two hours, and that hundreds of students participated.

A reported source of funding for programs at the school is George Soros, the billionaire who supports several groups that have been accused of being critical of Israel and of falsely libeling the Jewish state.

An assistant of Soros reportedly claimed the billionaire has seen pictures of last November's rally featuring Nazi salutes and has already threatened to cut funding.

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