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Kamran Bokhari Stratfor's VP Of Middle Eastern And South East Asian Affairs Defense Of Osama Bin Laden

July 23, 2014

Bio of Bokhari on the Stratfor website.


Bokhari was the head of Al Muhajiroun in the United States and invited Anjem Choudary who is the presently the leader of AM Aka Sharia4UK to speak at the MSA of Southwest Missouri State University. The event was partially funded by the Student Union.

He wrote this defense of Osama Bin Laden in 1999.

For more on Bokhari enter his name into the search engine of MIM and see:

Kamran Bokhari :Strategic Forecasting's Terrorism Intelligence Report's 'Islamist Disservice'


Freedom fighters now being called ‘terrorists'

Kamran Bokhari
Guest Columnist

I read with great interest the article "Terrorism poses serious threat to society" by Rod Stark, in the last issue of the Southwest Standard. Stark's article was a constructive critique of the lecture on "terrorism" delivered by Dr. Gideon Rose, on Jan. 29, 1999. However, the article contained some factual errors and Stark made certain sweeping assertions that require clarification.

Stark mentions Osama Bin Ladin as being a "high ranking member of terrorist organizations such as the Mujahideen Brigades and al-Jihad." This is highly inaccurate. Al-Jihad, currently led by Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, is an Islamic organization active in Egypt that seeks to overthrow the authoritarian regime of Husni Mubarak. As for the "Mujahideen Brigades," this is a fictitious organization, a creation of the global ‘tabloid' media. There is no factual information as regards its leadership, members or existence. As for Bin Ladin, it is public information that he is the leader of the World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Zionists and Crusaders, an organization that was launched in February 1998. This organization seeks to liberate Muslim land.

I am quite amazed at how fighting occupation forces can be conveniently and arbitrarily dubbed as "terrorism." If this is the case, then Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Ben Franklin could also be considered terrorists by the British government. Bin Ladin is no more than a suspect in the bombings of the U.S. Embassies in East Africa. But the media, dancing to the tune of the federal agencies, has already indicted him.

The general principle of a person being innocent until proven guilty is conveniently and arbitrarily suspended in the case of Muslims–who have become the "usual suspects."

The U.S. government has yet to provide a shred of concrete evidence that proves Bin Ladin's involvement in the bombings. He is being attacked for the alleged acquisition of nuclear weapons by those who themselves maintain the largest arsenal of such horrible weapons, and happen to be the only ones who have used them to date.

As a Muslim, I am concerned that through this "Get Ussamah Bin Ladin" campaign, the U.S. government is trying to distort and obscure reality. Those who oppose Western (in particular United States) hegemony and neo-colonialism are declared "terrorists." It is no secret that the intelligence apparatus of hegemonic nations like the United States and the United Kingdom, through their embassies, conduct operations under the cloak of diplomatic immunity. Puppet regimes in the Muslim world are kept in power through these diplomatic conduits. It is ironic that the on one hand the United States is the champion of human rights, while on the other hand it openly and hypocritically supports petty tyrants, well known for brutally oppressing their citizens.

Last year during a globally televised interview, Bin Ladin, publicly urged the mothers of U.S. troops stationed in the peninsula to put pressure on their government to withdraw its support to the corrupt Saudi royal family. Otherwise, their children would be unfortunate victims of a struggle which does not even concern them. All of this is conspicuously neglected and images of Bin Ladin as an evil satanic figure are conjured up by the western media. Interestingly, this same satanic individual was assisted by the U.S. government during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 80's. It is quite fascinating how yesterday's freedom-fighters become today's terrorists.

I would like to reiterate that Islam does not condone or promote the killing and maiming of innocent people. Islam, a political ideology and a message of peace, tolerance and harmony, considers human life as sacred and the sanctity thereof is paramount. Islam is a mercy for all mankind, except for those who are at war with Muslims, i.e., the occupiers of any Muslim land. Islam obligates Muslims to defend themselves from the aggressor(s), which is a right entitled to every human individual and group.

If it is proven that Bin Ladin is truly responsible for the death of innocent civilians, I would be among the first ones to call for his prosecution. But I am increasingly growing skeptical of a fair and impartial handling of this matter and forecast an escalation of hostilities in the days to come.

Kamran Bokhari is the Planning Coordinator for the Muslim Students Association at SMS.

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