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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Christian Persecution In Egypt Explodes After "Revolution"

Christian Persecution In Egypt Explodes After "Revolution"

May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - Persecutions of Christians, primarily Copts, has seen a dramatic rise since the onset of Team Obama's beloved "freedom" revolution began in Egypt.

On Saturday two Christian churches were burned, one of them the Church of the Virgin Mary. Additionally private homes and/or buildings associated with Christian ownership received similar treatment.

So far nearly 200 have been arrested in the series of incidents which has resulted in over 17 deaths so far.

These particular outrages are being blamed on Salafis, another of the many brands of Islamic radicalism operative in the Arab world. Though there are doctrinal differences, Salafism and Wahhabism have the same ideological/theological roots and hence are differing brands of the same radical view which sees Islam as in ascendancy, inherently superior to all other religions and destined to dominate them through the institution of Shari'a.

As the West continues to embrace the false revolution now spreading throughout much of the Arab world, we should keep in mind that in these countries "democracy" movements will serve to further Islamize societies which previously were tightly controlled by oligarchs such as Hosni Mubarak. Under such conditions the portent of "one man one vote, one time," looms as a very real possibility.

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