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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Three Jews Wearing Yarmulkes Viciously Attacked By Muslims in France

Three Jews Wearing Yarmulkes Viciously Attacked By Muslims in France

June 3, 2012

Three Jews attacked in southeast France

June 3, 2012

(JTA) -- Three Jews wearing yarmulkes were assaulted by 10 people in southeast France in what the French Interior Ministry is calling an anti-Semitic attack.

The attack, which occurred on Saturday and was announced by the Interior Ministry on Sunday, took place in Villeurbanne, located near Lyon.

The attackers, who used a hammer and an iron bar, injured two of the Jewish men, who were sent to the hospital. The attackers are being described as "of North-African origin," according to reports.

Police reportedly are searching for the attackers.

In March, a rabbi and his two young sons and the daughter of the head of a Jewish school in Toulouse were killed by a Muslim gunman who stormed the school and shot them at point-blank range.



France: Jew-Haters Attack 3 Near Lyon


Ten people with hammer, iron bar, brutalize Jews. Officials confirm motive is anti-Semitism.

Gil Ronen

Three people were brutalized in an anti-Semitic attack Saturday at Villeurbaine, near Lyon in southeast France. Two of the victims were hospitalized: one suffered an open head wound and the other was injured in the neck.

The attackers numbered about ten and were armed with a hammer and an iron bar.

The victims wore skullcaps.

The office of Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Sunday that the attack was anti-Semitic and said police forces had been mobilized to find the assailants.

In March, a Muslim gunman murdered a rabbi and three Jewish children at point blank range in Toulouse.


Lyon Father: French Jews have Become Targets

"All the Jews in France have become targets for attack," the father of a young Jewish man brutally attacked in Lyon said Tuesday, speaking to Maariv. Ten local youths surrounded three Jewish young men on Saturday and beat them with a hammer and an iron bar, wounding two.

The father said his son is in shock following the traumatic event, and expressed concern that the incident may interfere with the young man's wedding, which was scheduled for next Sunday. The family's trauma has been particularly strong due to ties to the Otzar Hatorah school in Toulouse, where a Muslim attacker recently murdered a local rabbi, his two sons, and an eight-year-old girl.


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