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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Iran Supporting 100 Shia Terrorist Groups

Iran Supporting 100 Shia Terrorist Groups

June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – A recent article published by the Clarion Project [see, 'Iran Supporting More than 100 Shiite Terror Groups'] provides details gleaned from Egypt's Al-Hayat newspaper, generally considered authoritative within an Arabic context, which believably alleges that Iran is engaged in a massive campaign of support of Shia terrorist groups.

Among them:

1. Gangs of the People of the Truth

2. Companies of the Churasani Pioneer

3. Battalions of the Lord of the Martyrs

4. Noble Movement of Hezbollah

5. Hezbollah Battalions

6. Companies of Peace

7. Corps of the Loyal Promise

8. Bader Organization – Military Wing

9. Brigade of Omar ibn Yasser

10. Brigade of Assad Allah el Raleb

11. Brigade of the Promised Day

12. Battalions of the Supporters of Elhaja

13. Battalions of the Sacred Defense

14. Brigade of Elkariya

15. Companies of Alzahra

16. Brigade of Zu Elfakar

17. Brigade of the Guarantors of Zainab

18. Companies of the Supporters of the Belief

19. Brigade Al Muntazir

20. Badar Special Groups

21. Brigade of Abu Elfader Elabbas

22. Movement of Al Jihad and al Bina

23. Companies of the Public Defense

24. Battalions of the Shiite Brigade

25. Hezbollah the Rebels

26. Battalions of the Anger

27. Brigade of the Youths With Missions

28. Hezbollah Battalions of the Missing Imam

29. Battalions With the Direction of the Message

30. Ashura Companies

31. Battalions of Malek Elashtar

32. Elabdar Movement

33. Battalions of the Imam Ali

34. Army of the Muktar

35. Public Draft

36. Elhamad Brigade

37. Brigade of the Existing Imam

38. Eladiat Brigade – Special Guard

39. Movement of the Loyal Supporters of Allah

40. Brigade of the 5th Special Guard

Iran has the deserved reputation of being the world's leading source of terror funding, but this is the first time to our knowledge that a respected Middle East news source has provided this level of detail.

We were recently party to a briefing by ex Director of Central Intelligence, in which Mr. Woolsey drew the same conclusion, however he expanded the indictment against the Ayatollocracy, mentioning that Iran is not only funding Islamic terror on a world-wide basis but that it already has effective control of 4 state capitols outside of its own borders. [see, James Woolsey's Frontal Assault on Iranian Regime ].

"They are clearly imperial, they control four international capitals counting Baghdad which they effectively control…they are reaching to be more and more imperial, to extend their influence against Saudi Arabia down the Arabian peninsula [and] Houthi Iranian instrumentalities essentially control Yemen now."

Pulling back a bit from Al-Hayat/Clarion's charges, it would be foolish not to observe that the largest, most active, well funded and fiendishly barbaric Islamic terror group in the world is ISIS, a Sunni organization.

It would be remiss to avoid noting a certain amount of cheekiness regarding Al-Hayat's allegation [with which we have no major disagreement] in that it has been the Saudi government and individual Saudi citizens who have for at least two decades very actively engaged in spreading the virulent Sunni jihadist doctrine of Wahhabism. For example, the Saudis, largely through an intermediary, the North American Islamic Trust are responsible for building the majority of radical American mosques, and many throughout the world which teach this fundamentalist, 10th century iteration of Islam.

Additionally we must remember that the horrific September 11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were entirely led by Saudi Wahhabists.

So endemic and massive is terror support coming from the Middle East that discerning the sectarian differences between these bloody actors – placing blame - is an exercise in "too much information" for the average American citizen…with one exception. That being the incongruity of Team Obama negotiating with Iran's Shia theocracy while castigating the Sunni entity, ISIS.

Most American's intuitively know that the above constitutes a distinction without a difference, because terrorism and Islam are in this historical stage inseparable as support of jihad to extend the reach of the religion is normative across all Muslim sects, including Sufism [witness Chechnya].

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