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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Daily Jihad Being Waged In Israel - Arab Attacks Elderly Jew In Jerusalem

Daily Jihad Being Waged In Israel - Arab Attacks Elderly Jew In Jerusalem

May 13, 2013

Arab Breaks Chair on Elderly Jew's Head
Scenes reminiscent of 1920s and 30s becoming commonplace in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Gil Ronen

Another day, another story of a brutal attack by Arabs against Jews. And as usual, most news outlets will not cover this news.

A large-bodied Arab man attacked an elderly Jew in Jerusalem's Old City last Saturday. The victim's daughter, Tali Hoffman, told Arutz Sheva that her father was making his way to Shacharit prayers, as he does every Sabbath, from his home in the Muslim Quarter to the Kotel.

When he arrived at HaGay Street, just a few dozen meters from the Kotel, the Arab man stepped out of a falafel shop and tried to knock him down by shoving a chair toward his legs. Having failed to knock down the Jew, the Arab then threw the chair at Hoffman's head.

The chair broke from the force of the blow. Hoffman's father suffered a deep cut in his arm, which he had used to protect his head. The Arab escaped and other Arabs who were present did nothing to help the bleeding Jew. Border Policemen who had been nearby escorted the Jew to the Kishle station, where he received first aid and lodged a complaint.

Hoffman noted that 15 years ago, her husband was murdered close to the spot where the attack took place. Her father lives in the house that his murdered son-in-law had built, in the Muslim Quarter. The house had been a stable and had belonged to Jews.

Hoffman said that her father did not want to talk about the incident. She explained that he had experienced the Holocaust and that people of his generation did not like to talk about things of this nature.

Brutal attacks against Jews have become increasingly commonplace in Israel, wherever Jews and Arabs live in proximity. Readers of Arutz Sheva are painfully aware of the situation, which is becoming reminiscent of the Arab Rebellion and popular terror of the 1920s and 30s, but other news media peddle a different narrative.

Whereas there was no Jewish police or army in the 1920s and 30s, they do exist today, but have been hamstrung by leftist subversion in the universities, media, courts and political system.


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