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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > CAIR: Front Group For Hamas Issued 'Aktion' Alert Telling Muslims To Pressure US Government Into Pushing Ceasefire

CAIR: Front Group For Hamas Issued 'Aktion' Alert Telling Muslims To Pressure US Government Into Pushing Ceasefire

August 1, 2014

MIM:Note that self hating Jew Jacob Bender refers to violence between "'Palestinian' and Israeli forces" and never mentions Hamas which the US has designated as a terrorist organisation nor the fact that Hamas is the agressor and that the "violence" would cease completely if Hamas stopped attacking Israel.

The US government's pressure via Kerry and UN head Ban Ki Moon which was excerpted on Israel to accept another ceasefire after all previous ones had been violated by Hamas means they have the blood of the murdered soldier's on their hands. Rockets were fired into Israel by Hamas immediately after the "ceasefire" went into effect.


Dear Friends and Supporters of CAIR-Philadelphia,

As-salam Alaikum,

CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization. Our primary concern is to defend the rights of Muslim Americans, as well as to challenge Islamophobic stereotypes in the media.

There are certain times, however, when the organization feels compelled by what is happening in the world to respond to international events. As we have all watched with horror the accumulating tragedy in Gaza, we believe this is one of those times when the Muslim American community should make its collective voice heard on a matter that it considers of grave importance.

Consequently, we are asking you to participate with thousands of other CAIR friends and supporters around the country in responding to the events in Gaza by writing your elected representatives and demanding that the United States calls for an immediate end to all violence between Israeli and Palestinian forces and a return to the negotiating table as the only mechanism to insure a nonviolent solution bringing peace and justice to Palestine.


1) Visit the CAIR Connects: Gaza Campaign page

2) On that page, fill out your contact information then click "Submit"

3) The next page will allow you to personalize a letter to your elected officials or you can copy/paste text from this template letter: Gaza-Campaign-Letter.doc

4) Click "Submit" to send the letter to your elected officials.


Jacob Bender
Executive Director

Osama Al-Qasem


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