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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Arabs Out ! One Dead Over 13 Injured In Jerusalem Terrorist Attack With Car And Iron Bar By "Shalit Deal" Hamas Member

Arabs Out ! One Dead Over 13 Injured In Jerusalem Terrorist Attack With Car And Iron Bar By "Shalit Deal" Hamas Member

November 5, 2014

One Dead in Hamas Jerusalem Car Terror Attack
Five seriously wounded after incident in capital near Old City; Hamas terrorist shot dead by police.

One person has been killed and at least 13 wounded in Jerusalem, when a terrorist drove a car into a crowd of pedestrians at the Shimon Hatzadik train station, located on Shimon Hatzadik street north of the Old City and not far from the Municipality building.

Shortly after the attack one of those wounded in the attack - identified as a border policeman - was pronounced dead on his way to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

A total of five victims are being described as in "serious" condition, at least two of whom are critical and "fighting for their lives" according to reports.

At least two others are "moderately" wounded.

Eye witnesses say the terrorist continued driving after running over an initial group of around five pedestrians standing along Route One in the capital, striking others before crashing into another car, and then another, before finally stopping. He then left the vehicle with an iron bar in his hand and started hitting passersby.

Border Patrol officers on hand at the scene shot the terrorist dead.

CCTV footage showed the terrorist running along Route One before being chased down and shot by a number of border policeman.

Watch - Terrorist shot by border policemen:

The terrorist has been identified as Ibrahim al-Akri, a known member of Hamas who lived in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat.

His brother Musa was reportedly released in the 2011 "Shalit Deal," according to Channel 2.

Pro-Hamas news sites have been publishing pictures of Ibrahim al-Akri and praising him as a "martyr":

Hamas spokesperson Mushir al-Masri released a statement shortly after the attack, saying "we strengthen the hands of the one who avenges the blood of those wounded in Al-Aqsa."

"A commercial vehicle hit and ran over pedestrians at a light rail station," police spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP.

Witnesses say the terrorist was driving in a Ford Transit, a large white van, and came from the direction of the French Hill neighborhood.

Emergency services spokesman Zaki Heller described to AFP how the car had driven down the light rail tracks then plowed into people waiting on the platform, in the mirror image of an attack at the Ammunition Hill light rail station two weeks ago.

In that previous attack, an Arab terrorist murdered a three-month-old girl and 22-year-old woman with his car at the station.

The attack comes in nearly the exact same location where an Arab terrorist killed a 25-year-old hareidi kollel student in August, when he rammed a tractor into a bus and overturned it.

Click on link for videos and pictures:


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