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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > THEY MUST GO! Destroy The Village That Produced The Muslim Savage Who Massacred Three Israelis At Shabbat Meal

THEY MUST GO! Destroy The Village That Produced The Muslim Savage Who Massacred Three Israelis At Shabbat Meal

Father Of Terror Victim: "We Are In A War"
July 25, 2017

'Destroy the village that produced the terrorist'

Father of terror victim believes only way to prevent future attacks is strategic decision to destroy villages that produce terrorists.

Mordechai Sones, א' באב תשע"ז, 7/24/2017

Moshe Zar, the father of Gilad Zar, tells Arutz Sheva that the only way to prevent terror attacks and massacres of Jews is to destroy the villages that produce the terrorists. Gilad Zar, 41, of Itamar, was shot dead in an ambush while driving between Kedumim and Yitzhar on May 29, 2001. Zar was one of Itamar's founders.

"When we talk about wars, there is no compassion or innocents; we are in a war against the Palestinians, the war books teach how to fight to kill - and even if after the terrorist stabbed he threw away the knife, he is no longer considered innocent to be protected and treated in a hospital," explains Zar.

He says the country's leaders should make the decision and implement it. "I know the Arabs for more than eighty years. I was born near Arabs, I lived next to them, and I know who they are. What our leadership needs to do - we know from which village he came - is to bring the IDF forces to raid the village, extricate every living person from this village, order ten D-10 tractors to lower their shovels, destroy the village and leave no remnant.

"Let them bring all the photographers to take pictures of how they destroy a village that produces a terrorist, and if they ask us, 'But they're innocent,' we'll direct the Arabs to complain to the terrorist and ask him why he did it."

In his opinion, if there is no leader who can carry out such a move, one must look different leadership. "In my opinion, after the third village, there will be no more attacks, they will police themselves, catch every guy who has such a thought and choke him.

"I was at the funeral yesterday, I spoke with the top leadership; they stood and listened and did not say a word. They asked me if I thought there was a leader who could do it, so I said that if a leader can't do it, he should lay the keys on the table and go. We'll find a leader who is able."

He adds, "I'm extremely opposed to 'price tag' vigilante action; it's not the role of individuals but of the state. Anyone who does not think so today will think so in two months, and if not then, he will think so in two years. That peace, there will never be with the Arabs. Not because of us, but because of them."

Audio on web: http://ch7.io/c54y




"Praise Allah. I am proud of my son. May Allah be pleased with him."

Father of terrorist murderer Omar Al-Abd: "The occupation is the reason for this operation (i.e., terror attack, 3 murdered), because my son is an honorable and educated man, not a man who carries out operations. He is a very calm man, and the members of the village testify to his personality. He is a very moderate man and does not talk about things like this. Rather this happened because of the occupation and what it has inflicted on the Al-Aqsa Mosque."

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