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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Hamas in Ascendance as the "mother of all turf wars " begins in Gaza

Hamas in Ascendance as the "mother of all turf wars " begins in Gaza

January 27, 2006

Hamas In Ascendance


By Beila Rabinowitz

January 27, 2006 - Philadelphia, PA - PipeLineNews.org - The group picture of Hamas gunmen with their faces totally covered in embroidered ski masks drisplays the authentic face of the "Palestinians" while at the same time revealing the grotesque hoax which has been perpetrated for years with the help of Israel's own government and the West..

Read my lips - there is no country of Palestine and there is no such thing as a Palestinian people.

"There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not," Dr. Philip Hitti, an Arab historian representing the Muslim world, told the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry in 1946. In Israel's 1948 War of Independence, when the entire Arab world attacked the tiny Jewish State…all of the Arab states told the United Nations that the Land of Israel was part of southern Syria." - Joint Jewish Task Force.

On a day when one might expect celebration, Gaza and the oxymoronically named Palestinian Authority have erupted into "the mother of all turf wars."

A BBC television correspondent in Gaza who had just announced the end of the voting was forced to beat a hasty retreat when groups of men began beating each other behind him . Pictures of injured Fatah gang members being brought out of the surrealistically named "Palestinian Legislative Council Building' were among the nearly 6,000 Internet articles appearing with the headlines "Hamas and Fatah Clash" within hours of Hamas' victory.

As Dr. Daniel Pipes explains:

".the difference is between them is mostly illusory, as Fatah in fact engages in terrorism and Hamas does talk to the Israelis...Fatah is dubbed moderate and Hamas extremist; or, in the even more dramatic terms of an Associated Press headline today, "Palestinians choose between pursuing peace or confrontation with Israel."

In fact, the differences between them are merely tactical; a more accurate headline would be "Palestinians choose between pursuing more overt or more covert destruction of Israel." Basically, Hamas speaks its mind and Fatah dares not. And Hamas provides the social services that Fatah cannot because its honchos have stolen the funds." - Source Link

One can only hope that the Fatah and Hamas turf war will be the rumble to end all rumbles, with the two sides destroying each other in the process.

In the midst of this chaos - no one has asked the question - who is running the show. The reality the West's Frankenstein monster which is Hamas is now under the control of Iran. This means that the West cannot refuse to freeze funding and consider military action against Hamas on the grounds that this would harm the people in Gaza and the West Bank. The facts show that the Western funding to develop the Arab enclave falsely labeled as Palestine was embezzled and it was Saudi Arabian and Iranian funding which sustained Hamas' successful social programs and running of the infrastructure and became:

"known among Palestinians as much for its social services and promises of good governance as much as for its history of terrorism and militancy. - Source Link

As US Congressman Christopher Shays put it:

Hamas has this unbelievably strong reputation spending money the way they say they will," "They have two priorities, charity and terrorism, and that's what they spend the money on. They have credibility that way." - Source Link

The Arab street has spoken loudly and clearly, opting for terrorism and a Taliban like regime aligned with Iran and bent on the destruction of Israel and all things Western. As such, governments in the civilized world should withdraw their financial support and organizations and let them sink deeper into their self-destructive mire of hatred. Iran has contributed millions to the success of Hamas, no small factor in the social programs leading to its 'election victory'.

Paradoxically the election of Hamas to lead the non existent country dubbed Palestine( aka the Palestinian Authority ) may actually save lives, but only if the West recognizes the extent of the threat of the Iran backed terrorist group and opts for military action and isolation instead of diplomacy and political correctness.

The overwhelming support shown by displaced Arabs for a group which glorifies suicide bombing and calls for the elimination of Israel has revealed another "Big Lie". As Dr. Daniel Pipes wrote in his most recent article "Don't deal with terrorists"

"It was a mistake to permit Hamas to compete in elections. Like al-Qaeda, Hamas should be destroyed, not legitimated, much less courted." - Source Link.

The myth of a Palestinian State and the fabricated history of the Palestine people cynically co-opts the jargon associated with the Jewish historical experience incorporating key words such as "Holocaust," "genocide," "Diaspora," and "catastrophe."

In the 1930's Hitler declared that Germans were part of an Aryan race of blonde and blue eyed superior beings whose nationalistic aspirations required "lebensraum". One look at Hitler himself, a short squat dark haired mustachioed man - should have debunked the myth more then any study. Yet people bought into it and until today the term Aryan remains unchallenged - when a simple dictionary search reveals that it has no connection to anything German. A simple look at the Arab nationalist hoax of Palestine shows that Aryan and Palestinians are parallel myths.

The acceptance of Hamas because it was "democratically elected" as the representatives of the "Palestinian" people belies the simple fact that one cannot hold national elections for leadership of a country which does not exist.

As such neither the results nor the elections are valid. The claims that one must "respect" the results of the fraudulent elections brings to mind the admonition, "let justice be done, though the world perish!" President Bush inadvertently articulated this with his vague statements on the matter:

"We don't have a government yet, so you're asking me to speculate on what the government will look like," Bush told reporters during a White House news conference, "In reality we have seen what the government will look like.."

The face of the 'new government is clearly visible through the masks of Hamas thugs brandishing machine guns shouting Allah Akhbar and in the face of Um Nidal- the proud mother of three suicide bombers who was campaigning for office in the Hamas elections. - Source Link

Iran's support for the new terrorist government means that brings the specter of a nuclear strike one step closer. And makes preemptive measures a necessity not an option. The Arab masses have opened another war front against the West . The choice is simple - wage war on Hamas in the same way the West is doing on al- Qaeda.

Ex Israeli PM Binjamin Netanyahu has defined the enemy :

"The state of Hamastan has been created in front of our very eyes, a satellite of Iran, in the image of the Taliban." - Source Link

The game of pretend is over, there will be no "peace in our time" unless it's on our terms.

The West has to rouse themselves from their suicidal denial that terrorist can be made into allies. The arrest of Hamas' leaders and freezing of all Western funding is an urgent necessity. Dismantling Hamas before their power base becomes Hamastan, is vital to the success of the war on terror.

© 2006 Beila Rabinowitz, all rights reserved.

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