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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Principal designate of Khalil Gibran school aims to indocrinate not educate -Dhabah Almontaser's Islamism in video expose'

Principal designate of Khalil Gibran school aims to indocrinate not educate -Dhabah Almontaser's Islamism in video expose'

July 31, 2007

Principal Of Khalil Gibran International Academy, Dhabah Almontaser Slammed In Expose

By William Mayer and Beila Rabinowitz

July 30, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - A five minute video [Access Video Here] just released casts grave doubt as to the suitability of Dhabah Almontaser to serve as the principal at the embattled Khalil Gibran International Academy, a proposed Arab-centric public school scheduled to open in September.

The charges directed against Almontaser go to the heart of the debate over the school, which has parents, national security researchers, Middle East experts and advocates of church-state separation uniting in their opposition to the school's opening in Brooklyn.

Almontaser has served in the New York's Department of Education since 911 doing what is essentially dawa work, wearing a hijab so she can act as a "role model for young women throughout the city"- seemingly a clear case of the type of religious proselytizing which is expressly denied in the First Amendment's "establishment clause" - while denying in classroom settings that the September 11 attackers were either Muslim or Arab.

"I don't recognize the people who committed the attacks as either Arabs or Muslims." - Dhabah Almontaser [source http://www.jrn.columbia.edu/studentwork/cns/2002-06-10/584.asp]

Almontaser's public school work mandate to spread what is clearly Islamist revisionism has been granted by New York's multicultural educrats because of the undocumented canard - loudly spread by faux Muslim civil rights groups - that there has been huge increase in anti-Muslim hostility since the September attacks.

The proposal to create a public school pushing an Arabist agenda and carrying out much of its instruction in Arabic highlights the absurdity of rewarding a noisy minority group well versed in using the system against itself, in this case to cravenly recycle the 911 attacks, using them once again against the society which has already been forced to endure them.

This is a calculated logic of rejecting assimilation while imposing elements of Sharia incrementally. It is dialectic in which every instance of Islamic terror can then be used to assert charges of Islamophobia.

In a July 30 article published in USA Today dealing with the encroachment of Sharia - Islamic law - into the public school system, Dr. Daniel Pipes, the director of the Middle East Forum stated:

"The goal of Islamists is the application of Islamic law."

Agreeing with Pipes in this piece was Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center who said:

"What (school officials) are doing...is to give Muslim students religious benefits that they do not give any other religion right now." [source http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2007-07-25-muslim-special-treatment-from-schools_N.htm]

The degree to which the Islamists are willing to bend reality in furtherance of their goals is demonstrated by Almontaser who has not only denied that the 911 attackers - 15 of whom were Saudis - were either Muslim or Arab, but has asserted that the United States was itself responsible for the September 11 attacks.

In an interview with Amnesty International she stated, "I believe that the terrorist attacks can have been triggered by the way the USA breaks its promises with countries across the world, especially in the Middle East"

Though increased facility with the Arabic language is posited as a laudable reason for supporting KGIA's language program, in that same interview Ms. Almontaser states her opposition to the use of Arabic speaking undercover agents in stopping domestic terrorism plots, saying "a little while ago the FBI infiltrated our community, people speaking Arabic were spying on us, that has lead to new detentions."

Given this predisposition it seems a reasonable proposition to assume that the true goal of people like Ms. Almontaser is to teach Arabic only for its likely use in promoting greater reverence for the Quran.

Underlining Almontaser's non-support of employing Arab speakers in a national security capacity - an area in which there is a real need - she decried the prosecution and conviction of domestic terrorist Shahawar Matin Siraj in a plot to bomb the 34th Street Subway station in New York, allying herself with the prevailing sentiment within Brooklyn's Bay Ridge Muslim community that Siraj was entrapped, a victim of undercover agents speaking Arabic – a process which she characterized as "reeking of FBI tactics."

The new video points to Almontaser wide range of troubling associations, her activity in Islamist organizations and working relationships with people who have ties to terrorism, such as Linda Sarsour, her partner in the Dialogue Project.

Sarsour's association with Almontaser provides an alarming insight into the forces that will drive KGIA if the school becomes a reality in September and poses a serious challenge to those who blindly maintain that KGIA is just another New York City public school, because Linda Sarsour is tied to the terrorist organization Hamas as well as other radical causes. Deepening the concern, the community from which Sarsour operates shares her views as well as her support for Islamism.

In a 2004 piece by Sarmad S. Ali, "Kerry Drew Disenchanted Arabs in Bay Ridge" published in the Columbia Journalism Review, Linda Sarsour matter-of-factly documents her family's ties to Hamas as depicted in the Arab language terrorist newspaper that she is reading while being interviewed:

"As the presidential election grew near, Linda Sarsour sat in her small office at the Arab-American Association in , Brooklyn, looking at the photos of two thickly bearded young Arabs on the front page of an Arabic-language newspaper.

The paper carried fervent slogans calling on young people to become martyrs in the conflict with Israel.

Sarsour, a 24-year-old Palestinian-American, sighed. One of the men, she said, was a cousin who has been in Israeli jails for 25 years. The other man, she said, was a family friend serving a 99-year prison sentence in Israel. Her brother-in-law, she said, is also serving a 12-year sentence, accused of being an activist in the Hamas, the religious militant group, though, she said, he was secular in his beliefs."[source http://www.jrn.columbia.edu/studentwork/election/2004/minority_ali01.asp]

She continued, as if the deportation proceedings against her Palestinian husband whose brother was a jailed Hamas member had no wider implications.

"Despite those concerns, she said, she was more worried these days about her own future in America, She said she had been questioned by U.S. authorities, and her Palestinian husband, after seven years in America, faced deportation proceedings…"

The Arab American Family Support Center [AAFSC] is the main partnering organization of the KGIA and is run by Islamist Lena Alhusseini a self proclaimed "Palestinian" who has lived in Saudi Arabia. Among her professional associates are Johari Abdul Malik the outreach coordinator of Dar Al Hijrah mosqe in Virginia called "the most dangerous mosque in America" by investigative journalist Paul Sperry.

Another affiliate of KGIA and AAFSC is Sayid Sayeed the former president of the Wahhabist funded Islamic Society of North America [ISNA].

ISNA was recently named as an unidicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding terror prosecution. Three AAFSC board members Assad Jebbara, Samar Khalaf and Christine Moore Vassalos are active members of the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee. The ADC is funded by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal whose contribution to the 9/11 victims fund was rejected by then New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani after Talal blamed the September 11 attacks on the United States' policy in the Middle East, especially its support of Israel.

Almontaser has been recognized and rewarded for her activism by what is perhaps the lead Islamist group in the United States. At a 2005 fundraiser, Ms. Dhabah Almontaser was honored and given an award by the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR].

CAIR is a Saudi-funded Hamas front group which was, along with ISNA, named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror fundraising prosecution which is currently underway in Texas. Her co-awardee at this event was Ghazi Khankan, the former director of CAIR New York who once during a political rally shouted to the crowd, "I bring you salaams and greetings from the Mujahideen of CAIR."

Everything about Dhabah Almontaser suggests that as head of the Khalil Gibran International Academy she will use that institution to promote an extremist ideology.

Under her leadership students will be taught a revisionist version of history which minimizes or denies the contributions of Western thought and the foundational position within it of Judeo/Christian ethics and replaces it with the view that Arabs and Islam have been the primary movers of cultural and scientific innovation.

With Almontaser at the helm, students at KGIA will be inculcated into a culture of victimhood and suspicion that will serve to further alienate them from the larger surrounding society, possibly making them susceptible to the calls to terrorist violence that already exist in this community, as demonstrated by the numerous and successful federal terror prosecutions which have taken place there involving local residents and mosques.

We therefore call upon New York education chancellor Joel Klein to, as a first step in dealing with the rising public concern over KGIA, immediately remove Ms. Almontaser as its principal.

Her extremist views and troubling associations make her unfit for such a position of leadership.


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