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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Nazis In London To Demonstrate Solidarity With "Palestinians" In Anti Semitic Rally Planned In Jewish Neighborhood

Nazis In London To Demonstrate Solidarity With "Palestinians" In Anti Semitic Rally Planned In Jewish Neighborhood

June 26, 2015

London Nazi Rally to Stand in 'Solidarity' With Palestinians

Neo-Nazi organizer of anti-Semitic rally in Golders Green urges fellow fascists to destroy Israeli flags and copies of the Talmud.

Ari Soffer

One of the organizers of a neo-Nazi demonstration targeting the heart of London's Jewish community has said protesters plan to desecrate Israeli flags and Jewish holy books in solidarity with the Palestinians and against the State of Israel.

Joshua Bonehill - a fascist activist with numerous convictions for petty crime and racism - initiated the anti-Semitic campaign earlier this year, to target British Jews by holding so-called "anti-Jewification" rallies in areas of London with sizable Jewish communities.

The campaign has since been picked up by a coalition of neo-Nazis and other far-right groups, who recently held a small protest in Stamford Hill, which is home to one of the largest concentrations of Orthodox Jews in Europe.

The anti-Semites' next target is the neighborhood of Golders Green in northwest London, at the heart of the British capital's Jewish community, with an upcoming rally scheduled for two weeks' time on July 4 - the first Shabbat of the month.

Neo-Nazis initially claimed to be protesting the Shomrim group, claiming it is a Jewish "vigilante" force - despite the fact that Shomrim are merely an unarmed neighborhood watch which works closely with the police, and has even been praised for its work by top police chiefs.

But the movement has unsurprisingly taken a more widely and aggressively anti-Semitic tone from the outset.

Writing on his website, Bonehill claimed that the Golders Green march will take that message of hate one step further.

"Not only will we be demonstrating against the undemocratic and illegal Jewish Shomrim Police on July 4th but also we will be standing in solidarity with those oppressed by the illegal state of Israel," he stated.

He urged far-right activists to bring with Israeli flags to destroy "in an act of opposition to Israel. This will be a show of solidarity by English people who recognise that Israel is a corrupt state which is responsible for horrific war crimes."

He added that to "avoid prosecution," activists would not be openly burning the flags but will "dismember them by hand."

"There will also be a private ceremony held before the demonstration at an undisclosed and private location where copies of the Talmud books will be burnt in recognition of it's racist Anti-White teachings," he added.

London's Jewish community has mobilized to fight back against the far-right campaign, which comes as anti-Semitism in the UK and Europe is on the rise more generally - fueled mostly by Muslim extremists.

European neo-Nazi groups have increasingly embraced the "Palestinian cause" in an effort to piggyback off of popular anti-Israel sentiment, which is often used as a pretext for anti-Semitism by Islamist and far-left groups. Most notably, the Hungarian fascist Jobbik party has been vocal in its support of Palestinian Arab terrorism against the Jewish state.



UK Nazis Invite Galloway to Address Anti-Semitic Rally
George Galloway invited to speak at far-right rally targeting Golders Green, in the heart of London's Jewish community.

Ari Soffer

One of the main organizers of a neo-Nazi rally targeting London's Jewish community has extended an invitation to far-left politician George Galloway to address the gathering of anti-Semites, citing Galloway's stance on Jews and Israel as a common cause.

Joshua Bonehill - a fascist activist and convicted petty criminal, who initiated the so called "anti-Jewification" initiative targeting British Jews - announced on his website that he had personally invited Galloway to speak at the rally.

While noting that on most other things "George Galloway and myself are completely ideologically opposed," seeing as "Galloway is a socialist, a mixer of race and indeed a dog in the eyes of many," he added that "in the interest of balance and his stance towards Israel and Jewry, he has been invited to speak on July 4th at Golders Green."

The date and location of the anti-Semitic rally is no coincidence: July 4 is the first Shabbat of the month, and Golders Green is at the heart of London's Jewish community.

Galloway, who intends to run for the post of mayor of London, recently said that he plans to use his hoped for position to rally support for the Palestinian cause.

He has been accused by many British Jews of stoking anti-Semitism, particularly due to his vocal support of anti-Semitic Islamist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as the Iranian regime.

Bonehill said Galloway would not be allowed to promote his mayoral candidacy; "he will be there strictly to oppose Jewry," he wrote.

Bonehill claimed Galloway was "supportive" of his initiative, although he offered no further details.

British MPs have called to ban the rally, as British Jews mobilize to oppose it.

Among other things neo-Nazis announced they also plan to desecrate Israeli flags and Jewish holy books in solidarity with the Palestinian Arabs and against the State of Israel.


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