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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > City Of Palo Alto Funds Islamist Da'wa Event Of The American Muslim Voice Foundation

City Of Palo Alto Funds Islamist Da'wa Event Of The American Muslim Voice Foundation

December 30, 2014

December 29, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Imagine a progressive CA Bay Area enclave of wealthy ‘Net brats providing the Catholic Church with funding to spread its pro-life, traditional marriage message.


Instant non-starter?


Then why did the City of Palo Alto, CA fund an Islamic da'wa event [the Eid Festival] by channeling $1000.00 through an Islamist anti-American Muslim group, the American Muslim Voice Foundation?

What happened to the alleged "separation" of church and state?

What about the establishment cause?


You bet, we are talking bend-over, grab your ankles dhimmitude on behalf of a population which would probably riot if the grantee was Catholic.

Can hear the chants now – "No Papists, no Justice!" "Hey-hey, ho-ho, Catholic hate has got to go."

Picture clear?

Thought so…

Actually this is a serious matter; it's a textbook example of how Islamists run stealth jihad, in this case funded by a clueless city government under the guise of multiculturalism. Making matters worse, this "celebration" is to recognize Eid, the feast that traditionally ends the fasting period of Ramadan. The problem with this is elemental. In 2014 Eid was celebrated at the end of July and AMV/Palo Alto's festival was in mid December.

So why recognize a holiday which has already happened? The intent seems clear, to deceive the public into believing that Islam's holy days mimic those of Christianity and Judaism.

Actually, this makes sense because the American Muslim Voice Foundation is a radical Muslim group primarily interested in converting non-Muslims through religious proselytization [da'wa]. This is clear from the introductory paragraph of the group's mission statement which stresses that providing "firsthand knowledge about Muslims" to other Americans "is the best way we can serve our creator and Islam in the West."

The tone of this section is insulting, suggesting that Americans are ignorant and bigoted regarding Islam when the distinct opposite is true. Americans fully understand the faith as it's normatively practiced…it's just that Islamists don't like the average citizen rightly seeing links between horrific violence and the Islamic religion. [please refer to, A Message From AMV's Founding Executive Director, AMV website]

The AMV website is directed at fostering the mythic narrative that American Muslims are victims of a hopelessly biased society. It also provides links to some of America's most notorious Islamist groups including the Council on American Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America [please refer to Major American Islamic Organizations, for additional information see Declassified FBI memos reveal that ISNA was identified as a Brotherhood front as early as 1987 as well as
Federal Judge Agrees: CAIR Tied To HAMAS]

The Major American Islamic Organizations page also provides a link to the American Muslim Perspective E-zine. One of the lead articles on AMP was written by Farooque Chowdhury, Ferguson, an international dateline, a yearning for life, a call to resist injustice, which is a Marxist critique of the American system using the events in Ferguson, MO as a straw-man.

"Ferguson is now an international dateline. The name now symbolizes sectarian divide; the name now demystifies democracy in a bourgeois democracy…"


Sounds like something out of a Stalinist time capsule, but it's easy to reconcile Islamism with Marxism since they both seek to destroy traditional America. If it leads to converting the great unwashed Christian/Jewish masses to Islam, what's a little deception along the way?

©2014 PipeLineNews.org LLC. All rights reserved. Beila Rabinowitz provided research for this piece.


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