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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Two "Palestinian" Animals Charged In Butchering Of Fogel Family

Two "Palestinian" Animals Charged In Butchering Of Fogel Family

June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - Hakim Awad and Amjad Awad - both teenagers from the same clan - have been charged in the horrific murders committed against the Israeli family of Abraham and Ruth Fogel in March of this year.

About this bloody act we noted at the time, Atrocity In Israel - Islamists Butcher Family, Including Babies - Gaza Rejoices [WARNING: graphic, violent images are contained in the linked-to article].

"On Friday night, in the Jewish town of Itamar, Israel, a team of Muslim terrorists slipped through the security barrier and broke into the residence of Udi and Ruth Fogel.

What followed were acts of cruelty so ghastly that most media sources have refused to publish the images, assuming they gave the attack any mention at all.

Entering the home, apparently through an open window, during the Jewish Sabbath [Shabbat] these barbarians proceeded to butcher the family.

According to combined sources, they somehow missed the family's 6 year old son, who was sleeping on the couch but found the father in the bedroom, asleep with a new born baby whereupon their throats were slashed, nearly to the point of decapitation.

The mother, upon leaving the bathroom while the mayhem was occurring, was set upon by these animals, and stabbed to death.

They then entered the bedroom of the 11 year old son, who was reading on his bed. They also slashed his throat, killing him like the parents. The also killed his three year old brother, stabbing him several times through the heart.

Fortunately, in their haste, they missed the 2 year old who was also sleeping, but apparently in a separate room.

The killers then left the residence and fled through the same breach in the security fence they has used as an entry point."

At their arraignment in a military court they were each charged with five acts of murder. Typical of the jihadi mindset, rather than expressing remorse or regret, the two defiantly stated they would do it all again in the name of "Palestine."

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