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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Veiled license photo litigant Sultana Freeman: "...wearing niqab alone can become Jihad in an oppressive land"

Veiled license photo litigant Sultana Freeman: "...wearing niqab alone can become Jihad in an oppressive land"

Appeal to take photograph in niqab based on militant Islamist, not "religous freedom", agenda
June 27, 2004

From Sultana Freeman's website:


  • Have a mark of jihad on Judgement Day
  • Recognize that jihad is not accepted, even martyrdom, if its purpose was not solely for the sake of Allah, swt.

"So, let's start learning how we can do the things that support the brothers on the front line in jihad, if this type of jihad beyond hajj is something, thru dua to Allah, swt, we believe we should be doing, and Allah the Majestic, the Most Great knows the conditions of all persons."

"Nobody said the path would be easy; wearing niqab alone can become jihad in an oppressive land."'

"Those who have the time and inclination, please join Muttaqun Foundation for opportunities of jihad, and this starts with spreading the daw'ah to the straying Muslims first, to build up the Muslim communities so we can best be prepared to bring in the new Muslims as they are coming in, and they surely are coming in, masha'Allah."

Above : Quotes from Sultaana Freeman on her Muttaqun website under the heading "Jihad" and "Martyrdom."

She runs the 'Muttaqun Foundation' out of Winterpark,Florida and the website http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://www.muttaqun.com/


Sultana Freeman ,aka Sandra Keller, aka Sultaana Lakiana Myke Freeman,appeared in court with the full veil she wants to keep wearing in her drivers license photograph.

Her previous license was revoked after she refused to replace the veiled photograph with one of her face.

Freeman claims that the requirement to be unveiled in the photograph "violates her religous rights"

The judge ruled that post 9/11 the interests of national security took precedence over her wish to remain veiled on her license and offered her provisions to have a photograph taken in private by a female DMV employee.


In his opening statement, Assistant Attorney General Jason Vail referred both directly and indirectly to the Sept. 11 attacks.

"Any ruling in favor of the plaintiff will open up the possibility of people coming in and claiming [exemption from a picture license] on religious grounds," said the lawyer. "You can only imagine what might happen as a result of that."...


Freeman outlined other measures her family uses to maintain their adherence to Islamic law. Her daughter's dolls, she testified, have no faces as images of the face are considered taboo. Even the faces on cereal boxes are forbidden, said Freeman, so Freeman — and her daughter — black each one out carefully using black magic marker.

"She says, 'These images are yucky yucky,'" said Freeman, chuckling.



Freeman filed an appeal, and on June 9th 2004, and her husband who is also a convert, testified in court .

Neither Freeman, nor her niqab, appeared' at the most recent hearing.

Sultana Freeman courtroom reading from the Koran 2003

Freeman openly advocates Jihad and states below that :"wearing niqab alone can become Jihad in an oppressive land"


click under listing for Jihad:

So, let's start learning how we can do the things that support the brothers on the front line in jihad, if this type of jihad beyond hajj is something, thru dua to Allah, swt, we believe we should be doing, and Allah the Majestic, the Most Great knows the conditions of all persons. If you are physically unable, perhaps you are financially able and willing to contribute through sadaqa to jihad efforts.

Those who have the time and inclination, please join Muttaqun Foundation for opportunities of jihad, and this starts with spreading the daw'ah to the straying Muslims first, to build up the Muslim communities so we can best be prepared to bring in the new Muslims as they are coming in, and they surely are coming in, masha'Allah.

It STARTS with the daw'ah in its many forms, but its "END" or more appropriately, "down the road", comes many tests and trials. Before you commit yourself to such jihad, remember the sister above who fell off the riding animal and died.

Nobody said the path would be easy; wearing niqab alone can become jihad in an oppressive land. This jihad spoken of can involve sacrifices, but most importantly it involves OBEDIENCE. Allah, subhana wa tala, says He does not need our sacrifice but desires our obedience. Obedience in the salah, obedience and submission to the husband, obedience in guarding our tongue.

And women can't do this path alone without men, for surely women were created with the need of the leadership and guidance of men on the Sunnah, as they were created with the need for women to support and encouragement to stay on the sirataal mustaqeem.

To the Muslims who have read thus far, may Allah swt bless your sincerity with strength, and your knowledge with the ability to apply that knowledge wisely. Amin.

What is a Muttaqun?

Pious and righteous persons who fear Allah swt much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which Allah has forbidden) and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which Allah has ordained).


UPDATE: A Florida local news site has more info on Freeman—and her husband, who also has a criminal record. (Hat tip: Tal G.)

Freeman apparently hides more than her face. Police reports show she covered the children's bruises with Muslim garb, refused more than once for child care workers to check the children for injuries and told the foster children to lie about the bruises and broken bone. She pleaded guilty and served 18-months probation.

In another disturbing twist in this story, four years ago Freeman's husband Mark was caught with fake IDs bearing his photograph and other people's names. When asked about that, Freeman tried to hide behind a veil of secrecy. Illinois Police found the fake ID's after they arrested Freeman for recklessly firing a gun while he was wearing his Muslim garb.

Police had to get a search warrant to enter his home for their investigation. He told them he could not let them in because they were not of the Muslim faith.



5/19/2003: The Right to Drive While Masked

A Muslim woman in Florida is suing the state to be allowed to wear a full-face mask in her driver's license photograph, and her attorney is arguing that the state is repressing her freedom of religion, and that driving is a right, not a privilege.

Why is the court even hearing this case? It should have been thrown out immediately as a frivolous lawsuit. And where is this creature getting the funds to pursue the suit?


"... Judge Janet C. Thorpe on Friday rejected Sultaana Freeman's argument that Florida violated her rights to privacy and free speech when it took her driver's license last year.

Freeman, 34, is suing to get the license back, which has a photo that hides most of her face, except her eyes, behind a veil known as a niqab. She wears the veil for religious reasons.

Freeman got the license wearing the veil after she moved from Illinois. But after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles told her to replace the photo.

Her attorney, Howard Marks, argued driving is a right and not a priviledge as the state claims."


Article about Freeman case on Saudi "Islamic Voice" website:

Sultana Freeman is in the news again: The Florida women who made headlines in 2003 is appealing her case in an Orlando court to have her face covered on her driving license with a full face veil known as a niqab.

Freeman's ACLU lawyer Howard Marks argued that having to uncover her face violated her religious rights. http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://www.wftv.com/news/3400144/detail.html

In the original 19 page ruling the determined that "driving is priviledge not a right" and said that her face had to be shown on her driving license photo .


Sultana Freeman's version of the case on her website:


This is a heading from Freeman under the 'Prejudice' section of the message board on a 2002 page from Freeman's site "

Sisters only: Discuss prejudice and discrimination as it occurs in the ummah, and kaffir attacks.


MIM Note : The Ummah means the Muslim community which exists in 'non Muslim' countries but is inhabited by Kaffirs.

Kaffir means 'unbelievers' and 'infidels'. i.e. all non Muslims. Which begs the question as to whether Freeman's ACLU lawyer Marks would be able to sue "kaffirs' for alleged discrimination against Muslims.

MIM visited Sultana's Freeman's website and can show evidence that her appeal for the right to wear a niqab on her license photograph is part of a more sinister agenda. which needs to be brought to the attention of the public , and all of those involved in the case.

As stated above Freeman equates "wearing a niqab" with "Jihad in an oppressive land"

MIM postulates that national security could be breached if people like Freeman and the Islamists who post on her website would not have to show their faces on their driving licenses .

Links on Freeman's website events include, a message from Osama Bin Laden, postings from Muslim men asking to join Jihad, from women wanting to know if they have an obligation to wage Jihad, how they can send their husbands. and other ways to show their support for the "Muhajideen".

Events listings and communiques include the extremist groups such as Al Muhajiroun and Hizb Ut Tahrir

. -----------------------------------------------------------

Here is the registration for Freeman's Muttaqun website


Muttaqun Foundation (MUTTAQUN-DOM)
P.O. Box 602
Winter Park, FL 32790


Administrative Contact:
Freeman, Sultaana (SFJ31) [email protected]
Muttaqun Foundation
P.O. Box 1141
Decatur, IL 62525
(217) 422-5044 fax: 999 999 9999


This message is found in the archived pages under the heading ' Islam'

: A message from Usama (sic) Bin Laden is in the middle of the webpage:

Daily Islaam Karachi

Islam: Muslim Civil Rights, News, and Politics: Other News and Politics: Daily Islaam Karachi
By Anonymous on Saturday, July 6, 2002 - 06:25 am:

Afghanistan News




MIM Note :If you go on the archive page and click on the "Afghanistan News" link. You will come to the Islami Daily News page .Scroll two thirds down and you will see the message from Bin Laden below. The link to the complete message is to a 2002 webpage from the Islamist "Jihad Unspun" site.

I invite you to Islam, that calls to follow the path of Allah alone " - Usama bin Ladin

Indeed, I'm a trustworthy adviser to you. I invite you to the happiness of this world and the hereafter and to escape your dry, miserable, materialistic life that is without soul...
Click here for the complete message

Militant Islam Monitor is posting these entries and urges readers to make their concerns known to the state prosecutor and Orlando law enforcement officials that Sultana Freeman's website shows that if her appeal to wear a niqab were to be be decided in her favor, it could open the way for terrorists to exploit yet another loophole in national security.Freeman's appeal is based on a miltant Islamist and not a "religous freedom" agenda.

These postings are taken from the archived pages of Sultana's Freeman's website:


. Entries on the currently asscessible site are no less alarming and include such postings as this:

Under a two part 'essay' entitled : "The Obligations of Supporting the Muslims in Palestine" we find these passages :http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://p222.ezboard.com/fmuttaqunislamicmessageboardsfrm15.showMessage?topicID=1.topic

Excerpts from Part One:

Muslims have been undergoing trials and hardships throughout history. This is especially the case for the Palestinian people who went through great hardships affecting their persons, wealth, homes and livelihoods.

They were tested by the worst and most evil of creatures who neither respect kinship nor covenants and who seek honour and might; but they will never attain this because they are a people who drew on themselves the wrath of Allaah and whom Allaah humiliated and put over them ignominy and destruction.

We are in dire need to continue our struggle and to equip ourselves with perseverance and endurance, because they are the foundations that give light to the hearts; and are the pillars of victory.

There will be no victory for Jihaad without perseverance and endurance.

Excerpts from Part Two:

Indeed the issue of Palestine is a vital one for all Arabs and Muslims. It is their duty to shoulder the responsibility of this historical and doctrinal Islamic matter. Muslims will be questioned about all their deeds and the issues that they were faced with in general - and the issue of Palestine in particular. It is a great trust and is an inseparable part of the Muslim land which none has the right to surrender - not even the tiniest portion of it. Muslims are obliged to defend it with all their power.

O Muslims! It is a great sin to allow even a hand-span of the Muslims land to be occupied by the enemies of Islaam, or that their women, wealth or sacred places be attacked. This being the case, then how great a sin is it that the entire land of Palestine is occupied?

O you who have stationed yourselves to protect this land! Victory is for the believers, victory is for Islaam; Palestine and Al-Aqsaa will be recaptured only when the Ummah stops abandoning their clear obligations, when they finally accept what was dictated by the divine law that all of Palestine belongs to the Muslims.

Palestine will continue to be the land of Jihaad - a blessed land. Angels will spread their wings over it; the blessed blood of martyrs will always be spilt on it; The Muslim Ummah will conquer it when Allaah grants victory for His pious slaves; victory will come when Muslims become truthful and sincere to Allaah, rely only on Him fully and supplicate to Him. It will come when we abandon what some people are uttering, that:

‘The only way to salvation is to beg the USA'.

Allaah says that which translates as: "And (you will obtain) another (favour) that you love - victory from Allaah and an imminent conquest; and give good tidings to the believers." (As-Saff: 13)


The writer signs herself as : "The Niqab Is Is TeRfIS AbBiLiLiah"

The first part is obviously a reference to the covering which Freeman is fighting to wear while being photographed for her driving license. The english text appears to be written by a native english speaker which begs the question as to if "Isma'il Nawhidah is someone' very closely related' to Sultana Lakiana Myke Freeman .
Isma'il Nawahidhah



Note: The "worst and most evil of creatures " referred to by the writer, over whom Allah will put "ignominy and destruction" is meant to refer to Jews.

The references to Jihad speak for themselves. Sultana Freeman's religious rights and deeply held religious beliefs are evident on her website. Her desire to keep her face covered for "modesty reasons" is also belied by the Polgyamy section on her website.


The Polygyny Message Boards have moved here. Please update your links

Females only: discuss Polyganous marriage. Why does it exist? How should it be done? Share success stories, ask questions, meet co-wives, and more

Freeman not only has a "Polygamy Survey" which she urges the public to take, but (on the archived pages )there are women who write in and actively solicit other women to be "co- wives".

Note that the same writer who wrote the letter calling for Jihad on behalf of 'Palestine" and who signed herself "tHeNiQaAbIsIsTeRfIsAbBiLiLlAh" wrote this letter extolling polygamy.

What Polygyny Has Given Me!

As Salammualaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.
Masha Allah, someone email this article to me and it was very interesting and I thought of sharing.

What Polygyny Has Given Me!

by a daughter of polygyny

As a young daughter of polygyny, I wish to share with others what polygyny has brought to my life. Inshallah I can help erase some of the fears many sisters today have associated with polygyny and I hope to bring to light the many benefits that exist when polygyny is practiced the way Allahu Ta'ala instructed us to through the example of our beloved Prophet(Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). I am not involved in a polygynous marriage (or even married as a matter of fact); however, I have witnessed it first hand as a child and young adult al hamdulillah.

...But most of all, polygyny has given us an opportunity of a brighter future, full of love and happiness! What we once longed for -but never had.

That is.... what polygyny....has given....me!

(by Allah's will of course, Al hamdulillah! (Takbir!- AllahuAkbar!!!)..

. ----------------------------------

Polygamy Section:


By Najiyah on Wednesday, April 4, 2001 - 06:05 pm:

AsSalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

My husband is seeking another wife, Insha'Allah. I am asking Allah to send me a sister and friend in his new wife, Insha'Allah.

If any sister is looking to enter into a polygynous marriage with a co-wife who is comfortable with polygyny,please drop a line. May Allah bless us all with whatever is best in the duny and the akhirah, amin.


Assalaamu Alaikum Sisters,

I too am looking for a co wife for my husband... the only thing I find difficult is that there are sisters who launch an all out attack on sisters who are helping their husbands look.

It seems to me that folks get all steamed up and bothered and say how sad we are etc., and the mention of fearing Allah and repressing you hawaa is out the window. That being said... my husband is a fantastic man, a great husband and, wonderful Salafi brother. If I must share him,I prefer to share him with a good sister who will fit well into our family and maintain an amicable relationship with EVERYONE in the family.

For more details reply including your email address and I will get back to you



Click on the URL to take Sultana Freeman's very own "Polygamy Survey"



After finishing Freeman's polygamy survey readers might one to take this one being done by the WFTV News station about whether she should be allowed to remain viewed in her license photograph

: --------------


" ...Freeman's attorney, Howard Marks, argued that his client should not be punished for wanting to practice her religion.

Assistant Attorney General Jay Vail argued, "freedom has to give way to public safety..."


WFTV Survey:

Do you think Sultaana Freeman should be allowed to wear her veil in her driver's license photo?

Yes, it's her religious freedom

No, it's a matter of public safety

Not sure


From Polygamy to Brotherhood:

Here is further proof that Freeman controls everything which goes on her site: She reprinted and reposted these letters herself after they were lost :

click on URL for further postings on the same "Terrorism is Good" theme: http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://p222.ezboard.com/fmuttaqunislamicmessageboardsfrm16.showMessage?topicID=6.topic



Note by Freeman: "This post was lost by the system, so I am reposting it".

It was made by:


(3/22/04 3:05 pm)

Heyy... even al-qaraadawi has joined in the 'terrorist' camp.
so support 'terrorism'!

no way i'm going to be apologetic about it. not even as small as a zdarrah! We've been apologetic to them ever since the usthmaniyah demise. Look what it brought us so far?

If that's what the kuffar insist in calling the mujahidiyn. fine by me. I'll insist in calling them kuffar-harbi in return.

As for the neo-mod muslimiyn... as far as i concern, if they continue on that path... the kuffar-harbi can keep them as their sabaaya.

'Terrorism' is good!

assalamualaikumu warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

This is one of the most recent postings on Freeman's website under events. A conference on terrorism sponsored by Al Qaeda's paymasters the Saudis. http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://p222.ezboard.com/fmuttaqunislamicmessageboardsfrm19.showMessage?topicID=1.topic

Dear Friends
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahad bin Abdulaziz has extended generous support to the Islamic Stand on Terrorism Conference organized by Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University from April 20 to22. This was disclosed by the rector of the university Dr. Mohammed bin Saad Al Salem in a press conference here Tuesday.
He announced that Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz would patronize the opening ceremony of the conference next Tuesday

To surf the site of the conference: www.islamstand.org
For correspondence and inquiries: E-Mail: [email protected]

Electronic Publisher

The archived pages of Freeman's website reveal more messages and postings from extremists and organisations: A look at

http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://www.muttaqun.com/ reveals extremist message boards which contains a "Men Only" section for Jihad and asks the question written by the webmaster:

"What is Jihad? How do I get involved?" And other questions, answers, and discussion about this very important aspect of the muslim man's life.


Note the two postings in the Jihad section by Abdullah asking where he can join to "do my duty as a Muslim"


By Abdullah5567 on Monday, November 1, 1999 - 09:59 am:

As salaamu alaikum.

I haven't been a muslim for that long. What is the best way to get involved in jihad? Any advice is appreciated

By Abdullah on Tuesday, August 13, 2002 - 10:50 am:

This is a http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20040624212236/http://web.archive.org/web/20030210075023/muttaqun.com/discus/index.html organisation in Bosnia that I want to join to do my duty as a Muslim.
Who can provide me with a contact?

By Sheikh Abdul-Haq Hamidullahi on Friday, November 3, 2000 - 11:11 pm:

As-Salamu 'alaykum.
The majority of scholars today have said that Jihad is 'Fard'Ayn' upon the Muslims and if you look at the current situation of the Muslims around the world you can see why.
Therefore my advice is for all Muslim men should go forth for Jihad whether they have a lot of money or whether they are married, etc.
Check Ibn-Kathiir's 10 different explanations of Surah Tawbah, ayat 41.
May Allah guide us and keep us on His path and let us die a martyrs.
As-Salamu 'alaykum.


MIM Note: A 'fard' is a religous obligation


By Anonymous on Tuesday, October 8, 2002 - 01:01 pm:

Asalam Alykoum Brothers and Sisters

Please visit www.captiveminds.org and sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Web-site is full of resources for Muslim activists. Please inform others.

Your suggestions, ideas and article submissions are encouraged:

Jazakoum Allah Khayran


These messages asking how woman can participate in Jihad can be found under the "Women Only" section


Sisters only: Discuss prejudice and discrimination as it occurs in the ummah, and kaffir attacks.

By Umm Shahidaa on Tuesday, April 11, 2000 - 09:01 pm:

Assalamu'alaykum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.
I am aware that the Hadith say that women are not to participate in the Jihad in the form of fighting in the battlefield. Is there any sisters out there whose husband has been to Jihad . Can these sisters share with me the experience of how they felt when their husband went for Jihad and to prepare ourselves for the time when our husbands leave for Jihad and is there anyway we can help and participate in the Jihad like in Chechenya presently.
I look forward to reading any replies.
As-Salamu 'alaykum.

By Anonymous on Saturday, May 18, 2002 - 08:49 am:

Assalamu'alaykum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.

As a devout follower of the Straight path, I share your desire to offer my support in any way possible to the Jihad lead by our brothers.

But I must admit I have more immediate concerns, such as obtaining the right to vote in my country, the right to obtain a driver's license, the right to move about freely, without discrimination, the right to the same legal status that men enjoy.

I know this is very egotistical of me and that my priorities are all wrong. Please forgive me.




Listing for Hizb ut Tahrir and Al Muhajiroun events on Muttaqun archives: These two groups were founded and led by Abu Hamza Al Masri and Omar Bakri. For more information on what Dr.Daniels Pipes called : The most extremist group operating in the West today" click on :

Re: Recent arrest of Al Muhajiroun member in New York


Re: Trial of family members of Al Muhajiroun suicide bomber who killed 3 people in a Tel Aviv café


Re: Al Muhajiroun leader in North America: Kamran Bokhari:


Re: Abu Hamza Al Masri recently arrested Al Muhajiroun/Hizb ut Tahrir leader who is fighting extradition to the U.S.
Re: Al Muhajiroun and Hizb Ut Tahrir :


Re: Hizb ut Tahrir threatens lawsuit against USIP member (background info on HT:



Since the events of September 11th, and the declaration of America's 'war on terrorism', Muslims in the West have been forced to make a choice - either they accept the Capitalist ideology and its colonialist world view or otherwise be labelled the 'terrorist'. So what choice should Muslims living in the West make?
This conference with distinguished speakers from around the world, will delineate a clear, distinct and definitive path for Muslims in the West to follow.


WEBSITE www.al-islaam.org

Organised by Members of Hizb-ut-Tahrir


MIM Note : See communique from Hizb ut Tahrir which was posted on the Muttaqun website below


With Co-operation of Masjid Al-Fatimah 57-16 37th Ave.
Woodside,Queens. N.Y. (U.S.A)
718-803-3747 917-730-9319


The Role of The Muslim Ummah in America

Friday June 2 From: Maghrib till Midnight

Abu Umar (Al-Muhajiroun in United States)

Br. Fahad (Member of Al-Muhajiroun)

Br. Sajeel Shahid (Member of Al-Muhajiroun U.K. branch)

Saturday June 3 From: Maghrib till Midnight

Br. Rawad (Member of Al-Muhajiroun)

Br. Sajeel Shahid (Member of Al-Muhajiroun U.K. branch)

Sunday June 4
From: Maghrib till Isha

Br. Nisaar (Member of Al-Muhajiroun)

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Under the events section in 2002 we find an invitation to a rally for John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban and a a call for donations to Muhajideen in Afghanistan and calls for victory for Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Note that Azzam publications is connected to Al Qaeda and is named for Abdullah Azzam who was Bin Laden's mentor. Read what Steve Emerson, author of "American Jihad" writes about Abdullah Azzam:


MIM Note : The letter below in support of 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh aka' Brother Sulayman', ends with the words:

"May Allah unite the Ummah,give victory to Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Muhajideen and grant us Shahaadah."

MIM Note: Shahadaah means martyrs

The writer, who signs herself "Your sister in Islam", issues an appeal for money and urges readers to" please donate to your Afghani brothers and sisters, give money to whoever you trust! May Allah reward you for supporting his Believers."


By support4mujahideen on Saturday, February 23, 2002 - 06:31 am:

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
Assalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,
Hope this reaches you all in the best of health and state of Eeman.

Jazakallahu Khair to those who replied to an email about a march in support of brother Sulayman
(John Walker Lindh). Those of us Muslims who did not take out the time to reply or think about
devoting an hour or two for the sake of Allah for the brother in Islam - indeed, the Muslim Ummah is
ashamed to have such people amongst it.

I am sure you must know that the date for the rally has been set for February 25, Monday, at 10 AM, at 520 King Street, in Alexandria, Virginia (this is the latest info so far. For more info and
directions, please email brother Kaukab at
[email protected] ).

Hopefully, the brothers and sisters will come on time. In case some of us are not aware, brother Sulayman's lawyer wanted the trial date to be delayed a bit in order to collect evidence from across the globe, where brother Sulayman has been in the past few years. Although attorneys on both sides agreed on a date of Sept. 16, the judge decided to set it for August 26 of this year. Brother Sulayman, will, undoubtedly, not get a fair trial, as September 11, 2002, will mark the first anniversary of 'black Tuesday'. It is up to the Muslims to support brother Sulayman during such hard times.

Insha Allah, this picket will be the first one to show the world that we reject the mistreatment of John Walker, and the rest of the Mujahideen in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as well as in Afghanistan under US and Afghan custody.

Many Muslims wonder what the point is of this rally, and think if this will make a difference, if any, at all. The thing is that we must realize that brother Sulayman is isolated today, after rising up to defend Islam and an Islamic government. He is being considered a criminal, a traitor, and in the words of the wife of killed Johnny Spann and other Americans, he 'deserves the death penalty'. Astaghfirullah.. Muslims, where are you to support your brother in Islam?

The whole world has embarked on a campaign to defame brother Sulayman and other Mujahideen, yet Muslims, followers of the world's second biggest religion, don't have the courage to even speak out? The state of the Muslim Ummah is such that an Ummah of more than a billion people cannot save Mujahideen from prisons (even from 'Muslim' prisons in 'Muslim' countries), and those 300 in Guantanamo, aside from thousands in Afghanistan, being denied basic human rights.

Holding a rally may not make a big difference, but we hope it will show brother Sulayman, his family and the rest of the world, that Muslims are not weak and divided. We hope it will help make brother Sulayman strong in his Eeman, and be a source of support. Hopefully, it is better than nothing.

Insha Allah, many people will join in this march of support. Please do take an hour or two out of
your time to support brother John Walker.

Please email brother Kaukab Siddique for more information; he is co-ordinating this whole event - [email protected]

Insha Allah, please help make this event a success, after the Mercy of Allah Subhaanahu wata'ala. Do not let brother Sulayman be isolated and neglected today.

Let not his family think he was misguided to have joined a religion whose followers cannot support his son during such hard times.

Do not let the world think that we dislike brother Sulayman, for indeed he is one of our best.. and, the best of the Ummah, are indeed very few..

May Allah unite the Ummah, give victory to Taliban, Al Qaeda and all Mujahideen and grant us
Wassalam alaikum,
Your sister in Islam.
The Light of Islam - www.geocities.com/sobiasrar

Please donate to your Afghani brothers and sisters. Give money to whoever you trust! May Allah reward you for supporting His Believers.
About the now martyred Mujahideen: "Seven of the Mujahideen remain in the hospital ward and they are ready to face death if the circumstances are not to their favour. May Allah give them patience and make their feet firm. An Ummah of one billion that is unable to protect seven injured fighters is a pathetic Ummah indeed." -- Jan. 11, 2002 - Azzam Publications



Another posting from the archived pages of Muttaqun in support of Jihad : The posting is addressed to :"Fellow Muslimeen and Fedayeen-Muhajideen"and encourages people to listen to an "artistic effort to support the Holy War"...against the Zionist forces of occupation.


In the Name of Almighty Allah, the Avenger!

Fellow Muslimeen and Fedayeen-Mujahideen are invited to listen to and promote Malik Shahid's new release TO THE PEOPLE OF PALESTINE, an artistic effort to support the Holy War being waged by the noble and heroic Palestinian people against the Zionist forces of occupation.


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MIM Note :Hizb ut Tahrir (see event posting above for conference which was held in London Docklands)posted an advertisement for their magazine in 2003: For more information on 1924. org click on :


By 1924.org ( - on Monday, April 14, 2003 - 09:03 pm:

Khilafah Magazine - Breaking the propaganda Monthly Islamic magazine - We write to inform, inspire and create a movement for true intellectual revival - available in good Islamic bookshops around the world...




Communiqué from Hizb ut-Tahrir

The talks on the final status took place at the Camp David resort, in the U.S. state of Maryland on 11th July 2000, after a series of sessions undertaken by the participating Palestinian delegation, headed by senior officials of the so-called Palestine Liberation Organisation, which, ever since it was established by America in 1964, has taken it upon itself to proceed towards winding up the issue. Jamal Abd-un-Nasser succeeded in persuading the traitor Yassir Arafat to join the Organisation in 1968, then the Organisation was recognised at the Rabat summit in 1974, as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinians. Since then, the issue was degraded from an issue that concerned all the Muslims to an issue that concerns solely the Arabs; then it was further twisted to become a dispute between the Palestinians and the Israelis.
The issue today is undergoing its most critical periods and the last stages towards its settlement, now that all the other solutions have been neutralised, and now that fear and apprehension of this freak entity and of its protector America became ingrained, and now that every voice that calls for placing this issue on its original plane has been systematically muted and every voice that champions the declaration of Jihad and amassing the armed forces in order to rid the sacred places of the filth of the Jews and the squalor of those behind them from among the Kufr states has been silenced.
What really fills the heart with pain is that the concerned party, who are the Muslims, to whom the whole world once submitted, who conquered the fortresses and the bastions and whose armies destroyed the forces of evil and oppression, did not raise an eyebrow whilst their lands and their sanctities were sold and bargained for at the conference of peace and treason, to the point where peaceful coexistence with the usurpers became acceptable and even welcome. Has the viewpoint towards the issue become one of interests and gains, rather than one of resentment and hatred, and one of certitude of the capability to recover what has been usurped in terms of land and to teach the enemies a lesson that serves as an example to them and to whoever has any designs on the Islamic lands?

The Kuffar have succeeded in deceiving the Ummah into accepting this humiliating reality and to accept the initiatives aimed at settling their sacred cause. The Ummah failed to perceive the real implications of this issue, in order to place it on its rightful plane and solve it in a manner that returns the land to its rightful owners, and restore the standing of the Ummah after what she had experienced since her State was destroyed and the fortress of resistance was fragmented through the concoctions of the Kuffar and their allies from among the collaborators and hypocrites.

Once Britain succeeded in destroying the Islamic State, the protector of the lands, the honours and the sanctities, she established a homeland for the Jews by force, but she could not turn it into anything more than a puppet theatre and a pasture. Even after America had succeeded in turning this homeland into a state for the Jews through threats and intimidation, she could not make it more than a headquarters for a clan that lived for more than half a century facing the rifle and living constantly under the shadow of the cannon and the missile. Even if all the nations of the earth were to come together, they would never be able to turn the dog into a lion, nor dirt into gold, nor the Jews into statesmen, nor the vagabonds of a thousand years into rulers of a nation.
This is the reality of "Israel" and this is the reality of the Jews' presence in Palestine. Hence, could the Muslims, after all this, remain silent over what occurs in terms of talks and treacheries, without witnessing in any part of the Muslims' lands a reaction against this high treason? Even their meetings seem to be devoid of any rejection of this evil and this shame. How could they, after all this, refrain from working assiduously and from pressing hard to declare war against the Jews. How could they bear not to fight them?
The point at issue today is different to the time of the Balfour Declaration, and different to the day "Israel" was established. It is also different to the day when the Jews stormed an area of land greater than that of Palestine in 1967. The point at issue today is about the fall of the curtain over this affair. So who is to decide on the fall of this curtain? America, her allies and her irredeemable agents? Or will it be the Muslim archers of Egypt, or the staunch ones of Iraq, or the garrisoned warriors of Al-Sham? Or the rest of the Muslims from among the children of the Ummah, whose Islam will evoke them, thus deciding to uproot the Jews and their freak entity from the whole region and for good? The point at issue is merely an hour of perseverance, in which the Muslims would take a resilient stance, thus ending the farce perpetrated by their rulers and bringing matters back to how they used to be.
It has been fifty years since the nations of Kufr and their states conspired to give the Jews a state, but they could not do so. Tens of traitors from among your rulers and hundreds of agents have been deceived from among your children, have supported Kufr against Islam and helped the Kuffar against the Muslims but, despite this, they all failed in their attempt at turning Palestine into the state of "Israel". They also failed to give the invasion of the land an aspect of legitimacy, not even a distorted one. Hence, why do you wish to be told today that you have by choice conceded to the usurping Kuffar the right to settle in the Islamic lands and to the Jews to remain in the land that they had usurped and live like your brethren, and like Jews and Kuffar, enjoying what you would enjoy in terms of sovereignty, authority, dominion and might?
Those who are planning the rise of the Palestinian state are the very ones who planned the rise of the state of "Israel". They are the ones who prepared the general mood to accept these two states, after they had engrossed the Ummah in the cheap struggle that consolidated the entity of the Jews in the region. They are the ones who sowed, amidst the Muslims, despair from repelling the Jews and banishing them from their lands. This Palestinian state will only act as a tool to protect the Jews, like the neighbouring states did during 50 years of distorted resistance.
The so-called Palestinian state, which Arafat and his mob are working towards establishing, and for which they are relinquishing the rest of Palestine and a struggle that lasted over 50 years and resulted in a catalogue of calamities, destruction and setbacks, is merely designed to lend legitimacy to the Jewish entity so that it becomes an acceptable entity in the region; this is the American solution to the issue of Palestine, which Washington had endeavoured to achieve for more than forty years. This state will only increase the division and fragmentation of the Islamic Ummah instead of uniting her as a whole under one single political entity, that would undertake to liberate what has been usurped in terms of land and deliver it from the claws of the Jews.

O Muslims!

What is happening nowadays on the scene and what happened a few days ago in Camp David, and before that in Madrid, Oslo, Taba, Wye Plantation, Sharm Al-Shaikh and Stockholm among other stations of treason in whose tunnels the brokers of land and servants had entered, is designed to make you despair in order to accept their fallout. Hence, do not be beguiled by these talks progressing or stumbling, nor by being difficult or smooth. Do not be deceived by the portrayal of their treacherous stances as being heroism and steadfastness, for these are designed to delude you into believing that the land and sacred sites' brokers are struggling to preserve the land, and so that what they agree upon becomes acceptable to you. The longer the talks go on, the more time they have to test your stances, for they fear that you may take a proud stance and stand up to them. The rounds of talks they are organising and the referendums they claim they are prepared to carry out are but to implicate you in their treason so that they may exact a "legitimacy" from you; hence, do not allow them to achieve their schemes nor to sell your lands, nor to accept the presence of the Jews over your lands. Neither Yassir Arafat, nor the PLO, nor all the rulers of the Arab states are commissioned by you to concede Palestine to the Jews, nor to hand over one single inch or an atom of dust of Palestine to the Jews. Besides, no Muslim at all has the right to concede one single inch of Palestine to any Kafir from among the Kuffar of the world, let alone concede it to the Jews, the most abject creatures of Allah (swt).

O glorious Ummah!

We are witnessing together the calamity nearing in its ugliest of forms, we are sensing together the treason reaching its climax and we are witnessing the blessed land of Palestine being sold under our noses; yet, we do not see the ray of hope that would prevent the calamity from occurring and would return matters to the way they used to be, unless we perceive the solution and unless we sense the path so that we could stand together and face the conspiracies of the Kuffar, their agents and their allies, which are concocted against us and against one of the most sacrosanct of our causes. By Allah, we have no solution except for what our Islam dictates to us and we have no path except for the one our Deen has paved for us. We are indeed capable today of settling this issue if we returned to Allah (swt) and if we consolidated our link with Him and sought help from Him. We are capable of settling this issue if we were evoked by sincerity, the seeking of martyrdom, the sacrificing of bodies and souls for the sake of Allah's Word reigning supreme, while declaring loud and clear that none of the Muslims reserves the right to concede or negotiate in order to concede one single inch of the land of Palestine to any Kafir from among the Kuffar of the world, let alone to the Jews, the most abject creatures of Allah (swt).

Allah (swt) says: T.M.Q. "O you who believe, obey Allah and His Messenger and do not turn away from him while you hear * Nor be like those who said we heard but listen not." [8-20,21]

Hizb ut-Tahrir 1st Jumada-l-Oolah 1421h
1st August 2000


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. --Jund 2004

A state appeals court heard arguments Wednesday in the case of a Muslim woman who wants to wear a veil in her driver's license photo so as not to violate her religious belSultaana Freeman of Winter Park lost her civil lawsuit a year ago when Circuit Judge Janet C. Thorpe agreed with authorities that letting people conceal their faces on a driver's license was a terrorist risk

The state "has a compelling interest in protecting the public from criminal activities and security threats," and that photo identification "is essential to promote that interest," the trial judge said. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles originally issued Freeman a license with her wearing a veil in 2001, but later suspended it. Freeman claims the suspension was an infringement upon her First Amendment rights. Wednesday, Judge Richard Orfinger of the Fifth District Court of Appeal appeared to wonder that, too. he also asked the other side of the question: "... How does the requirement of a photograph cause a substantial burden on her exercise of religion?" ....


The judge's ruling against Sultana Freeman, the Muslim woman challenging the
full-facial photo requirement for a driver's license, can be acessed via the pdf link below: Note that the judge stated that Freeman does not appear to pose a threat to national security.



The court's summary of its conclusions:

"1. Plaintiff holds a sincere religious belief that she should wear the
niqab in front of all strangers and unrelated Muslim men.

"2. Plaintiff has not, however, met her burden of showing that the photo
requirement itself substantially burdens her right to free exercise of
religion. [The judge held that certain facts "undermine Plaintiff's claims
that in her family's practice of religion, all images of living things are
banned. The Court finds that Plaintiff lacks credibility with this argument.
Therefore, the Court finds that a ban on all image-making of living things
is not a sincerely held religious belief of the Plaintiff."]

"3. Plaintiff also has not met her burden of showing that DHSMV's
request that she "momentarily" lift the veil in a private room in front of
only one, female person, places a substantial burden on her exercise of

"4. Therefore, Plaintiff's claim under the Religious Freedom Restoration
Act of 1998 must fail.

"5. The State has met its burden of showing that it has a compelling
interest in protecting the public from criminal activities and security
threats, and that having access to photo image identification is essential
to promote that interest.

"6. The State's need to be able to immediately identify subjects of
investigative traffic stops and criminal and intelligence investigations
outweighs anyone's need to pose for a driver's license photo wearing any
garb that cloaks all facial features except the eyes.

"7. Therefore, the requirement that all potential drivers have their
driver's license photos taken unveiled, uncloaked, and unmasked does not
unconstitutionally burden the free exercise of religion.

"8. The State has made a reasonable effort to satisfy its interest in
safety and security in the least restrictive manner in this case."


Account of trial by Court TV


Click on URL for online posting of Freeman's lawsuit :


Sultaana Freeman v. Florida: Complaint

This commentary ends with the words :

"Many eyes are on Florida. However the ruling goes, it's almost certain to be appealed.

Those trying to chip away at our national underpinnings will support the right to hide behind a mask. Those who see the dangers in allowing a claimed religious belief to trump established law will unite to keep the face of America open and free."


June 10, 2003

Islamic Veils and Verities
by Donald G. Mashburn

In Orlando (Fla.), lawyers are going at it in a lawsuit over Sultana Freeman's resistance to a state law requiring her to take off her veil for a driver's license photo. Freeman, 35, reportedly converted to Islam in 1997, and now says, "I don't unveil ... because it would be disobeying my Lord."

She claims the state of Florida never worried about her veil until after Sept. 11, 2001. Florida denies the claim, and insists it is merely enforcing state law.

Freeman's effort to remain veiled for her driver's license photo draws attention to other Muslim activity. The Arab-American Anti-Discriminations Committee (ADC) is an organization to help "Muslims ... participate in public affairs." Other efforts are underway to increase the political clout of Muslims in selected areas.

It's not clear how these relate to other, potentially serious, threats among us, involving extreme Islamic elements that wish nothing good for the American way of life, particularly our predominant religion, Christianity.

The most dangerous, of course, are the avowed terrorists embedded in our society. The FBI has rooted out some with traceable ties to the al-Qaida network. But others, who may not all be part of al-Qaida or known terrorist operations, are still in the shadows or underground.

What makes them threats is their shared hatred of all things American. However, not all threats come from the anti-American militants. Nor do they necessarily come from the violent and irrational suicide bombers of political Islam.

Some are more open in their efforts to spread Arab-American influence and increase division here. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is expanding both its organization and the influence of Muslims in "public affairs." It advocates eliminating all references to "Judeo-Christian," in referring to our American heritage, and replacing it with "Judeo-Christian-Islamic," or "Abrahamic."

They want their new term to be used in all references by academia, churches and synagogues, news media, and politicians. You will notice that mosques aren't mentioned. Presumably, CAIR wants Christians and Jews to be tolerant of Muslims, but makes no effort to urge Muslims to be tolerant of Christian and Jews.

The CAIR initiative will probably find sympathizers among the media, who typically lump together all religions when they refer to "religious fundamentalists," and often bash Christianity but view Islam in the soft glow of tolerance.

But there are vast differences between a religion built on Jesus' teaching His followers: "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another" (John 13:35), and one that robs Islamic women of both equality and freedom.

Violence was never part of Christian faith as taught by Jesus, whereas Mohammed, Islam's founder, apparently never hesitated to order the beheading of hundreds of victims.

Before we overdo the inclusion thing, we should ask: "Where are the free Islamic nations?" They don't exist! So why should adherents of political Islam be telling us how to "improve" American laws or the American way of life?

Which returns us to Sultana Freeman's claim of religious exemption from having her full-face photograph on her driver's license. Ms. Freeman surely realizes the potential dangers from giving in to her wishes.

Could a man refuse to show his face for a driver's license? Should law enforcement, bank, and government officials be forced to take people at their word that they are indeed the people they claim to be, with no identification proof? Should masked men be allowed to walk into banks, board airplanes, attend church and political gatherings?

Many eyes are on Florida. However the ruling goes, it's almost certain to be appealed.

Those trying to chip away at our national underpinnings will support the right to hide behind a mask. Those who see the dangers in allowing a claimed religious belief to trump established law will unite to keep the face of America open and free.

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