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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > NY TImes article falsely depicts radical Imam Reda Shata as moderate

NY TImes article falsely depicts radical Imam Reda Shata as moderate

March 7, 2006

MIM: Andrea Elliot was so busy gushing over her 'hip' Imam that she neglected to mention that the 9/11 hijackers who were tied to the Tafkiri sect of Islam were behaved as "wordly" as Reda Shata in order to hide their fundamentalist agenda.

True to NYTImes form Elliot did not challenge her Muslim poster boy's claims to moderation even after he blew his 'polo shirt' 'cologne scented' cover when he spoke and voiced his contempt for the United States and the West.

Scratch A NY Times Approved Imam, Find A Threatening Islamist

March 7, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Andrea Elliott's Muslim apologia - Tending to Muslim Hearts and Islam's Future - portrays an Egyptian born, New York Imam - Reda Shata - in a lionizing manner. Such is the state of American journalism.


"The young Egyptian professional could pass for any New York bachelor. Dressed in a crisp polo shirt and swathed in cologne, he races his Nissan Maxima through the rain-slicked streets of Manhattan, late for a date with a tall brunette. At red lights, he fusses with his hair. What sets the bachelor apart from other young men on the make is the chaperon sitting next to him - a tall, bearded man in a white robe and stiff embroidered hat..."

However, the Times seems too clever for itself.

Attached as a sidebar to the piece are two multimedia clips in which Shata sounds not the saintly Imam of Ms. Elliott's wet dreams, but a bitter individual filled with rage and accusations against his adopted land.

Below a partial transcript.

From "What Muslims Want From America"

"...this is the case with America, they [Muslims] came to this country with the hope that they would not experience injustice but it saddens me and I feel bitterness in my mouth as I say that recent U.S. history has been marked by injustice...anything about the conduct of Muslims can be used as an excuse to make threats or give punishment...this is how we feel...the Arab and Muslim community of America is living in fear and anxiety and a state of disturbance to the point where some of us do not dare sign anything because we feel that a signature will bring devastation...why are Muslims being targeted?...they find us inferior so they target us, they find us inferior so they are unjust towards us...why is it that Muslims are in particular - and I have hundreds of stories to tell - are the ones whose mistakes are blown out of proportion and receive sentences as if they have committed big crimes...injustice, injustice, injustice if it strikes a nation and misfortune and a disaster starts spreading then beware, beware, beware people of the Lord of heavens..."

From "An Imam In America," video:

"...here an Imam is more or less an ocean of sorrows...for example there has been an intense feeling of racism towards us with the atrocity of 911...there is a constant attack on the community by some people who don't really respect the American values of tolerance...many of these problems do not exist back home, what I want from my American brothers is for them not to learn about Islam from the media, we do not want them to project onto Islam the actions of extremists ...[we want them] to learn Islam from the people of Islam the scholars of Islam..."

This being an "approved" New York Times' Imam one must wonder about those not making the grade and where the "religion of peace," their rage, xenophobia and hate for infidels might take them?

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William A. Mayer

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