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Why Is It News That The U.S. Is Arming The Syrian Insurgents?

June 19, 2013

June 18, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – To read the headlines it's like "surprise we are going to war…well kinda," against Syria's Assad regime.

It seems that Mr. Obama's is still busy, further complicating his disastrous foreign policy by moving on Syria in a way which could quickly develop into a major disaster. If this news constitutes a revelation to any serious national security wonk, or even someone simply interested in diplomacy then they had better not quit their day job.

Actually the U.S. has been arming the Syrian "rebels" since at least the tenure of now-deceased Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, actually, even before Stevens was elevated to the rank of ambassador.

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Brief synopsis of the current sit-rep:

The outing of some of the contestants and details in this formerly covert but poorly hidden operation has, instead of clarifying the matter, muddied it. Most importantly it ignores this conflict's raison d'etre - the ancient war between the Sunni Muslims and those of the Shia sect

The Saudis want to establish a Sunni beachhead in Syria as a check against potential Iranian expansionism. This policy, from the Saudi viewpoint is a wise strategic move and one can see the merits which would accrue to such a presence - were Iran to permit it, which is highly unlikely.

For the United States, further involvement in Syria runs into several problems, one being that such operations tread quite closely to being acts of war and thus, should be debated in Congress.

Far more important though is that Team O has had quite a bit of experience recently, destabilizing the leadership of countries formerly friendly or at least non-threatening to the U.S..

This team of Einsteins has already loosed vicious Islamist regimes in Egypt and Libya so they already have two examples of why this is such a bad idea.

Now, no one should consider Assad a friend but currently he represents no threat to us [except in the sense that he is definitely a threat to the state of Israel, formerly considered a trusted and key ally but now treated by this administration as a pariah.

If Assad falls the ME equation becomes even more complex This is because the Syrian "rebels" are really al-Qaeda mujahideen fighting to extend the boundaries of the Sunni world.

Yes, that means that Chris Stevens was charged with the duty of arming our most identifiable enemy, you know the one Mr. Obama killed last year.


It appears that the sole reason for Steven's assignment [even before he was officially given the status of ambassador] in Libya was to serve as the middle-man in a complex set of transactions designed to deliver some of the tens of thousands of military grade weapons which were "liberated" from the Gaddafi's numerous armories, starting with real assault [listen up DiFi] rifles, RPG's probably heavy machine guns and goodness knows what else to those at war with Assad.

The State Department's own house magazine carried a detailed story of Stevens' landing in the dead of night on a Libyan beach, an unusual means of travel compared to landing, courtesy of a military aircraft with all the attendant pomp and circumstance.

These arms were then transported to Turkey and from there delivered into the hands of the Syrian opposition forces.

Fast forward a few months, all of a sudden Assad's use of chemical weapons against the Islamist rebels, for the second time is being characterized as crossing some imaginary line beyond which the Great One will be forced to intervene…the fact that his administration appears to be on its death-bed domestically notwithstanding.

Reports for a week now have identified U.S. troops in Yemen.

"Military officials confirmed on Tuesday media reports stating that more U.S. troops have landed in Yemen,, as part of Washington-Sana'a military efforts against al-Qaeda in the region. An estimated 1,700 troops arrived in Yemen on Monday: 1500 soldiers were immediately deployed to Anad strategic airbase in the southern province of Lahj, just south of Abyan and west of the eastern province of Hadhramawt…the sudden arrival of American troops on Yemeni ground is fact becoming a source of controversy…" [source, U.S. Deploys More Troops, Yemen Post]

So what does Iran do? Respond in a very predictable way placing 4,000 Iranian troops in Syria, thus Khamenei has checked the president's insane gambit.

We have learned from a highly placed source who wishes to remain anonymous, that these troops are part of Iran's Revolutionary Guard. This force is quite different from Iran's regular army, it is smaller but far more religiously/ideologically driven, having been created after the Palavi government was overthrown. The Guard is specifically charged with the duty of defending Islam and can therefore be used to project Iranian military power outside its borders if necessary. This force ultimately answers to the ayatollahs.

Predictably, the loudest voices for intervention are Bill Clinton and his harradan wife-thing. BJ knows the high potential that Mr. Obama will get sucked into something he is incapable of handling and therefore in an odd way he frees Hillary from much of the Benghazi baggage, a major roadblock standing between her and the Democrat nomination in 2016.

Mr. Obama's ill considered, frankly crazy intervention has the potential of quickly eradicating all references to GW. If things go wrong – as they usually do in the totally unpredictable tinder-box of the Middle East - the president could well be outed as a totally inept fool pretending to be Napoleon…

Mr. Obama, can u spell Waterloo?

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For video of a triple beheading carried out by the savages who are the so called 'Syrian Rebels' see:


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