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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Terrorists and explosives smuggled over Mexican border - dirty bomb fears raised

Terrorists and explosives smuggled over Mexican border - dirty bomb fears raised

May 19, 2006

Texas Border - Scene Of Terrorist Infiltration - Fuels Concerns Over Dirty Bomb

May 19, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - A shocking report by Texas television news station 5 - KRGV - details widespread penetration of the border between Texas and Mexico by suspected terrorists.

1. Government reports show that the narco-trafficing gangs MS13 and Zeta are known to be engaged in the smuggling of high value illegal aliens into the United States.

2. Two fully functional IEDs and the components for thirty more were seized in Laredo just a few months ago.

Fred Burton a former federal counter-terror expert - now with anti-terror research group Stratfor - is working to track terrorist groups.

He states:

"We do have a national security concern here..there has been intelligence out there that al-Qaeda has looked at that...the chaos on the border...looked at the vulnerablities."

Sigifredo Gonzalez the Sheriff of Zapata County has been following the developments and is convinced that a dirty bomb could easily be smuggled across the border, suggesting that if, "people can smuggle three thousand pounds of dope in here," there is no barrier to smuggling a large explosive device in a similar manner.

Ominously, 51 suspected terrorists, hailing from the countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan were arrested crossing the border in 2005.

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