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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > UN aided and adbetted Hezbollah : Shelled 'observer' post was used as launch site and shielded terrorist arms build up for years

UN aided and adbetted Hezbollah : Shelled 'observer' post was used as launch site and shielded terrorist arms build up for years

July 27, 2006

MIM: The media has been quick to join the bash Israel UN chorus and condemn the shelling of an observer post, while deliberately failing to note that the place had been used by Hezbollah as a shield which they would hide behind in order to fire missiles and perpetrate attacks with impunity - believing that the Israelis would not fire back.The UN observers proved doubly useful to Hezbollah .Ater the post was hit the terrorist group scored a propaganda victory by when Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the UN - propagated what amounted to a blood libel against Israel saying they had deliberately targetted the area.

The most obvious question is why a UN observer post was manned in a war zone three weeks in the conflict. The most likely answer would be to help prevent Israeli attacks on the area, rendering the 4 observers human shields for Hezbollah.

The second question is how a post which the UN said had been in existence for years - was situated next to a town which had become known as Hezbollah's Jihad Central. In other words, had the UN and it's observer's done their job - there would have been no Hezbollah in Bint Jbreil. The existence of a Hezbollah base of operations, replete with tunnels and bunkers,testifies to the fact that the UN's presence enabled Hezbollah to go about their work unhindered, in the knowledge that the UN would claim that they were monitoring the situation near Israe/s border. The presence of any marked UN installation provided cover for Hezbollah. It is directly attributable to the UN that the attacks on Israel so close to the border where the UN was stationed, were able to be carried out. The UN not only failed to carry out it's mandate to disarm Hezbollah, they literally stood by and watched as Hezbollah armed and attacked Israel. The UN observers who were present under such circumstances directly or indirectly aided Hezbollah. Not onl did they do nothing to make the Israelis aware that Bint Jbreil was heavily fortified , if anything, they tried to prevent it from being targetted.

Kissing cousins: The UN and Hezbollah flags fly side by side at the UN observer post. .

By Andrew Bolt Herald Sun

Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 09:22am

The lynching of Israel continues, this time with United Nations boss Kofi Annan accusing it of the "apparently deliberate targetting" of a UN observation post, killing four observers.

The usual suspects are now running with this line, with The Age front page screaming: "UN told: please explain."
The venom against Israel - as splashed about by former Deputy Prime Minsiter Tim Fischer on ABC 774 this morning - is extraordinary. Do these people seriously think Israel aims to kill UN staff, and that this was not simply - as Israel insists - a tragic mistake?

What makes Annan's allegation so unforgiveable is that his UN Interim Force in Lebanon has been warning for days about what almost certainly caused this tragedy. Hezbollah fighters, who have already been firing behind screens of women and children, have also been shooting from behind and next to the UN positions, presumably hoping Israel will not dare shoot back and risk exactly this kind of propaganda disaster.

Read the UNIFIL press releases for yourself to learn that Hezbollah has not just shot at and seriously wounded UNIFIL observers - without any protest from Kofi Annan or The Age. You'll also learn that UNIFIL has repeatedly reported Israeli shelling and bombing near UNIFIL outposts because Hezbollah fighters were shooting from right beside them .

Says the UNIFIL press release of 20 July:
Hezbollah firing was also reported from the immediate vicinity of the UN positions in Naquora and Maroun Al Ras areas at the time of the incidents (of Israeli return fire).

Can the jeering critics of Israel stop catcalling for a minute and explain how Israel is to defend itself against an enemy that shoots from among women and children, and from behind UN soldiers? Can they explain why they are such apologists for terrorists? Can Annan explain why he did not call on Hezbollah to stop risking the lives of his staff, or pull them out when they were being used to screen terrorist fighters?

UPDATE 1: More evidence. Retired Canadian Major General Lewis Mackenzie says he recently received emails from the Canadian peacekeeper killed at the UN post who'd told him that Hezbollah was using his post as cover.

We received emails from him a few days ago, and he was describing the fact that he was taking fire within, in one case, three meters of his position for tactical necessity, not being targeted. Now that's veiled speech in the military. What he was telling us was Hezbollah soldiers were all over his position and the IDF were targeting them. And that's a favorite trick by people who don't have representation in the UN. They use the UN as shields knowing that they can't be punished for it.

(Thanks to Little Green Footballs)
UPDATE 2: Canada's prime minister Steven Harper also makes sense:
Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper said an Israeli attack on a UN outpost that killed four, including a Canadian, was a "terrible tragedy" but not likely deliberate.

At the same time, he questioned why the UN had manned the outpost in Lebanon near the Israeli border as bombs exploded all around.

"We want to find out why this United Nations post was attacked and also why it remained manned during what is now, more or less, a war during obvious danger to these individuals," he told reporters.

MIM: Previous attacks on UN personeel by terrorists did not provoke self rigthteous rhetoric from Kofi Annan, maybe because his organisation has funded and aided the people who murdered their workers.

23:15 Sep-21-03

2 Life Sentences for Murdering UN Observers

Sunday, September 21, 2003 / 24 Elul 5763

(IsraelNN.com) The Yehuda Military Court today sentenced an Islamic Jihad terrorist to two life sentences for the murders of two TIPH observer force soldiers in the Hevron area

On March 26, 2002, Major Cengiz Soytunc of Turkey and Catherine Berruex, of Switzerland, members of the TIPH observer force in Hevron, were killed in an ambush shooting by the Islamic Jihad terrorist near Halhoul.



USAID provides drinking fountain to school named after terrorist who murdered over 400 Jews,

MIM: In another NGO effort worthy of note as an example ofa peaceful' and 'charitable' abetting of terrorism the USAID website trumpeted the provision of clean drinking water to an elementary school named after the Fedayeen leader Mustapha Hafez (the father of Nonie Darwish ,who makes a living telling Jews and Americans why she decided not to follow in her father's footsteps and is part of a new 'cotttage industry of ex terrorists and anti semites who have discovered it is more lucrative to let them live and give talks to Jewish groups about why they no longer want to kill them).

Darwish's father General Hafez was responsible for killing over 400 Jews and was killed by the Israeli defense forces in the 1960's. The 2004 item below shows a picture with the caption "A new drinking fountain at the Mustafa Hafez School in the Al Remal quarter of Gaza City. The title of the article "Water for 72,000 scholars' should have read 'Water for 72,000 potential Jihadis'.


May 14, 2004

Water for 72,500 Scholars

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PHOTO A new water fountain at Mustafa Hafez School in the Al Remal Quarter of Gaza City. PHOTO A poster explains to children how to use the water fountain - use a cup, don't drink from the tap! PHOTO Schoolchildren at Mustafa Hafez School test out the water fountain.
Community Services Higher Education & Training Water Resource Development Health & Humanitarian Assistance
Survey Identifies Needs in Higher Education High-Achieving Palestinian Students Renew USAID Scholarships
ARD, Inc./Rafeed Islamic University Ministry of Health Palestinian Water Authority

In Gaza, 55,000 schoolchildren and 17,500 Islamic University students have pure, clean drinking water, thanks to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Using a $240,000 grant from USAID, the Rafeed program in April installed 60 desalination units in 60 Gazan primary schools, purchased 60 spare units for future maintenance, and installed desalination units at two Islamic University branches. In addition, Islamic University held workshops with teachers and students to address water and health issues.

Laboratory tests conducted by the Palestinian Water Authority, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Environmental Affairs showed that about 65 percent of water wells in the Gaza Strip do not conform to World Health Organization specifications. This poor-quality, polluted water is health-threatening. Research also showed that elementary students are greatly affected by the bad quality of potable water in schools. More than 50 percent of students bring water from their homes to school. Others either drink the poor water at school or keep themselves dehydrated until they return home.

Recognizing this urgent need, and hoping to stave off a health crisis, USAID and Rafeed worked quickly with Palestinian officials to put in the new water units. Rafeed is a humanitarian program run by ARD, Inc., to address emergency needs in the West Bank and Gaza.

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