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'Muslimah Messiah' & Head of CLARITy Coalition Ayaan Hirsi Ali Admits Islam Can't Be Reformed & 'Con'verts To Christianity  May 9, 2024
48 Hours After Muslim Threats: Senile POTUS Announces 'National Strategy' To Stop Criticism of Islam aka 'Islamophobia'  November 5, 2023
German Newspaper Issues 50 Point Manifesto For Muslim 'Migrants' - No Killing - No Polygamy - Love And Let Love!  November 1, 2023
Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Contest "Mullahs Get Out"  January 9, 2023
Resolution To Proclaim July Muslim - American Heritage Month Highlighting Their "Incredible Contributions" To US  August 4, 2022
Toke For Tolerance Co Founder & Muslim "Deformer" Shireen Qudosi"s Latest Stoner Screed  February 15, 2022
Rizwan Wadan: Devout Muslim Filmaker Claims Islam Has Nothing To Do With Islamic Terrorism  November 18, 2021
Sound Vision Asks Muslims To Pray 'That The Taliban Don't Give Islam & The Ummah Of The Prophet A Bad Name '  August 19, 2021
Qan'taqiya' Ahmed aka Miss Diagnosis: "Islam Is Intrinisically Pluralistic"  November 8, 2019
Muslim Deformer Crackpot/ Pothead Shireen Qudosi Begs Kuffar To Fund Her 'Psycho' Babble aka "Islam's Origins Story"  August 19, 2019
Usama Hasan : Salaried Jihadist At The Terrorist Lead Quilliam Foundation: MLK Waged "A Blessed Social Jihad"  February 5, 2019
United Khalifate:ISIS Terrorist Recruiter Anjem Choudary Who Did Prison Dawa Forced To Attend "Deradicalisation Program"  October 29, 2018
Jews4Jihad: Ari Gordon Of The Muslim Jewish Advisory Council -Saying 'Islam Is Not A Religion' Is "Religious Slander"  October 10, 2018
ADL aka Anti Defecation League "Report": "Misogyny A Dangerous & Underestimated Component Of ("Alt-Right") Extremism"  July 25, 2018
Pervy Paki Putz: Ammar Anwer Self Proclaimed Muslim 'Reformist' & Humanist With Weapon In Full Combat Regalia  July 8, 2018
Albert Fox Cahn: CAIR NY/Hamas IslamoJew Lawyer Whines To "Rabbi" Who Nixed His Temple Iftar Keynote Gig  June 13, 2018
Arif Humayun: Co Founder Of The Muslim Reform Movement & AIFD Fellow Claims Jihad Has Nothing To Do With Violence Or Islam  February 8, 2018
Pervy Paki Putz: Ammar Anwer Lauded As 'Muslim Reformer' Obsessed With Hitler, Nazis And The Holocaust  January 16, 2018
Two "Suspected" Muslim Murderers Sue Dutch Police For Attempted Murder After They Jumped Off Balcony While Fleeing  January 14, 2018
Dutch Police To Drink Tea With Moroccan Hooligans Who Rioted After World Cup Football Match In NL Cities  November 15, 2017
Inspired By ISIS' NYC Terror Attack Delusional Muslim Wannabe Islamo Jew Rebecca Abrahamson Urges 'Hug A Muslim Today'  November 6, 2017
Jacob Bender: CAIR Philly's Islamo Jew 'Fuhrer' Used Health Symposium To Rail Against White Supremacy, Breitbart & FOX  October 31, 2017
Tariq Ramadan: 'Moderate' Muslim Poster Boy And MB Scion Accused Of Rape - Supporters Blame 'International Zionist Plot'  October 30, 2017
Hamas Terror Tunnel Found Under UNRWA/UN Funded School - UNRWA Officials Feign Indignation After Being Exposed  October 30, 2017
Australian 47 Million $ 'Deradicalization Hotline' "Step Together" Got 5 Calls In 2 Months - Including Wrong Number  October 2, 2017
Quilliam Foundation "Expert" & Pimp For The Profit Usama Hasan: "Racism Leads To Muslims Becoming Extremists"  September 25, 2017
Dutch Satirist Sends "Anti Conversion" Bears To Salafist Muslim Lyceum  September 11, 2017
Fatima Elatik: Stealth Jihadist Police Diversity Program Director Earned $14,500 Dollars A Month For 24 Hour Work Week  September 8, 2017
Sound Vision: How To Convert The Kuffar - Use Eid As Opportunity For Da'wa - "Pass Out Treats" - "Go Viral"  September 5, 2017
Jewish 'Community Security Trust' Joins Discredited Islamist 'Hate Crime' Hoax Group Tell MAMA To Issue Complaints Guide  August 28, 2017
Islamic Supremacist Jihad Group CAIR Issues 9 Step Program To "Dismantle White Supremacy And Islamophobia"  August 24, 2017
Islamsterdam: Terrorist Bilal Lamrani Hired By Government Employee & Jihadi Saadia Ait -Taleb To "Deradicalise" Muslim Youth  August 24, 2017
Usama Hasan: Jihadist in Muslim Reform Movement & On Payroll of Quilliam Foundation Lies About Jihad "With Love"  August 13, 2017
Muslimah Top Dog In NL Radicalisation & Polarisation Agency Allowed Jihad Recruitment - Said Jihad Has No Connection To Islam  August 4, 2017
Muslim Wannabe Rebecca Abrahamson Publishes Delusional And Incoherent Screed About Temple Mount  July 26, 2017
30 Imams Embark On "Muslim Misery Tour"-Visit Islamic Terror Attack Sites & Tell Kuffar That Islam Has Nothing To Do With Terrorism  July 25, 2017
Almost As Many Jews As Muslims At "A Meeting Of Modern Muslim Minds" Held In March In Toronto  July 19, 2017
AJC's Muslim Jewish Advisory Council Head Robert Silverman Attended ISNA Confab Where Linda Sarsour Incited Muslims For Jihad  July 16, 2017
Fantasy Islam Being Played In Berlin: "Liberal" Mosque Opens To More Media Than Muslims  July 7, 2017
Much Hyped Muslim Anti Terror Rally "Not With Us" Lives Up To Its Name In Germany As Fewer Than 1000 Show Up  June 19, 2017
Jihad Through Dawah - CIOGC Tips On How To "Share" Ramadan And Islam With Infidels  June 2, 2017
Baktash Noori: Muslim In Manchester Stages "Warm & Fuzzy" Cheap Publicity Stunt Asking For Hugs From Non Muslims  May 29, 2017
Dutch Hospital Issues Quran Quoting Brochures For Diabetic Muslims Regarding Fasting During Ramadan  May 28, 2017
Muslim Leaders At Manchester Killers Mosque Whine About "Abusive Behavior" Towards Muslims  May 26, 2017
"Hunger Striking" Mass Murderer And Terrorist Leader Marwan Barghouti Caught On Video Eating In His Cell - Again!  May 10, 2017
"Ex" Terrorists Running Quilliam Foundation 'Pimping For The Profit'- Charging For Membership In Stealth Jihad Scam  March 21, 2017
Multi Culti Insanity: A'dam Mayor And School Collect Money For Muslim Kid Who OD'ed To Be Buried In Morocco  March 8, 2017
MB And Terror Supporting Muslim Student Association Members Send Flowers To Jewish Organizations In Florida  March 2, 2017
Sohail Ahmed 'Queer Jihadi': Came Out As Gay - Decided Not To Bomb London - Is "Ex Terrorist" Celebrity  March 1, 2017
CAIR Proclaims That Assassinated And Dead Presidents Are Coming To Their Philadelphia Banquet  February 24, 2017
ISIS/Hamas Supporter Linda Sarsour & Tarek El-Messidi Exploit Cemetary Vandalism To Show Support For Dead Jews  February 24, 2017
Rachid el Hajoui: NL Muslim Who Played Victim Card And Urged 'Harmony' On TV Is Rabid Anti Semite Who Lauded Hitler  February 19, 2017
UK MP Stephen Timms Who Was Almost Stabbed To Death By Muslimah Constituent Attends MCB "Visit My Mosque Day"  February 15, 2017
CAIR Philly's Pet Dhimmi White Islamo Jew Jacob Bender Rants Against " Mostly White Men Who Rule Our Beloved Country"  February 12, 2017
UPenn's Jewish President Amy Gutmann Writes "Letter Of Support To The Muslim Community" Cites Non Existent "Threats" To Them  February 2, 2017
Islamo Jew And Muslim Wannabe Rebecca Abrahamson - " Quran Influenced Constitution"  February 1, 2017
CAIR Philly's Islamo Jew Jacob Bender Ridicules Americans With Joke Lifted From Film With Gay Austrian Prank"Interviewer" Bruno  January 31, 2017
Jew Hater Dhabah aka Debbie Almontaser Blames Jews For Her Anti Semitism - Lies About Their Lack Of Support  January 17, 2017
How To Make Islamist Propaganda And Influence Media - Sound Vision Director's Tips On How To Wage Stealth Jihad  January 3, 2017
Faux Moderate Eboo Patel On Muslim-Jewish Interfaith: 'We Need To Build Bridges Strong Enough To Withstand Bombs'  December 21, 2016
Not Content WIth Polish Anti Semitism ,Wroclaw Jewish Community Requests To Adopt Syrian Family From Aleppo  December 21, 2016
CAIR Philly's Director Jacob Bender "living through a nightmare"wakes to"poisonous phrases...like an alien invasion waiting to strike"  December 15, 2016
Muslim Terrorist Wannabe Arrested In Holland - Weapons, ISIS Flag Found - "Surprised Neighbors": "He Was A Nice Boy"  December 11, 2016
Somali Muslims In Ohio Only Worried About How Jihad Attack Will Impact Them "This Is Gonna Affect The Lives Of Everbody"  November 29, 2016
Niqab Wearers Allowed Entry Into Dutch Parliament For Debate Over Burqa Ban  November 23, 2016
Palestinian Authority Terrorists Stop Paying SomeTerrorists Enraging Hamas Terrorists  November 14, 2016
ADL aka Anti Defecation League Working to Rehabilitate Nazi Frog  October 16, 2016
Parents Of Jihadi Wannabe Mahin Khan Ask "Fellow Citizens For Understanding" Blame Son'sTerror Plots On "Autism"  October 13, 2016
Father Of Muslim Who Joined ISIS Whines That Government Not Helping Son Return To Holland - "He Means No Harm"  October 13, 2016
Diversity In Holland "Celebrated" With March In Amsterdam By 'Every1' Organisation As Jihad Terror By Migrants Spreads  September 25, 2016
NY Jihadi Bomber Sued Police For Discrimination After They Attempted To Enforce City's Restaurant Closing Time Ordinance  September 19, 2016
ADL aka "Anti Defecation League" honored Islamist linked Muslim Board Member S.A. Ibrahim With "Americanism Award" In 2015  September 2, 2016
Delusional Peacenik Jewish Psychotherapist Yisroel aka Israel Kalman Lauds Terrorist Ali Abu Awwad As "Gandhi"  August 22, 2016
Taliban Supporting Father Of Orlando Jihadi Killer Omar Mateen Endorses Hillary Clinton 'Agrees With Everything She Says'  August 9, 2016
Khizr Khan's Not So Immaculate Deception - Constitution Waving Islamist Wants It Replaced By The Koran  August 5, 2016
Taqiyya Inc : French Muslims Issue Petition "To Assume Their Responsibilities" Don't Mention Jihad Attacks On Jews  August 2, 2016
Daughter Of Terrorist Jew Killer Sami Al Arian Posts Warm Fuzzy Account Of Meeting 90 Year Old Jewish Man Which Goes Viral  August 1, 2016
BBC Puzzling Over Muslim Jihad Attacks In Germany- Headline Asks "What Is Going On?"  July 25, 2016
Terror Tied Islamist Groups And Individuals Cry "Islamophobia" Over Cartoon Depicting ISIS Jihadi As Ape - Issue "Call To Action"  July 20, 2016
Crypto Muslim Obama's Eid Message To Muslims: You Are Innocent Victims Of "Bigotry And Xenophobia"  July 8, 2016
Apologizing To MK Hanein Zuabi - Taxpayer Funded Terrorist In The Knesset  June 29, 2016
CAIR FL Legal Counsel Wilfredo Ruiz Cited As Spokesman For Jihadi Killer Mateen's Mosque: Claims 'Muslims Could Be Victims'  June 25, 2016
Sound Vision "Talking And Thinking Points" On Orlando - Equates 'ISIS With Islamophobes' - Provides Sample Press Release  June 17, 2016
Terror Supporting Islamists Issue "A Joint Muslim Statement On The Carnage In Orlando" - 'Nothing At All To Do With Islam'  June 16, 2016
AJC Equates Radical Islam With "Far-right Populism" Has Stealth Islamist Maajid Nawaz Speak At EU Event  April 6, 2016
American Library Association Passes Resolution Against "Islamophobia" Praises Muslim "Impact" On Library Science  March 16, 2016
UPenn Hillel Group Wrote Message Of "Love And Support" To Terror Tied Muslim Student Association After SB Jihad Attack  March 12, 2016
Pimping For The Profit : Quilliam Foundation Blamed Paris Attacks On "Muslims Resentment" - Warned Against "Far Right Rhetoric"  February 29, 2016
Terror Tied Rotterdam Mosque Holding 'Defensible Muslim" Youth Event Partners With Muncipality To Fight 'Radicalization'  February 24, 2016
Terror Tied US Council Of Muslim Organisations Led By Hamas Operative Oussama Jammal Announce "Campaign To Enhance National Security"  December 24, 2015
Dutch Officials Attempt To Teach Traffic Etiquette To Muslim Invaders - Get Asked About Geert Wilders  December 1, 2015
Only 10 "Asylum Seekers" Taken In By Private Citizens In Holland Despite Efforts By Several 'Welcome' Organisations  November 8, 2015
NL Bureaucrats Studying How France Deals With Radicalisation Brutally Attacked By Muslim "Youth" - Forced To Flee  October 22, 2015
German Municipality Issues Rules Of Etiquette For Muslim Invaders  October 12, 2015
WJC Leader Calls On Terrorist 'Fuhrer'and Inciter Abbas To Condemn Terrorism Which "Wreaks Havoc On Peace Process'  October 8, 2015
UK Police Hire Convicted Jihadis To Combat Islamic Extremism - "We Cant Write Anyone Off" "We Have To Try To Work With Them"  August 28, 2015
Hypocritical Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb ' Wouldn't Want His Daughter To Marry A Dutchman' Attacks Wilders For His 'Less Moroccans In NL' Remarks  August 6, 2015
CAIR LA's Hussam Ayloush 'Worries How Attack On Marines Could Affect Muslim Americans' 'That Makes It A Little Bit Difficult'  July 17, 2015
UK PM Cameron: Name 'Islamic State' Is Offensive To Muslims- Use ISIL Instead  June 29, 2015
Moroccan Muslim Org In NL Publishes Lame Cartoon About Wilders - In Reaction To Plan To Broadcast Mohammed Cartoons  June 19, 2015
Islamist Asghar Bukhari TV Commentator On Muslim Issues Claims "Zionists Stole My Shoe"  June 14, 2015
Muslima From Holland Who Returned After Marrying Two ISIS Jihadists Will Not Be Prosecuted Due To "Lack Of Evidence"  May 19, 2015
Family And Muslim Community Of Fugitive Terror Suspect - "Going Through A Difficult Time" Ask Press To Leave Them Alone  January 21, 2015
Notorious Jihadi Arrested In NL Airport For Breaching Contact Ban With Girlfriend He Hit - Booked "Last Minute" Trip To Turkey  January 5, 2015
Terrorist Abu Hamza's Lawyers Argue He Should Not Be Sent To High Security Jail Due To "Disability" Sustained In Bombmaking Want Him In Health Facility  January 4, 2015
North American Imams Federation: "It Was Such A Big Shock For Us" That Terror Promoting MB Leader Al - Qaradawi Put On Interpol List  December 30, 2014
Jihadis In Holland On Hunger Strike - Say Prison Regime Is "Too Strict" Want More "Psychological Support"  December 23, 2014
Dutch Lawyer Asks Judge To Release Jihad Recruiter -Says "PTSD" Makes Jail In Terrorist Section Too Hard For Him  December 4, 2014
Forget Jihad Let's Dialogue: Dutch Ministers Organise Interfaith Meeting In "Knights Hall" To "Lessen Societal Tensions" Press "Not Welcome"  November 17, 2014
Terror Tied Hamas Front Group CAIR Calls Inclusion On UAE Terrorist List "Shocking And Bizarre"  November 17, 2014
Hamas Forces Cancellation Of Partner Fatah's Arafat Ceremony - Says It Cannot Guarantee Security - Tried To Blow Up Podium  November 9, 2014
Egypt's Minister Of Religious Endowment Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa Blames' Zionists' For Atheism And Homosexuality  November 3, 2014
Kumbaya In Ottawa - Medic Embraces Imam Who Stated That Shooting Was "Not Islam - Not Muslim"  October 27, 2014
Oklahoma Beheader's Mosque Tied To Radical Islamist Imam Claims They Are Not Radical - Blames FOX News For Linkage  October 20, 2014
MCB Gives Kuffar Permission To Celebrate XMas : "XMas Is Not Banned" "None Of Us Will Be Offended"  October 18, 2014
"We Dont Have A Strategy Yet" Obama To Go On "Some Offense" Against ISIS Admits "They're Not A JV Team" Will Describe "Game Plan"  September 9, 2014
Obama Lauds 'Contributions Of Muslim Americans To Our Nation' And For "Strengthening Core Of Our Democracy"  July 28, 2014
Iraqi Suicide Bomb Instructor Blows Up Himself And His Pupils During Demonstration At Training Camp  February 10, 2014
UK Muslims Claim 'Massive Backlash' And 'Endemic Fear' Caused By 120 Internet Posts  June 3, 2013
Islamist DictatorTurkish PM Recep Erdogan Proclaims He Is Not A Dictator  June 2, 2013
Radical Islamist Group ISNA "Applauds" UK PM's Statement About Beheading Praising "Muslim Communities Which Give So Much To Our Country"  May 24, 2013
Muslims In Germany Angered That Government Sponsored Conference About Their Community Is Focusing On Terrorism  May 6, 2013
Saudi Arabia Builds Luxury Spa For Terrorist Rehab  April 24, 2013
Terror Tied MSA In Oklahoma Held Lecture to Clarify Meaning of 'Jihad' And Explain That "Islam Promotes Peace"  April 19, 2013
Muslim Council Of Britain The UK's "CAIR" Complains History Curriculum Neglects Muslim "Contributions"  April 15, 2013
Osama Bin Laden's Brother To Produce Movie Aimed At Fighting Negative Publicity About Muslims  December 23, 2012
Girls Beat Up Iranian Cleric For Modesty Meddling  September 20, 2012
Dutch Teenager Organizes Paintball Event For Muslim Tolerance Towards Gays  July 13, 2012
 January 18, 2012
Obama's Problem With Jews And Janitors  September 28, 2011
Dutch Municipality To Give Moroccan Street Thugs Martial Arts Lessons To Give Residents A Sense of Security  August 4, 2011
 April 24, 2011
UK releases 'high risk' terrorists early so as not to "inflame" extremism  October 6, 2009
London Mayor advocates non Muslims fast during Ramadan to "promote understanding between cultures"  September 6, 2009
 August 27, 2009
U.K. Police Dress Up in Burkhas for "In Your Shoes" Day to 'improve community relations'  August 9, 2009
Mosque in Toronto offers 'detox' program for radical Islamists using Allah and the Koran  February 11, 2009
"Jihadi rehab" through finger -painting in Saudi Arabia  January 26, 2009
 January 22, 2009
Stealth jihadists delve into causes of extremism at ASMA conference in Doha -Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow  January 20, 2009
UK government gives 1ml to stealth Islamists pretending to be ex extremists  January 20, 2009
Scotland Yard terrorism Advisor Wanted For Terrorism - Advised Muslim Contact Unit On Combatting Extremism  December 15, 2008
UK will require extremist individuals to prove they will not "stir up tension" if allowed into country  October 28, 2008
UK teachers get "Learning together to be safe" toolkits to combat radicalism- advised to use theatre and drama to "prompt debate"  October 8, 2008
London Olympic Park toilets will not face Mecca "out of sensitivity"  September 25, 2008
UK terrorist prisoners given $500,000 worth of special lunch boxes for Ramadan  September 4, 2008
 September 3, 2008
UK gov to work with Islamists on mosque citizenship curriculum "Preventing Violent Extremism: Next Steps For Communities"  July 18, 2008
Obama's campaign apologises to Saudi funded Hamas front group CAIR for banning hijab clad Muslimahs from photo op  June 20, 2008
 June 16, 2008
 June 3, 2008
Dhabah Almontaser's extremist hijab makeover - From fundamentalist to Islamo fashionista  May 30, 2008
Amsterdam police get half price Korans to get "insight into Islam and it's adherents"  May 26, 2008
Dutch Rewrite History To Show Moroccan's As Liberators Of Europe  May 8, 2008
Dutch PM says politician facing death threats from Muslims ruins Holland's "good humor"  February 24, 2008
UK bank scraps piggy banks for "fear of offending Muslims"  February 24, 2008
Not so proud to be Ibrahim Dremali?  February 22, 2008
Islamonline asks readers - Does "How to Behead" poem make "you feel instigated to commit an act of terror?"  January 6, 2008
UK gives millions to teach Muslim women confidence building and assertiveness skills "to curb terror"  January 6, 2008
Somalian jihad course attendee tells court group was in Scotland to hunt the Loch Ness monster  December 19, 2007
The US Embassy and State Department do da'wa - "US Women Tell Italians About Sharing Islam With Christians"  December 13, 2007
 December 12, 2007
Head of MCB complains that Muslims in UK are synonymous with "bad news" calls suicide bombers "really vulnerable" "victims"  November 11, 2007
M15 says Saudi claims they gave UK intelligence pertaining to 7/7 bombings is "a myth" "vague and lacking detail"  October 31, 2007
Radical Islamist students at UPenn say Islamo Fascism Awareness week could be "hazardous" agitate for da'wa  October 22, 2007
 October 21, 2007
Muslimah Messiah Ayaan Hirsi Ali tells Jews "Western societies need not fear Islam"  October 17, 2007
Dhimmitude in D.C. Condoleeza Rice shows off her Koranic knowledge at White House Iftar dinner  October 7, 2007
Somalian Dutch politician claiming need for bodyguards due to Islamist threats represented by terrorists favorite lawyer  October 3, 2007
Head of "Deform" Judaism movement Eric H.Yoffie calls HLF unindicted co conspirator ISNA convention a "blessed assembly"  September 30, 2007
Miss Slackistan and the Burka Beauties parade skit draws police ban and Muslim cries of racism in UK  September 11, 2007
Dumped pro Islamist professor Finkelstein leaves De Paul U with a whimper  September 5, 2007
Deja Vu all over again: Iran protests over Swedish Muhammed cartoon - Update: Sweden expresses "regret"  August 27, 2007
Jewish principal chosen to replace 'Intifada Dhabah' at NYC public jihad school  August 14, 2007
Debbie does denial- 'Intifada Dhabah' Khalil Gibran's dumped principal blames opponents for her pro violence remarks  August 14, 2007
Khalil Gibran jihad school short on Arabic speaking students -loses principal through resignation after intifada comments  August 10, 2007
Debbie Does Damage Control: Khalil Gibran principal designate Almontaser lamely apologises for defending "NYC Intifada" slogan  August 7, 2007
UK Muslims and MCB meet with government claim that complaints of returning jihadis and potential terrorists not being listened to  July 31, 2007
Muslim sentenced in VA paintball jihad claims he studied in Saudi Arabia " to ridge the gap between East and West"  July 25, 2007
Iraqi Gigolo: Saddam bodyguard's Oz fish and chip dream blows up while 30 year older wife laments "nothing falls right for him"  July 22, 2007
Jihad Bee replaces murdered Terror Mouse on Hamas childrens show vows to continue cousin's legacy  July 17, 2007
Freed reporter's Al Qaeda led kidnappers who planned to kill him in rescue attempt insulted they weren't thanked for their treatment  July 8, 2007
Islamic charity in Cambridge linked to terror plot -Imam of mosque calls airport attack "accident" by men who 'sell petrol"  July 8, 2007
Dad of UK terror doc who was married with young child calls son a "good Muslim" "not fanatic"  July 2, 2007
Hamas 'Mickey Mouse' beaten to death in last episode of children's show to make way for "Tommorrows Pioneers" program  July 1, 2007
Terrorist "going away party" at Tampa mosque for Al Arian's wife -2 children moving to Egypt -husband Sami's jail term extended  July 1, 2007
Israel releases 250 Fatah attackers "whose activities did not end in known deaths" to bolster "moderate" terrorist leader Abu Mazen  June 26, 2007
Article attempt to show Arab patriotism in US military backfires to reveal deep seated hostility towards West and Israel  June 24, 2007
 June 17, 2007
Fatah terrorists ask Israel to save them from Hamas-Fatah commander killed after attempted escape dressed as woman  June 14, 2007
Duka Dad: terror plotter sons "pure as a babe's innocence" -father threatened to attack school principal when boys were younger  June 13, 2007
Amnesty's selective outrage against Israel shown by lack of response to Lebanese military home demolition of terror chief  June 12, 2007
Douglas Murray responds to 'Time Out's' "parody" of a London Islamist utopia  June 12, 2007
Organization of Islamic Conference : "Islamophobia Worst Form of Terrorism"  May 31, 2007
MPAC's Ahmed Younis blames Howard Zinn not Koran for suicide supporting statistics - Irshad Manji berates FOX for alarmism  May 27, 2007
Archille Lauro hijacker who escaped from Italy fought Israelis and Americans but plays humanitarian to Muslims in Lebanon  May 27, 2007
UK government funded program to fight extremism presents Muslims with hypothethical jihad scenarios  May 27, 2007
NJ mosque explains "terrorists used to pray here-nothing else" - jihad means "to be a better person"  May 20, 2007
Fundamentalists practice damage control preempt law enforcement by suing Imam for Wahhabist sermons  May 20, 2007
Jihadists gone wild -worshippers attack each other -Hamas leader Khalid Maschaal flees angry mob from mosque in Damascus  May 20, 2007
NJ Muslims: Terror plots against non Muslims "would do long term damage to us if this keeps happening" "gives us a black eye"  May 16, 2007
Hyping the non existent backlash: Why Muslims always claim they are in danger after terrorists threats and attacks against non Muslims  May 15, 2007
Voorhees mosque founder Zia Rahman & wife Rahida "Terror plotters claim they are Muslim" "you don't feel comfortable when this happens"  May 15, 2007
Jihadi dad whines "business is 99% dead" after Ft.Dix pizza orders halted in wake of son's soldier murder plot  May 14, 2007
Islamist leaders in NJ: Terrorist plotters "claiming to be Muslims" - Do they revert to real Muslim status if acquitted or released?  May 13, 2007
Relative : Jihadis loved America because "they gave their roofing companies patriotic names" but doesnt mention the Arabic ones  May 10, 2007
Jihadi neighbors "never saw it coming" paintball, animals in yard, women sent away-kids yanked from school -"just a regular family"  May 9, 2007
Cherry Hill School Supt. to parents in aftermath of terror arrests "We are tolerant of diversity" "We celebrate our differences"  May 9, 2007
Planned"lucky" mosque in NJ town where immigrant terror plotters lived will be "model of diversity- "much treasured addition to Cherry Hill"  May 8, 2007
Saudi Prince Abdullah on Relations between Muslim and Non Muslims Nations "True jihad conducted only against agression"  May 3, 2007
NL prince with family ties to Nazis implies that Wilders "polarises...debate" and is "acting destructively" by criticising radical Islam  May 2, 2007
EU (National) Socialist MEP De Keyser: "I feel like I want to strangle Israeli ambassador" calls for release of terrorist Barghouti  May 2, 2007
 May 1, 2007
Muslim pick up lines: "If I become a shaheed I will get 72 of you !" "Your father must be Osama Bin Laden because your're de bombI"  April 22, 2007
 April 17, 2007
Borough Prez Marty Markowitz told Muslims in 2004 "Brooklyn is proud to be one of the Muslim capitals of America"  April 17, 2007
Tilburg town council meets with radical Imam who told Dutch Muslims not to pay taxes -concludes he is hindering intergration  April 16, 2007
Muslim lover of WB head cries victimhood after being "forced" to take job with $60,000 raise as boyfriend Wolfowitz faces dismissal  April 14, 2007
Dutch police scramble to change compass placement after Muslim detainees pray with backsides towards Mecca  April 13, 2007
Muslims in Holland tell municipality they will stop praying with radical Imam if they give them new mosque in city center  April 2, 2007
Dutch council members not sure whether to accept invitation or deport Imam who called upon Muslims to stop paying taxes  April 1, 2007
 March 29, 2007
A'dam Mayor Cohen "tries to hold it together" works to help planned mosque as go between for Milli Gorus and housing complex  March 21, 2007
Senators Levin and Graham join with CAIR in worrying if 9/11mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed was abused in custody  March 18, 2007
Utah = Ummah:Outpouring of love and support for Jihadi Sulejman Talovic's family shows dhimmitude trumps survival in SLC  March 18, 2007
Self hating Jewish prof Ilan Pappe takes up new post at UK university - whines his pro terrorist views are" irrelevant in Israel"  March 18, 2007
Iraqi with wire magnet anal "stress reducer" who caused flight diversion in Philly will be deported on illegal weapons charges  March 18, 2007
New terrorist 'government' of non existent country formed -Hamas and Fatah claim moderation to bilk jihad funding from infidels  March 18, 2007
Tariq Ramadan detained in French airport after walking into restricted area and shouting at female guard who tried to stop him  March 16, 2007
Street thug turned Muslim Jose Padilla "has no mental problems" declared fit to stand trial for Al Qaeda dirty bomb plot  February 27, 2007
Dirty bomber wannabe Jose Padilla "immobilized by anxiety"  February 23, 2007
Brotherly Hate: Hamas and Fatah siblings try to survive recovery in family home  February 7, 2007
Dutch extradite Muslim who planned attacks on US forces in Iraq - family claims martyrdom interview was "a joke"  January 28, 2007
Jailed jihad cleric Abu Hamza ordered to pay 1 ml in legal costs after lying about house 'given' to terrorist son  January 26, 2007
Muslimah police academy grad refuses handshake and photo with Met Police Commissioner - says pic will be used for "propaganda purposes"  January 26, 2007
Association of Muslim Police in the UK applauds Muslimah cop handshake refusal -Imam assures public she will touch man who is shot  January 26, 2007
CAIR spins Boxer rescinding of award due to terror ties as "misunderstanding"  January 26, 2007
Nobel Peace Prize for Achmadinejab? Arab 'Iraq for land' plan echoes claim that ME peace means dissapearence of Israel  January 14, 2007
The 9/11 report as satire? Canadian Muslim 'comedy' has Imam detained as airport terrorist suspect in "Little Mosque on the Prairie"  January 11, 2007
Terrorist in NL sucessfully uses hunger strike to demand placement in men's only wing  January 5, 2007
Dutch parliamentarians 'surprised' that Pakistani Bin Laden supporter got visa - Banned Imam continues to preach in Amsterdam  January 5, 2007
Transportation Safety Administration proud that dhimmitude wins approval of Saudi funded Hamas front group CAIR  December 31, 2006
Coca Cola logo takes on new meaning in the eyes of Islamists  December 28, 2006
Muslim American Society threatens 'Sheikdown' of U.S. Airways "We are desirous of large financial compensation for the Imams"  December 27, 2006
Harvard religion professor Diane Eck: "Boston is part of Islamic world"  December 27, 2006
Israel provides holiday cheer to terrorists - dismantles checkpoints  December 25, 2006
Saudi Ambassador and Bin Laden friend Turki flees Washington -stiffs US lackeys -Al Jubeir new face of KSA Jihad  December 25, 2006
UCF Edu prof and CAIR executive board member Yasmeen Qadri 'Koranic verse calling Jews descendants of apes same as evolution'  December 24, 2006
Amsterdam stops subsidy for Islamic School - "worst performing school in Holland inciting to hatred against non Muslims"  December 22, 2006
Hamas and Fatah terrorist turf war 'like watching a Rambo movie" as hospitals,mosquesand schools become shooting galleries  December 21, 2006
Terrorists killing each other at Hamas HQ aka Shifa hospital  December 21, 2006
Amsterdam Muslim councilman hires Morrocan 'radicalisation expert' to deal with "hatefilled Muslim youth"  December 20, 2006
Australian mosques ask for police protection against against bikini protest of sheik's comments blaming women for rape  December 4, 2006
Terror fundraiser Omar Shahin: "CAIR is taking care of us legalwise" "...Mr.Nihad Awad is taking care of this case"  December 4, 2006
Terror probe Imams taken off flight want to teach airline crews about Islam -vow more'intimidation by prayer' at airports  December 4, 2006
NAIF "Statement on Degrading Some Imams at Minneapolis" in english and arabic attempts to incite worldwide 'koran flush" frenzy  November 30, 2006
Top 11 Reasons to attend Texas Da'wah conference "Guest Shaykh will shoot airball with the brothers"  November 26, 2006
Radical Middleway" stealth Islamists come out of the closet :UK Home & Foreign Office supports group waging cultural Jihad together with terror 'charities'  November 24, 2006
Half Muslim half Flemish Miss Brussels multi kulti poster girl becomes face of terror and crime - says Israel should be wiped off the map  November 22, 2006
CAIR Chicago head Ahmed Rehab: Tolerance, compassion and cultural Jihad - 'I come in peace - good riddance b--tch!'  November 14, 2006
From love fest to hate infested - Muslim Jewish dialouge a bust after 'moderate' NYC Imam Namous blames Jews for 9/11 rants against Israel  November 9, 2006
U of Penn president apologizes for terrorist photo by accepting suicide bomber's apology  November 7, 2006
U of Penn prez Gutman poses with suicide bomber student - mock executions of infidels staged at home Halloween bash  November 4, 2006
Leader of Oz Lebanese Muslim Association: "non violent'"solidarity rally for rape sheik planned - tells marchers "relax- have fun-think of Gandhi"  October 31, 2006
Hofstadgroep leader Samir Azzouz whose group planned to make bombelts complains jail is too cold for him -threatens hunger strike  October 27, 2006
Oz Muslims : Sheik's claim that 'immodest' women deserve rape and jailed gang rapist is victim really means "do the right thing"  October 27, 2006
Jihad is forever: Wife of terrorist Samir Azzouz tells how they fell in love at Hamas demo and planned 'honeymoon' in Chechnya  October 27, 2006
Be all the Jihadi you can be : UK Boy Scouts from radical enclave Birmingham go to Hajj - courtesy of the Saudi Scouting Association  October 26, 2006
State Dept hosts Iftar dinner honoring 'Women Throughout Muslim History' - Karen Hughes praises "the Prophet Muhammed's wife"  October 22, 2006
Dutch Labor party leader : "If Muslim youth feel that they are being better understood, they would radicalise less quickly"  October 19, 2006
Terrorist fundraiser Raed Awad tells Birmingham Jews "Until I die I will have my hand extended to ...the Jewish community"  October 11, 2006
First Iftar dinner in Hartford Capitol building - call to prayer echoes through halls at interfaith event attended by more then 100 legislators  October 11, 2006
Rutgers U opens Muslim-Jewish "Coexistence House" "When you are brushing your teeth next to someone...you just can't hate them"  October 11, 2006
Danish youth group videotapes Mohammed drawing contest - government warns against travel to Islamic countries and apologises to Muslims  October 10, 2006
Muslims only hospital planned in Holland - Will infidel tax payers cover costs of Islamo surpremacist enterprise?  October 6, 2006
Muslims living in suicide bomber school grounds and chemical attack suspect brothers get 4 star hotels at UK taxpayers cost  October 5, 2006
Muslims rant aand rave over Commons Leader request for Muslim women to lift veil to enable "face to face talks"  October 5, 2006
Mayor Cohen opens Holland Ramadan festival: Iftar fast breaking dinners available nationwide for Muslims and non Muslims  October 4, 2006
Terror plotter who bought fertiliser for London club bombs says he started going to mosque because "they served good food"  October 3, 2006
Great Muslim Adventure Day rained out -Alhamdullilah thousands were attending!  October 3, 2006
Hamas and Fatah terrorist rumble in Gaza leaves 6 dead - Fatah gang members trash Hamas head Haniyeh's office  October 1, 2006
Hamas and Fatah killing each other over dashing chances for EU cash with 'unity' government  October 1, 2006
Kazakstan president protests spoof at WH and takes up 4 page NYTimes Ad after Jewish comedian spoofs country's backwardness  September 29, 2006
UK Muslim leaders to be consulted before police counter terrrorism raids- after threats of attacks and Muslim police officer recommendation  September 29, 2006
Islam conference:'Moderates' oppose PE for Muslim girls in German public schools but participants want to see banned Mozart opera  September 28, 2006
Minister leading Islam conference with Muslims in Berlin given Koran 'so that the dialouge will proceed better' 'integration is a mosque next to Berliner Dome  September 28, 2006
Conference on Islam in Germany start of two year integration effort "Brought clear differences to light" - list of participants  September 27, 2006
Khalil Jassemm head of 'charity' raided for terror funding:"Muslims are part of the fabric of society and have a responsibility to bridge the gap between two cultures""  September 22, 2006
Terror linked Life for Relief and Development press release : FBI JTTF raid "unfortunate incident" group will 'continue work'  September 22, 2006
Religion of peace 'off' ended: Jamaat Al Islaami proclaims "Jihad is the hump of Islam" - Mulla Dadullah boasts of 500 suicide bombers  September 16, 2006
Fatah to be sheep's clothing of Hamas as both form joint terrorist 'government' in bid for EU handouts  September 11, 2006
Dutch ministers : Muslim 'discovery' and affirmative action debacle Ali is now ready for the world stage to "wake the chicken coop" in the U.S.  September 11, 2006
Homeland security begins at home - Three Arab Knesset members being investigated after trip to Syria to support terrorists  September 11, 2006
No Jihad in our Frontyard: Israel closes local Hamas branches of "My friend the prisoner" group  September 11, 2006
Jailed Saudi slave holder,rapist, kidnapper and religious book publisher in Denver tells judge his behavior was 'traditional Muslim' website proclaims "We are all Homaidan"  September 6, 2006
Belgian joke to cry over : Offices of counter terror investigative agency burglarised  September 4, 2006
AQ propagandist Adam Gadahn who said US streets would run with 'rivers of blood' wrote he converted because 'Muslims were not bloodthirsty terrorists'  September 4, 2006
 August 31, 2006
Tips for Jihad through da'wa on campus: 'See everyone with the potential to be a Muslim' - ' don't be afraid to mention the Koran in all your writings'  August 30, 2006
Defendent in 9/11 lawsuit and terror linked group CAIR rallies useful idiots of all faiths to mark terror attacks they failed to condemn  August 29, 2006
Multiculturalism in the UK in the dustbin of history? "Blame the white liberals who let the mad mullahs prosper"  August 27, 2006
Muslims taken off plane reassure public "We're ordinary Asian lads who wanted to have fun - not suicide bombers' (just criminals)  August 27, 2006
Lebanese national hero and terrorist leader Nasrallah says attacking Israel was mistake-so why didnt he return kidnappped soliders immediately?  August 27, 2006
TheTrans National Institute and the secular and religious Lebanese who love 'baby faced' terrorist Nasrallah 'a turbaned Che Guevara'  August 25, 2006
Weg mit Uns: Supporters of thwarted dirty bomber Jose Padilla attack US government for arresting him and fight to get charges dropped  August 23, 2006
Saudi born Al Qaeda/Taliban operative Muhammed Al Massari of CDLR " threatens to kill civilians " while living on welfare benefits in UK  August 22, 2006
Yusuf Qaradawi advisory board member of Islamic 'think tank' which includes Georgetown U's Esposito gives advice on suicide bombing and hostage taking  August 22, 2006
The Magical Muslim Brotherhood Tour : FBI and US Embassy court the ' Egyptian American Group' both home and abroad  August 21, 2006
UK officials too preoccupied with terror threats to ban Hizb ut Tahrir -group marched in London demanding UK become the Ummah Khalifate  August 20, 2006
From roller coasters to radicalism :The Great Muslim Adventure Day - Entire Park Entire Day ICNA at Six Flags  August 16, 2006
UK official tells Muslims they must do more to fight extremism and that she understands their "anger and frustration"  August 15, 2006
Harvard School of Goverment lecturer Jessica Stern:Muslim Youth around the world need more heroes as charismatic as Bin Laden"  August 14, 2006
Muslims in FL mosque that hosted terrorists and raised money for suicide bombers families worry they will be profiled  August 13, 2006
Terrorists with boom boxes not bombs: Harvard terrorism lecturer Jessica Stern "Jihad - A global fad - like gangsta rap'  August 13, 2006
US Consul presents books to Hamas U aka Al Quds U to Nussibeh who appeared with Khaled Maschal and mother of suicide bomber  August 13, 2006
 August 13, 2006
Muslims in UK justify terrorism and demand police protection as potential victims  August 11, 2006
Terrorists or Accidental Tourists? Eleven missing Egyptian students not thought to be terrorists but "to be approached with caution"  August 9, 2006
Israel v.s.Hezbollah: Not a 50- 50 event: Muslim wife and kids happy that daddy was martyred and show their love for Hezbollah  August 8, 2006
American Enterprise Institute think tank fellow wannabe Hirsi Ali 'Ultra orthodox Jews birthrate demographic threat to Israel'  August 8, 2006
Terminal Kumbaya Syndrome :Denial of Terrorism by Jews in Seattle - No Jihad to see here folks move on  August 7, 2006
American Enterprise Institute fellow and intellectually challenged anti semite Hirsi Ali -'ultra orthodox Jews pose demographic threat to Israel'  August 6, 2006
Rice as the American Chamberlin: 'Peace will be possible if Israelis will compromise with terrorists intent on annihilating them'  July 30, 2006
Four Mothers ;War means never having to say you're sorry: ' Don't blame us for Lebanon withdrawal - blame Zionism' and just 'change the diskette'  July 30, 2006
Mosque member on terrorist who killed Jewish woman and wounded 5 -whose father helped found Islamic Center "good parents -good people"  July 29, 2006
Abou Jah Jah: Desperately seeking shuhadah - Vlaamse Blok demands head of AEL be barred from returning to Belgium  July 28, 2006
Kofi 'Inane' and the United Nazis latest blood libel : Falsely accuses Israel of targetting UN  July 26, 2006
War for survival trumps illusion of Israel 'Arab' Jewish coexistence in Haifa as peaceniks come under attack from bombed residents  July 26, 2006
Dutch Socialist Party leader compares Islamist terrorism to Nazi resistance prefers nuclear Iran to US intervention  July 25, 2006
Radical cleric Bakri who called for Jihad and suicide bombings begs UK to evacuate him from Lebanon on "humanitarian grounds"  July 24, 2006
Homeland security begins at home: Calls to revoke citzenship from Arab MK who calls for Arab front against Israel  July 24, 2006
Nasrallah 'apologises' for Hizbollah missiles killing two Arab children in Israel - speakers at funeral declare them martyrs  July 22, 2006
Stratfor analyst - Al Muhajiroun spokesman Kamran Bokhari "concerns about presence of Al Qaeda on US soil have been reinforced"  July 20, 2006
Noam Chomsky: "Hezbullah's insistence on keeping it's arms is justified" MIT prof met with Nasrallah at terrorist HQ in May  July 20, 2006
 July 17, 2006
Hamas probes Israeli arms transfer of 3,000 rifles and 3 million bullets to Fatah terrorists - Abbas denies receiving US weapons delivered to his office  July 17, 2006
Dyab Abou Jah Jah Head of Arab European League announces plans to leave Belgium and 'die for the homeland' in Beirut  July 16, 2006
Hirsi Ali's political legacy: Precedent that allowed ex Muslim MP to stay in NL despite fraud prompts 30,000 to demand deportation ruling review  July 14, 2006
Adam Gadahn's extremist makeover : Ex rock fan from California gets new gig as Al Qaeda leader  July 13, 2006
Islam Expo UK marks July 7th bombings with family fun zone Mujihadeen training  July 13, 2006
"New Homeland Security Chief veteran FBI agent beloved by Muslims"  July 12, 2006
Blair to UK Islamists: "Anti extremist moves too slow" -Muslims: blame radicalism on "foreign policy not ...crazy notion of ideological problem"  July 4, 2006
Government study in Holland concludes : Muslims radicalised because of Dutch - who should stop being afraid of "bearded men"  July 2, 2006
ICNA Canada issues press release urging that Muslims who were arrested in bomb plot not be accused of terrorism  July 2, 2006
UK becomes the Umma Khalifate with Muslims Only Day at nation's largest amusement park forbidding entry to infidels  July 2, 2006
Hamas members in East Jerusalem lose Israeli citizenship after Kadima government ultimatum expires to renounce terrorism  June 30, 2006
Dutch PM quits as ex parliamentarian /Muslim Ali trashes party before leaving for new gig - undermining the American Enterprise Institute  June 29, 2006
Saudis suspected of terror intent who boarded school bus in Florida get essay assignment not jail time  June 28, 2006
Radical Islamists vet fellow extremists via government funded Mosques and Imams Advisory Body - Minab  June 28, 2006
US State Dept recruits radical Islamist Yahya Basha for 'civic outreach' in EU after Karen Hughes is snubbed by German Muslims at mosque  June 26, 2006
Tariq Ramadan & Jocelyn Cesari: Al Qaeda linked 'scholar' and apologist propagate hoax of Islamophobia at EPC conference  June 26, 2006
CAIR: Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals :Demands special protection for Muslims in wake of terror plot aimed at "killing all the devils we can"  June 23, 2006
Afghan prez ally of Allah: American war effort 'really disturbs us' - U.S.troops must stop killing 'Taliban who are sons of this land'  June 23, 2006
CNI: The Council for the National Interest aka Council to Nuke Israel meets with Hamas and Christian "peace makers" in Gaza  June 18, 2006
Carlos the Jackal :Terrorist convert to Islam married lawyer who whines that he is jailed with "pyschopaths and murderers"  June 15, 2006
Terrorist turf war in Ramallah - Hamas members flee 'parliament' after Fatah pelts them with tissue boxes and water bottles  June 14, 2006
Muslim released after terror raid whose brother was photographed next to suicide bomb belt protester 'cries' at press conference  June 13, 2006
Gitmo suicides "good PR stunt" by two killers intent on martyrdom and one scheduled for transfer  June 12, 2006
Florida Muslims warn about being "too celebratory" about killing of Al -Zarqawi - say he should have been put on trial instead  June 11, 2006
Canada officials met with Muslim leaders in "preemptive outreach" for "most politically correct terror bust in history"  June 9, 2006
Scotland Yard top apologises to Muslims for "disruption and inconvienence" of terror raid -will meet to discuss'how to do things differently'  June 8, 2006
Allah in the family:Brother of chemical bomb suspect was photographed next to mock suicide bomber at anti West demo  June 8, 2006
PA 'Paid Assassins' to recruit Hamas terrorists for security force where they can "receive proper training"  June 7, 2006
Indonesia says US alienates Muslims by fighting terrorism - needs to be more sensitive and show patience  June 6, 2006
 June 6, 2006
Muslims tell Canadians:Terror plotters "just happened to be Muslims" -"people have too much time on their hands -there's a lack of activities"  June 6, 2006
Mississagaustan:Radical Islamists in Canada to hold 'anti terrorism' conference in August in Canada's Waziristan  June 4, 2006
The US of Allah: Muslim staffers exploit jobs on Capitol Hill for Da'wa: "It's nice to be Muslim and be hopeful about the future"  June 4, 2006
Turkish PvdA party member files lawsuit against Hirsi Ali and V V D top for allowing her to run despite knowing of false name  May 30, 2006
Hirsi Ali's gift to Islamists:Exception to stay in NL despite phony asylum claim sets legal precedent for all illegal immigrants  May 24, 2006
PLO (Paid Assassins) in DC says they will have to close if forced to pay terror victims - lawyer Ramsey Clark says mission vital for national security  May 24, 2006
Hirsi Ali : "How a cleaning woman became the Somalian Joan of Arc" - From con job to neo con think tank  May 23, 2006
Hirsi Magen alias Ali :Phony asylum seeker demands to take bodyguards with her to DC and have Dutch taxpayers foot the bill  May 23, 2006
Being Muslim means never having to say you're sorry: Algerian prez: France must apologise to Muhajideen and martyrs  May 21, 2006
Saudi men board HS bus in FL- tell police they are Moroccan -CAIR blames USF for not teaching foreign students 'to avoid mistakes'  May 20, 2006
Hirsi Ali: Pseudo intellectual will sink neo con think tank : 'Spinoza's excommunication like Khomeini's fatwa on Rushdie'  May 19, 2006
Muslim from Attorney General's office trains NJ police about Islam: 'We are descendants from tribes' 'don't expect cooperation'  May 15, 2006
HIrsi Ali: Dutch Muslim politician who admits "I have done more harm then good" in Holland lands job at American Enterprise Institute  May 15, 2006
American Jewish Committee gave 'Moral Courage' Award to Muslim Dutch politician who fabricated persecution story  May 14, 2006
Hamas to get money under guise of "international mechanism for PA "as terror group issues call for funds and attacks on Israel  May 10, 2006
Ahmadinejab's 18 page letter to Bush described as "stalling tactic" with scant mention of nuclear program  May 9, 2006
Terrorist bloopers caught on video: Al Zarqawi clueless as gun jams - Jihadi wannabes burn hands grabbing fired gun by the barrel  May 5, 2006
Sweden boycotts international air force exercise due to Israeli not 'advancing peace' -invites Hamas to visit instead  April 30, 2006
Imams graduating assimilation course refuse to shake hands with Dutch woman minister handing them their diplomas  April 26, 2006
Taliban in Germany :Bordel ad with World Cup theme featuring Arab flags results in armed intimidation by Muslims  April 25, 2006
Multi Cultural meeting with FBI and 20 organisations deemed ' tremendous sucess'  April 24, 2006
Penn State bans Jewish student's terrorism exhibit on grounds it "does not promote cultural diversity"  April 23, 2006
World Jewish Congress's Russian Mufti invited to Manhattan as paragon of moderation welcomes Hamas back home  April 21, 2006
"Proud to be Ibrahim Dremali " Ex Boca Raton Imam linked to mosque with Al Qaeda arrest tries to get removed from 'no fly list'  April 20, 2006
German hotel implements shari'a for Saudi Arabian sports team stay  April 20, 2006
Israeli punishment for suicide bombing in Tel Aviv : Strip Hamas members of Jerusalem residency and welfare payments  April 20, 2006
Israeli MK's worry that Islamist Arab Knesset members will reveal sensitive information in meeting with Hamas terrorists  April 20, 2006
Islamofashion: Dutch dhimmi helps promote cultural 'Jihad through hijab' with hip Islamic headscarf designs  April 18, 2006
Belmont University employee resigns after posting stick figure holding bomb 'Muhammed' drawing on his website  April 17, 2006
Italian magazine publishes then apologises for cartoon of Mohammed in hell  April 17, 2006
Danish cartoons used by UAE as lure for d'awa youth exchange where Muslims and Danes can "rap" about them  April 16, 2006
European Union aka European Ummah - descends into the Dark Ages as Muslim Constitution 'sees the light'  April 12, 2006
EU to shun use of Islamic terrorism - killers for Allah now ' terrorists abusively invoking Islam'  April 12, 2006
IDF chief of staff warns Arabs they won't be punished for firing Kassems if they "vomit out" those who fire them  April 12, 2006
Ahmadinejab to world: "Attempt to shut down Iran's nuclear program would cause "everlasting hatred in the hearts of Iranians"  April 12, 2006
Arab woman terrorist wannabe dressed as religious Jewess apprehended after armed driver became suspicious due to sheep smell  April 2, 2006
Fatah terrrorists ignore 'plea for calm' as Hamas fuhrer orders "gunmen off the streets" in Gaza City  April 2, 2006
Hamas terrorists worried that situation with Fatah and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade rivals in Gaza becoming "dangerous"  April 2, 2006
Terrorist rivalry in Gaza leaves 4 dead scores wounded as 'mother of all turf wars' continues  March 31, 2006
El Baradei and U.N. urge continued diplomacy to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions as it tests new missile which can reach Israel  March 31, 2006
Former Nasserite El Baradei of IAEA "it is up to Iran to solve nuclear crisis" advocates diplomacy in face of new Holocaust threat  March 31, 2006
 March 29, 2006
Kadima party to implement Iran's "World without Zionism" plan "We've disengaged from all ideologies" "Hamas is not a threat"  March 28, 2006
Shoes out at mosque ? Nothing doing ! Dutch school cancels visit to mosque after parents object to unshod deference to Islam  March 28, 2006
Muqtedar Khan - faux moderate : Laments Muslim position as"conquerers" and ambitions for Islamisation of US setback after 9/11  March 27, 2006
CAIR provides "salad and party goods" as radical Islamists and leftists 'have a blast' for dead"peace activist" who aided terrorists  March 26, 2006
Jihad for peace conference at the (anti) American University 1998  March 26, 2006
-The "kind gentle souls" who murder for Islam -Jeep Jihadi laughs in courtroom as victims testify - family feigns shock at rampage  March 24, 2006
Propagandist who accused Bush of warmongering at WH Q&A rightly called fellow Arabs at Al Hewar Center "Fellow Terrorists"  March 22, 2006
Imam : Sweden "the best Islamic state now " lauds now ex foreign minister for ordering shut down of Muhammed cartoon website  March 21, 2006
UNC Chancellor :"this could feel like terrorism especially if your'e standing in front of a jeep ...trying to kill you" but it's not  March 21, 2006
Jeep Jihadi family can't "understand reason for attack" DA says "he wanted to send a message" and "knew exactly what he was doing"  March 21, 2006
Schadefreude: Ex prez of non existent country "furious" at Israeli capture of terrorists at destroyed Hamas Hilton in Jericho  March 16, 2006
Hotel Hamas: UK monitors facilitated jail resort where terrorsts enjoyed cigars,cellphones,computers, and servants  March 15, 2006
 March 13, 2006
Kamal Nawash presents his Google postings calling "Israel the only terrorist state in the Middle East" as FMAT policy paper  March 13, 2006
A Madrassah in Bridgeview Ilinois -Muslim girls basketball team demands banning men from matches played at public schools  March 12, 2006
Philly Inquirer to become 'Philo Islamist Inspirer' as editors bow to Islamist intimidation to form "foundation of a bridge"  March 7, 2006
Dhimmitude as Dialogue -Danish PM meets with Muslims - promises to look into why Catholics aren't subject of generalisation  March 6, 2006
Mufti warns "ill mannered people" and "enemies of Islam"not to insult Muhammed 'or else' in Islam Online fatwa  March 5, 2006
Muslim Student Association claims Iranian who was charged with attempted murders 'for Allah' "only used their prayer room"  March 5, 2006
Islamofeminism in Hamastan : Burqas and martyr moms  March 3, 2006
Son of convicted 'hate preacher' Abu Hamza returns to UK after own prison term for terrorism to collect welfare and launch career as Jihad rapper  March 2, 2006
Muslim petition to Magazinenet editor "forewarns of major consequences if amendment is not made on your behalf "  February 28, 2006
One day after launching anti terror campaign Dutch Minister lays foundation for new mosque and Islamic mini city  February 28, 2006
Middle East Broadcasting team visiting Denmark to make programs presenting "Correct Image of the Prophet"  February 20, 2006
Printer to Muslims : Typo resulted in Mo H. Ammed being seen as cartoon Mohammed - murder and mayhem can stop now  February 9, 2006
AEL cartoons and Theo van Gogh v.s. Dyab Abou Jah Jah - "Pimp of the Prophet" fled debate venue with his "posse of pansies"  February 8, 2006
UK Muslim who dressed as suicide bomber to protest Mohammed cartoons 'apologises' to avoid prison probation fallout  February 6, 2006
UK Parliament becomes theatre of the absurd hosting play sympathetic to terrorists at Guantanamo Bay  February 6, 2006
The 12 drawings which launched the 'Cartoon Jihad' worldwide - Islamism imitates art  February 5, 2006
'Moderate' Sheik threatens Australia: Publishing cartoons "could disturb people who can do things we don't want them to do"  February 5, 2006
Quickie conversion to Islam - Brokeback Muslims - video of Texans who converted to Islam  February 2, 2006
'Moderate' Egyptian president Mubarak "warns" Europe of terrorist backlash' for "insulting the noble Prophet"  February 2, 2006
Muslim "Day of anger threatened over cartoons" of Mohammed  February 2, 2006
Mohammed cartoons reprinted in Die Welt - six pictures and front page showing Mohammed with bomb as turban  February 1, 2006
Hamas v.s. Fatah : 'The mother of all turf wars' intensifies as Fatah claims they want a state for themselves  January 31, 2006
CAIR: The Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals urges Bush to make address about The State of the Ummah  January 31, 2006
Israeli Defense Minister "Hamas Acting Responsibly" - Hamas: "Israel Must Change Flag Sunday"  January 31, 2006
Sudan continues killing slavery and killing of non Muslims boycotting Denmark because Mohammed cartoons "blemish Islam"  January 31, 2006
American Muslim History according to Da'wa net: How North America became the United States of Allah  January 30, 2006
Philly Imam blames "white Christian men " for "anti Muslim bias ignores beard rules made by black Muslim police chief  January 30, 2006
Council of Anti American Islamic Radicals more outraged over radio host remarks then hundreds of Hajj deaths  January 30, 2006
Islamists and liberals whitewash terrorism : Hope that "Hamas will become non violent" and "more pragamatic in position of leadership"  January 27, 2006
Free Muslims( pretending to be) Against Terrorism head Nawash lauds Hamas victory as "sign of celebration" ignores clashes with Fatah  January 27, 2006
Loretta Sanchez - CAIR's congresswoman: Support for 'moderate friends of terror' and Hispano facist MECha - aka 'My race first'  January 26, 2006
Iraqi convicted of trying to sell names of US operative to Iraq blamed it on nonexistent 'dead twin brother'  January 25, 2006
Detroit based 'charity' raided in Iraq for helping anti US terrorists 'hopes to work from Dubai' to show "the beautiful humane face of America"  January 24, 2006
Suicide bomber mother set to win in Paid Assassins 'elections' wants 3 other sons to die doing their 'Muslim holy patriotic duty'  January 24, 2006
Koran flush rumor monger Imran Khan and Taliban colleagues stopped from inciting violence at scene of US strike on Al Qaeda  January 24, 2006
Barbie converts to Islam and gets a hijab  January 23, 2006
CAIR: Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals :US flag on mosque "may be attempt to de - Americanise the Muslim community"  January 23, 2006
Has conspiracy theory gone mainstream? Media debate on Bin Laden tapes as 'boost for the Bush government' and 'CIA hoax'  January 23, 2006
Bin Laden's 'Submission Tape' - Jihad slumping - but fugitive's endorsement of book by ex State Dept employee causes sales to skyrocket  January 22, 2006
Hamas poised for big showing in election for government of non existent country  January 22, 2006
Hamas announces 'support for temporary Palestinian state' as it morphs into PA and vows to destroy Israel  January 22, 2006
Dutch vs Islamists : Mayor and City Council compile "Rotterdam Code" urging all citizens to speak Dutch in public and at home  January 20, 2006
Film about Arabs who kill Jews wins Hollywood award for showing the 'dignity' of suicide bombers  January 17, 2006
Pakistani government demands U.S. apologise for strike on Jihad HQ which killed terrorists they were hosting  January 17, 2006
UK to pay 3,000 pounds to asylum seekers who agree to go home - job training, schooling, & help to set up business also on offer  January 13, 2006
Library in Dutch town becomes mosque - shopping center to become bazaar - butcher shop goes halal - shop owner emigrates  January 12, 2006
Farris Hassan - reading between the lies :Iraqi hooky teen's school has neither journalism course nor "immersion" assignment  January 11, 2006
High altitude dhimmitude: UK airline to KSA orders female staff to don Islamic robes and walk two paces behind male colleagues  January 10, 2006
Muslims in NJ recruit converts to Islam under the guise of helping the homeless as Jewish students go lunchless for Ramadan  January 9, 2006
Al Qaeda linked Muslim American Society blames "Islamo"phobs" and "bloggers" for thwarting Jihad confab at Presbyterian retreat  January 6, 2006
Black surpremacist Louis Farrakhan of NOI to speak at Ford sponsored Rainbow/Push event 1/8/05 -named BET Person of the Year  January 5, 2006
Democracy gone wild: In Israel released terrorists work together with Arab Knesset members to denounce Zionism  January 5, 2006
Denial in service: ACER computers announces "largest ever IT tender" for non existent country of Palestine  January 5, 2006
Two Egyptian soldiers shot as terrorists breach border wall with bulldozer demanding release of jailed comrade in Gaza rampage  January 5, 2006
Soliman Fadel: Ex director of raided WAMY group resurfaces as Bridges director to spread Wahhabism at the Pentagon  January 2, 2006
Kulturkampf: Islamo facists to tell journalists how to correctly report on Islam so they won't be threatened with death  January 2, 2006
Diamonds are for Intifada :Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelers opens boutique in the UAE - raises money for 'children of Palestine"  January 2, 2006
Jihad for Dummies:Is Farris Hassan's Iraq trip a copycat of 3 young NL Muslims who spun failed martyrdom bid as 'shopping trip' in Baku?  January 1, 2006
Islamic Jihad says they "won't necessarily"observe non existent truce with start of New Year  January 1, 2006
Koran flush rumor inciter Imran Khan: 'Opposition should resign over Pak government targetting terrorists in Wazirstan '  December 25, 2005
European Organisation for the Right of Prisoners complains to Council of Europe that Van Gogh killer's prison regime is illegal  December 25, 2005
Double whammy =double windfall: Israel to pay 25 ml for Arabs to clean up rubble of razed Gaza communities  December 24, 2005
Trendy terror : Bin Laden niece uses uncle Osama and wealth to promote herself as pop star wannabe  December 24, 2005
Interfaith with CAIR : Temple in California invites speaker from Saudi funded front group from Hamas to teach them about Islam  December 23, 2005
Italian court aids Al Qaeda - issues arrests warrants for 22 CIA agents who captured terrorist  December 23, 2005
Arabs in Gaza beg Jews for help to run greenhouses they destroyed  December 22, 2005
Islamist c'est chic: Muslim clothing line endorsed by banned cleric and customers - "Silent Da'wa the best way to go"  December 22, 2005
FL mosque promoting work of cleric who tells Muslims to kill Jews & Christians hosted 'interfaith' banquet 'so people would have newfound respect for their religion'  December 21, 2005
Will Iranian Fuhrer's ban on Western music in Iran mean poster boy musician convert Yusuf Islam's oeuvre is now verboten ?  December 20, 2005
Yusuf Islam 1996 "Muslims must obey law of the country in which they live- provided it does not restrict their freedom of worship"  December 20, 2005
 December 20, 2005
Saudis release 400 terrorists after counseling to rid them of "deviant thoughts"  December 19, 2005
"Political correctness gone mad"- VA hospital bans pork for X-Mas citing Muslims- staff calls it "Un Australian" launches petition  December 19, 2005
From pudendas to propaganda:How chocolate female genitalia and a Muslimah with a Jewish grant are helping fund RAWA  December 18, 2005
Analysts: Ahmadinejab statements about destroying Israel "meant to keep anti - Israel sentiment alive in the Middle East"  December 18, 2005
Democracy in Aktion: Arab member of Israeli Knesset who supports Hizbullah tells Lebanese to "Wipe out Israel"'  December 18, 2005
Muslims demand no scrutiny at US border upon return from terrorist conference featuring speakers barred from entering the U.S. - 12/29/05  December 16, 2005
Iraqi 'security forces' say they captured Al Zarqawi and released him because they 'didn't realize he was terrorist mastermind'  December 15, 2005
British Foreign Office becomes Hajj Advisory Office sets up consulate for pilgrims in Mecca with Muslim staff  December 15, 2005
CAIR declares Jihad on Gloria Steinem and Hugh Hefner after she calls multi girlfriend lifestyle "Moslem"  December 15, 2005
Being an Islamist means never having to say you're sorry: World Islamic Call conference speaker : "We are not apologising"  December 14, 2005
Iran's Fuhrer Ahmadinejab calls for Israel to move to Germany at Mecca conference trying to show 'moderate image' of Islam  December 9, 2005
Furor over Iranian Fuhrer's calls for Israel to be moved to Germany because of Holocaust which he doesn't think happened  December 8, 2005
Saudi king announces :'Ten year strategic plan for unity and solidarity restore Ummah to rightful place in balance of power'  December 8, 2005
Organisation of the Islamic Conference: Radical Islamists meet in Mecca to discuss how to present 'moderate image of Islam'  December 7, 2005
Halal I must be going : Imam of radical mosque in Eindhoven arrested Wednesday deported to Sudan on Sunday  December 5, 2005
Destroy the Zionist Enterprise terrorist party to run in elections for parliament in non existent country  December 5, 2005
Bethlehem 2003 - In Santa Outfit, Hamas Members Mark Christmas - Arafat's keffiyah drapes empty chair at midnight mass  December 5, 2005
CAIR v.s.Christmas:Demands school reverse holiday ban after Islamisation attempt backfires -whines that "Muslims will be blamed"  December 4, 2005
Iranian terrorist president says' light surrounded him' during UN speech - could spotlights have been divinely switched on ?  November 29, 2005
Article on Muslimah in hijab claiming discrimination ends on "happy note" when she gets the job she wanted after all  November 29, 2005
Dutch to train Imams at taxpayers cost ensuring homegrown terrorism -Muslims say"Minister's interference violates secular nature of Western countries"  November 28, 2005
Syrian parliamentarian says visit of former Grand Wizard David Duke to Damascus shows"a new and positive view of the average American"  November 28, 2005
Paid Assassins give European Union pensions to jailed terrorists and 'missing' police  November 28, 2005
Jihadist student group which hosted Faisal Al Turki and Al Arian warns: 'Muslim students feel more isolated after London terrorist attacks'  November 28, 2005
Michael Jackson to build mosque in his new home of Dubai - ladies room cross dressing incident leads to demands he be jailed  November 27, 2005
Yemeni Muslims merchants claim attacks by the Nation of Islam - say they will defend themselves with guns - instead of the ACLU  November 27, 2005
Muslims want mosque for 40,000 at planned Olympic complex in London - terrorist linked group want it as permanent HQ  November 26, 2005
Muslim sues company claiming "hurt feelings" due to wine gift employee incentive using laws drafted with help of Al Muhajiroun member Makbool Javaid  November 25, 2005
Kazakhstan emerges from Stalinist era - threatens to sue Jewish comedian for making fun of their backwardness  November 25, 2005
British rewrite Koran burning scene from 15th century Marlowe play fearing "it will inflame passions in light of the London bombings"  November 24, 2005
LA Sheriff's office joins with Saudi funded terror front group CAIR to form "Muslim American Homeland Security Congress'  November 23, 2005
ICNA /MAS confab hears call for resistance in Iraq -Taliban supporter Ridley cries "victory to the intifada!" after receiving Muslim Weekly Reader Club award  November 22, 2005
French ambassador assures terror linked Islamist groups CAIR & MPAC of dhimmitude says; "It's not about the role of Islam in France"  November 21, 2005
Arabs kill each other over Jewish land in Gaza as squatters move in - Fatah thugs pose as 'Moslem terrorists' - cars torched  November 20, 2005
Wolfensohn and Rice pressure Israel out of existence as Russian donates helicopters to Paid Assassins  November 18, 2005
Saudi Ambassador&OBL friend Al Faisal-"Good News" -'More Saudi students coming to US' -'Israel to blame for problems between West and Islam'  November 17, 2005
UK Home Secretary allots 5 m for Muslims to propogate Islam in UK - including "scholars roadshow" for potential Jihadists  November 16, 2005
Jailed UK terrorist Babar Ahmed "calls upon Allah to avenge my injustice" - London police chief calls for "compassionate" and "reasonable" public terror debate  November 16, 2005
Trash v.s. treasure: Paid Assassins asks Israel to find Arafat's looted billions - wife Suha 'moves' from Paris to Tunisia in wake of probe  November 15, 2005
Rioting as 'work experience': Chirac demands that businesses practice affirmative action by hiring Islamofacist thugs  November 15, 2005
Rice as PA 'diplomat'- Pressures Israel to give PA terrorists easy access into Israel -accepts Abbas claim "he will fight terror after election"  November 14, 2005
Sonderkommando Wolfensohn 'threatens' to leave Gaza if Israelis dont accede to terrorist demands and insist on security  November 14, 2005
A mind is a terrible thing to use: French 'intellectual' opines that Muslims are 'integrating themselves by the act of setting people alight'  November 14, 2005
Everything I need to know about Islam I learned on July 7th- terrorism funder Yusuf Islam starts new Da'wa center at Cardiff U  November 13, 2005
Let's go to the Haj: UK Scout Association funds Muslim contingent to Mecca together with Saudi government  November 13, 2005
London Metropolitan Police and Mayor fund EID celebration hosting US Muslim group that makes suicide bomber jokes  November 13, 2005
UK government funded 'Muslim task force' attacks Anti terror laws - says they 'will cause radicalisation' concludes Iraq war caused London bombings  November 11, 2005
Reprint of "Human Shield in Ramallah" satire to commemorate Arafat death by 'unknown' AIDS cause  November 11, 2005
Saudi PrinceTurki Al Faisal at Oxford U: "Should the world curl up in fear when faced by the other billion and a half Muslims walking on this planet?"  November 9, 2005
Al Qaeda linked group (CAIR) demands Temple Shalom host Muslim speaker after appearence by Jihad Watch director  November 8, 2005
'Anti Riot Fatwa' by Union of French Islamic Organisations aka Muslim Brotherhood - sparks outrage from other Muslim groups  November 7, 2005
War - Murder- and Riots okay - but Israeli basketball on Ramadan called 'insensitive' by Muslim players  November 6, 2005
Muslims in Holland confront Dutch officials over arrest of two Arab men with backpacks who acted suspiciously in train  November 4, 2005
Iraqi tribe members flown to UK gave bogus abuse testimony against soldiers and demanded millions  November 3, 2005
Top Al Qaeda terrorist Al Farouq escapes custody before testifying against US soldier who he claims 'mistreated' him  November 2, 2005
Terror novelties for fun(damentalism) and profit - Real live genuine photo of Arafat- intifada key rings- and globe with non existent country  October 30, 2005
From bust to abaya and beer to a beard: Barbie and Homer SImpson convert to Islam  October 30, 2005
IDF commander says Gaza 'expulsion' was not just military -warns of rockets hitting Askelon - is rewarded with DC posting  October 27, 2005
Israel calls for UN ouster from UN - Iranian prez was given US visa for speech at UN last month despite terrorist designation  October 27, 2005
Khameni claims Iran seeking nuclear power for "peaceful purposes" as thousands shout "Death to America"  October 23, 2005
Iraqi Shias and Sunnis united in outrage over bombing of statue by 'destructive terrorist group'  October 23, 2005
Saddam's lawyer calls him "man of unnatural bravery" as terrified lawyers threaten boycott unless trial is held outside Iraq  October 23, 2005
Officer there is an explosive device in my car: Was DC bomb threat a 'prank' or part of ongoing 'non violent terror' Pysops ?  October 21, 2005
Abbas is Hamas : US labels Hamas as terrorists but fears offending WH guest Fatah leader Abbas by informing him of this  October 21, 2005
PA linked terrorist murder of 3 Jews leads US to call for Israeli restraint and Abbas claims that Israel is 'inflaming the situation'  October 20, 2005
Up against Fanaticism : Political incorrectness as antidote to apathy  October 20, 2005
AP news calls Hamas an 'anti Israel' group - and blames Bush for their terrorism  October 20, 2005
Disinformation as non violent terrorism : NYC attack warning "was hoax" Iraqi informant "appears to have dissappeared or be hiding "  October 12, 2005
Arabic prof at OU: Suicide bombing "very Middle Eastern" "different from someone taking out a machine gun and killing everyone"  October 11, 2005
Al Qaeda infilitration of Gaza to be discussed at peace summit summit postponed due to ongoing terrorist attacks  October 10, 2005
Sonderkommando James Wolfensohn pushes plan to facilitate terrorist access into Israel  October 9, 2005
Zayed family behind defunct Islamo facist foundation funding housing for terrorist families in Judenrein Gaza  October 9, 2005
Deja Vu all over again : IDF approves arming PA and saves terrorists from having to risk smuggling weapons  October 9, 2005
Hamas and Fatah announce truce and attacks against Israel to project" better image" in upcoming meetings with Sharon and Bush  October 9, 2005
Teenage punks behind black hijabs  October 6, 2005
Imam Ibrahim Dremali Jihadi from terror tied Islamic Center of Boca Raton "wants to spread the peace in his heart to the whole world" from Iowa  October 6, 2005
CAIR:Terror linked group urges Congress to recognize Ramadan - as Al Qaeda announces 'The Great Ramadan Offensive'  October 3, 2005
CAIR: Moderate Friends of Terror to participate in interfaith Tent of Abraham lovefest at 'Jihad U' in St.Petersburg FL  October 3, 2005
Radical Islamists groups in the US plan to teach young Muslims about extremism and 'how to spot susceptible youth'  October 3, 2005
Murder and Mayhem in Gaza as Hamas kills two terrorist policemen - Fatah shoots taxi driver for obstructing 'urgent mission'  October 2, 2005
Forget Tancredo and the bombs : Muslims start petition to stop Saudi destruction of Mecca and 'The House of Mohammed'  September 29, 2005
White House rep Karen Hughes prepares to bring White House Dhimmitude Tour to Middle East with 'help' from Muslims in US  September 25, 2005
Hamas accuses Israel of interfering in PA elections by arresting terrorists -Abbas calls Israeli response to 40 rocket attacks 'unjustified'  September 25, 2005
Hamas launches 40 rocket attacks into Israel saying they want to 'preserve truce' -US ambassador:Terrorist attempts to kill Jews meant to 'provoke Israel'  September 25, 2005
White House rep Karen Hughes: I found "new allies" at radical Islamist ISNA convention " to help educate America" about Muslims  September 22, 2005
After giving terrorists Gaza Sharon warns that Israel will not help if Hamas runs in elections  September 18, 2005
Muslims Only Day as Six Flags becomes 'Islamic friendly theme park' for Muslims who "are offended by western dress"  September 18, 2005
UK Muslim threatens Jihad over ice cream cone - with support from Muslim Council of Britain  September 18, 2005
Paid Assassins terror chieftain Mazen thanks left wing for help with planned destruction of Israel  September 16, 2005
Fired Christian Arab airport baggage screener who called himself Arabic Assassin wrote songs about flying planes into buildings says 'music has nothing to do with his job'  September 16, 2005
Assadiq Islamic Center scrawled with name of hosted neo Nazi speaker while prosecution is vowed "irregardless of a person's faith"  September 16, 2005
The myth of misinterpreted Islam - Pakistan's Council of Islamic Ideology rules Christian hangmen cannot work with Muslims  September 14, 2005
Hamas blows hole in wall between Gaza and Egypt as Egyptians declare border 'officially closed'  September 14, 2005
Orgy of destruction in Gaza as frenzied looters and terrorist police carry off everything from toilets to tree branches  September 13, 2005
Arafat graveside party planned - Arab killed by Egyptian troops as they try to storm border  September 12, 2005
Uber hyped 'Progressive Muslim Union' a bust as three more founding members resign  September 10, 2005
Cause of Arafat death by AIDS 'unknown' - speculation mentions bad dinner in Ramallah or 'infection'  September 8, 2005
Hollandistan Follies: Dutch PM witnessed signing of ' social contract' with Muslim leaders - urges vigilance in teaching certain passages of the Koran  September 7, 2005
Murder and Mayhem in Gaza : Arafat's cousin executed by mob - Arab killed by IDF after attempts to storm empty Jewish town  September 7, 2005
Political assistant/Jihadist mole at US embassy in Dhaka tied to Jamaat Al Islami named 'employee of the year'  September 6, 2005
Three houses destroyed in Gaza after terrorist 'work accident'  September 6, 2005
UK Guardian diversity program backfires with internship of Hizb ut Tahrir member whose London bombing article linked to Khalifah website  September 4, 2005
Paid Assassins 'lawmaker' Husam Khader convicted of forming terror group and dispatching suicide bombers  September 4, 2005
Al Qaeda and Hamas affilitated CAIR to host 9/11 event in DC to 'mark the anniversary of the attack'  September 4, 2005
NY Times report on Muslim convention mentions recently thwarted LA terrorist attacks in passing  September 3, 2005
White House representative / dhimmi Karen Hughes equates hatred towards Muslims with terrorism  September 3, 2005
Suicide bomber was "quiet,pleasant young man" - UK Muslims claim they are the real victims of the bombers  September 2, 2005
Fugitive bombmaker Deif pledges to eliminate Israel in response to Gaza surrender -Israel warns peace talks threatened  August 27, 2005
Muslims at new Islamic Center of North America: "We want people to know where here and they should get used to it"  August 26, 2005
DC Sniper John Allen Mohammed is force fed after going on hunger strike because he was "upset with the food" in prison  August 26, 2005
FMAT aka Free Muslims As Potential Terrorists prints CAIR's Ahmed essay on 'Muslim moderation and suicide bombings'  August 26, 2005
Brussels burqa ban backfires when city ends up paying fines for Muslims women on welfare  August 26, 2005
'Common Ground'Conference at Drake U to feature terror linked Imam Dremali and Scott Alexander -" fear...can kill you "  August 26, 2005
No need to travel to Jihad camps abroad when CAIR- MPAC-and ACLU offer non profit summer internships in the US  August 25, 2005
Al Qaeda linked Islamic Human Rights Commission & Muslim Council of Britain 'warn' that UK terror crackdown could produce martyrs  August 25, 2005
CAIR celebrates a Decade of Dedication to terrorism  August 24, 2005
Terrorist gunmen descend on Paid Assassins 'parliament' to demand more jobs  August 21, 2005
Islam only community in Baltimore to show "totality of Muslim social, economic, and political structure" and for 'protection'  August 20, 2005
Hayat lawyers claim Al Qaeda ice cream man and son "no flight risk"- although father is prominent figure in Pakistan  August 17, 2005
Sharon taunts deportees "harm me not the soldiers" - Hamas tells Israel: "this is a precedent"  August 17, 2005
Hadi Jawad -VP of 'Peace House' - called Saddam overthrow a "criminal act" stage managing soldier mom protest  August 16, 2005
Suicide bomber supporters challenge Blair's anti terror plans  August 16, 2005
What part of "Death to Israel" don't you understand ? - 'Judenrein' Gaza provides new lebensraum for terrorists  August 14, 2005
Al Qaeda operatives at the Muslim Council of Britain get their keffiyahs in a twist over article tying them to terrorism  August 14, 2005
Kamal Nawash falsely denied he was Alamoudi's lawyer after being his friend for a decade  August 14, 2005
Bin Laden funded Ahmed Deedat finally dead - head of International Center for Propagation of Islam met terrorist 'several times'  August 11, 2005
Head of Scotland Yard visits mosques with Al Qaeda operative Iqbal Sacranie to urge Muslims "tackle enemy in their midst"  August 11, 2005
Muslim cleric Zaki Badawi who supports killing apostates ' can't figure out why he was banned from the US'  August 11, 2005
Islamic leaders in Australia say "we don't know" that Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 attacks  August 11, 2005
The World According to Hamid Al Rifaie - "Main aims of appointing of the Humankind as sucessor in the Earth such as" etc  August 11, 2005
Hamid Al Rifaie president of Al Qaeda linked IIFD sends condolence "litters" to Tony Blair and Prince Charles on bombings  August 11, 2005
Abbas meets Hamas cautions against excessive withdrawal celebrations reminds Arabs "The Jews are still occupying our land"  August 10, 2005
Released Egyptian friend of subway bombers-blames West for blasts- wants to return to live in UK - but worried about 'trouble'  August 10, 2005
Local Muslim support for shoe bomber Sajid Badat proves that communities can be expected to harbor terrorists not hunt them  August 10, 2005
Muslims in Britain thank those who showed sympathy and solidarity with them after terrorists attacks on infidels  August 9, 2005
Thirty Nashville city leaders meet with Muslims to make amends for slow response to 911 'Koran mashed into feces' emergency calls  August 9, 2005
 August 9, 2005
Omar Bakri claims Lebanon stay a vacation - AM's Choudary says terror group leader "gave thousands of youth understanding of Islam"  August 9, 2005
Government funded community centers and public libraries used by Muslims for Jihad recruitment in the UK  August 9, 2005
Omar Bakri Mohammed runs home to his mother while his wife packs her Tesco bags  August 9, 2005
Muslim Council of Britain attacks UK and US-decries proposed banning of terror group - and warns infidels to "change their behaviour"  August 8, 2005
Knighthood for Al Qaeda: Profile of 'Sir' Iqbal Sacranie- Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain  August 8, 2005
Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout linked to IAP/ Hamas whines to FOX"Why should we (Muslims)pay for idiot terrorists doing something in England?"  August 8, 2005
UK funds Al Qaeda Muslim Council of Britain for teaching Muslims how to file discrimination lawsuits and apply for grants  August 7, 2005
Hizb ut Tahrir claims they are non violent while threatening to incite riots in response to government calls to ban them  August 6, 2005
Hizb ut Tahrir issues press release on own website and holds press conference about being banned in the UK  August 5, 2005
Today Gaza tommorrow Jerusalem - Paid Assassins hold "public awareness" rally to celebrate Jewish deportations  August 4, 2005
UK shadow attorney general says suicide attacks "totally explicable" as Muslims in UK claim they are the real victims  August 3, 2005
No non Muslims allowed at King Fahd's burial - Jet setting billionaire Saudi buried in 'paupers' grave  August 2, 2005
Hassan Butt former Muhajiroun who recruited for Jihad and lived in Pakistan is alive, well, and granting interviews in UK  July 31, 2005
Islamic 'martyrs' who begged for mercy  July 31, 2005
Paid Assassins promised 3 billion by Wolfensohn to save terrorism until after deportation of Jews from Gaza  July 30, 2005
Terrorism is bad - Jihad is good: Chicago Muslims from Hamas endorse anti terror fatwa as "pre emptive strike"  July 29, 2005
CBS News reveals new US flag as United States of Allah  July 28, 2005
CAIR exposes CAIR: Press conference by Ibrahim Hooper under the influence of truth serum  July 28, 2005
Suicide bomber cleric Yusuf Qaradawi issues fatwa warning "Anyone who kills a dhimmi will not smell the fragrance of paradise!"  July 28, 2005
CAIR New England director says that 9/11 inspired him to convert to Islam - works in Groton power plant  July 27, 2005
Saudi journalist warns US official not to upset Muslims by discussing the sensitive issues of "freedom"and "democracy"  July 26, 2005
MP and police take action after tabloid refers to bombers home turf as ' Al Qaeda Street '  July 25, 2005
ICNA announces Muslims Adventure Day at Six flags - entire park reserved for Muslims !  July 22, 2005
IAP/Hamas fundraiser - who employed dirty bomber's father reminds "mosques and imams of need for increased vigilance"  July 21, 2005
Saudis find 2 tons of bomb making equipment and Al Qaeda base outside capital 'only hours' after US announces travel warning  July 21, 2005
Interfaith insanity with Al Qaeda linked Muslim World League president Hamid Bin Al Rifaie  July 21, 2005
Muslims 'outraged' over Mecca remarks -While Mohammed Atta's father tells CNN " Muslims are like nuclear bombs which have been activated"  July 20, 2005
Takiyaa in action: Muslim responses to Al Qaeda linked Muslim Council of Britain's 2004 letter to mosques on reporting extremism  July 20, 2005
US imports Muslims and grants them automatic citizenship  July 19, 2005
UK Muslim leaders tell Blair that they can't do anything to prevent attacks - UK and non Muslims are to blame  July 19, 2005
Pakistan blames UK for London bombings - madrassas concerned about negative Jihad PR  July 18, 2005
Terror linked Islamic groups on UK bombings : Islam is the religion of peace - Muslims are the real victims  July 18, 2005
Abu Mazan's Fatah promotes female terrorist as role model -UNICEF funded girls camp named for suicide bomber  July 18, 2005
UK- CAIR Muslim poster girl convert Yvonne Ridley lamented that suicide bombers were not getting the respect they deserved  July 18, 2005
Al Qaeda linked Muslim Council of Britain : - "Youth (bombers) need understanding - not bashing"  July 18, 2005
Al Qaeda groups fearful that reaction to bombings will make their work harder to carry out in UK  July 17, 2005
Radical Islamists worried that "They will not be able to do things as freely as they do now"  July 15, 2005
Art imitates life: MCB Britain protests :TV show depicts mosques as "dangerous places full of violent and brainwashed individuals "  July 13, 2005
Iqbal Sacranie Bin Laden supporter & head of the Muslim Council of Britain announces planned fatwa "if terrorists are proved to be Muslim"  July 10, 2005
Former Imam of terror linked Islamic Center of Boca Raton hosts Open House at the Islamic Center of Des Moines  July 9, 2005
Radical Islamist Muqtedar Khan resigns from board of of Progressive Muslim Union citing "oppressive and intolerant culture "  July 8, 2005
Islamic leaders in UK :' Muslims are the real victims of the terror attacks ' - 'Women in headscarves warned to be vigilant'  July 7, 2005
Terrorists roam London with impunity while police chief announces he ' wants as many Muslim officers as he can get'  July 7, 2005
From Ivory League to Wahhabi lackeys -Brown University and Montessori exchange education for Da'wa and KSA funding  July 7, 2005
Hamas refusal to join gov't irks PA poses ' serious threats ... to law and order'  July 6, 2005
Saudi's announce that "Deadline for Royal pardon of deviants" has passed - demand Bin Laden be handed to them if captured  July 6, 2005
Terrorist leader Dahlan " angry and astonished" that deportation plans not finalised - threatens US and Israel to bring in Hamas  July 5, 2005
Suicide bomber benefactor Prince Alwaleed receives 'Global Acheivement Award' from The Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee  July 5, 2005
Wahhabist funded ADC gives "Friend in Government Award" to FL State Attorney Acosta - announces 'Outreach Grant' from DOJ  July 5, 2005
Blairs asks Saudis for support for Paid Assassins Gaza takeover -Saudi's accuse UK of giving sanctuary to terrorists  July 4, 2005
Website to support Muslim slaveholding couple claims "Saudi students...abused in the US"..." 5000 getting visas to come"  July 4, 2005
The Palestinian hoax revealed :Terrorists to claim control of Gaza and decide who will become the "real owners of the land"  July 3, 2005
Iran doth protest too much: US "not surprised" if Ahmadinejad involved in siege -as more murder and execution stories surface  July 3, 2005
Saudis kill Al Qaeda leader from Morocco who they claim is on list "of last group of 36 sharing the same ideology"  July 3, 2005
Winner of 2005 Wahhabist funded"Friend in Government" Award :Alexander Acosta new Interim Attorney in Southern Florida  July 3, 2005
Deja vu all over again :Terrorist becomes Iranian president as cronies deny the obvious - Did someone say takiyaa ?  July 1, 2005
Islamofacist Blue Triangle Network accuses Militant Islam Monitor of distressing Muslims and potential terrorists  June 30, 2005
Hamas plans to attack Judea and Samaria - Sharon locks Jews inside Gaza - calls anti deportation protests "savagery"  June 30, 2005
Flogging for Islamic law - 12 tsunami survivors flogged in ACEH for placing 10 cent bets in illegal lottery  June 29, 2005
Senator Feingold calls for American retreat from Iraq - makes "common cause" with Islamofacists from Blue Triangle Network at home  June 26, 2005
Dear Dr. Shallah: Human Rights Watch director's 2001 letter to ex USF prof & terrorist leader urges him not cause victims "disproportionate harm"  June 25, 2005
CAIR falsely claims bias in dress code issue :Muslim walks off job in apt office where she lives and was hired over uniform rules  June 24, 2005
Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals demands FBI probe into Koran defecation  June 23, 2005
A mind is a terrible thing to use : The Islamic Thinkers Society finds no publicity bad publicity and gives interview  June 23, 2005
Trust between Jews and Arabs who want to kill them at an all time low  June 22, 2005
Saudi cleric expressed regret that their were ' more fatwas against Pokemon then against the Zionist entity '  June 21, 2005
Dhimmi tax : Israel to pay Arabs millions to clean up after deportation of Jews and demolition of their houses in Gaza  June 20, 2005
Free Muslims Against Terror head Kamal Nawash writes that ' The only terrorist in the Middle East is the State of Israel '  June 19, 2005
OSCE conference equates anti semitism with the hoax of 'Islamophobia' - Muslims blame Israel for anti semitism  June 19, 2005
Prison for Dummies:Jailed Al Qaeda terror operatives Hassoun and Jayoussi want case dismissed due to 'punitive' treatment  June 19, 2005
Muslim soldier who faked kidnapping to go AWOL in Iraq elicits overtures not outrage in Utah  June 19, 2005
1001 and one things to do with CAIR's free Koran - From paper mache' pigs to burning  June 19, 2005
Council of American Muslim Professionals puts the fun into fundamentalism with paintball  June 16, 2005
From Manchester to Koranchester - First Muslim Mayor begins his inauguration with recitation of the Koran  June 15, 2005
Desperately seeking salvation: Kamal Nawash as Muslim Messiah - declares himself the earthly representative of ' 9 million Arab and Muslim Americans'  June 12, 2005
Exchanging the Constitution for the Koran one Dhimmi at a time : US Army Manual for Handling the Koran - Koran Resolution  June 12, 2005
Abu Mazen's Paid Assassins execute 4 'killers' - pro child suicide bomber Mufti Sabri ruled delay would "encourage revenge"  June 12, 2005
Imam of Lodi Mosque arrested for links to Al Qaeda took part in California interfaith lovefests : Signed "Declaration of Peace "  June 12, 2005
State Department urges U.S. families to host Muslim students to make amends for 9/11 & understand why they hate us  June 6, 2005
Terrorists vs Terrorists as Hamas calls for ousting Abu Mazen as Arabs take over Israeli Labour Party  June 5, 2005
The Filth and the Fury: Muslims feign righteous indignation- rioting over Koran flush story - wallow in depravity  May 29, 2005
From Cricketeer to Cult Leader - Pro Taliban ex playboy Imran Khan incites deadly riots-demands US government apology  May 29, 2005
Muslim accused of treason speaks on 'God and Country' to help raise $200,000 for new CAIR Orlando office  May 29, 2005
Swiss Muslim blames "Zionist- run western newspapers" for court denial of lawsuit making it illegal to call Islamists terrorists  May 29, 2005
"The Koran Needs to be flushed" church sign moves CAIR's Hooper to tell Christians what Jesus would not have said & issue press release  May 25, 2005
Jailed murderer Marwan Barghouti and terrorist chief & executioner 'Hitler' among candidates in Paid Assassins elections  May 25, 2005
Newsweek retraction of Koran flush story won't stop planned international day of protest planned for May 27  May 24, 2005
AMANA -mosque director who employed bomber fugitive's father says "Muslims just want to keep a low profile"  May 23, 2005
Contempt for liberator infidels as Muslim 'allies' in Iraq and Afghanistan blast U.S. and hinder anti terrorism efforts  May 22, 2005
Picture of mass murder in briefs deemed violation of Geneva Convention  May 20, 2005
Muslim claims Koran slurs as Muslim Public Affairs Council demands Amazon apologise and fund programs  May 19, 2005
CAIR announces Koran giveaway: Toilet manufacturer introduces Koran- accomodating Islamoflusher  May 19, 2005
Too bad so sad: Muslims not satisfied with Newsweek retraction of non event report : Demand infidels pay obescience to Islam immediately  May 17, 2005
George Galloway gobsmacked by Muslim goons - fled London mob with police escort while leaving daughter on sidewalk  May 17, 2005
Will US dhimmitude mean doing Islam's 'dirty work' ?Afghan prez Karzai demands US punish (Muslim) 'culprit' in Koran toilet flushing  May 15, 2005
Wanted terrorist hijacks and blows up PA police car - to protest disarmament as precondition to joining 'security forces'  May 15, 2005
Free Muslims Against Terrorism much hyped DC 'March Against Terror' draws neither marchers nor media attention  May 15, 2005
News that Muslim prisoner put Koran pages in Gitmo toilet fails to stop murder & vows of martyrdom from spreading in Muslim world  May 13, 2005
Gitmo 'Koran flushing' which led to 7 deaths (and counting)attributed to Muslim prisoner who flushed Koran pages down toilet to clog it  May 13, 2005
Saudi funded front group for Hamas counts saying" Bin Laden is in the kitchen" as hate crime  May 12, 2005
Update : 7 die as Muslim anti American rampages sparked by reports of Koran flushed down Gitmo toilet continue  May 11, 2005
Free Muslims Against Terrorism march draws nigh ! FMAT tells world "God loves Christians & Jews as much as he loves Muslims"  May 9, 2005
Interfaith is against their religion : Koranic law mandates killing of Muslims who leave Islam  May 6, 2005
Islamist 'scholar' Muqtedar Khan laments 'The Unfinished Saga of Yasser Arafat' lauds his 'charismatic nativism'  May 5, 2005
Paid Assassins 'Security Chief' Abu Shabak:"Arms of resistance should not be used against a woman going out with her fiance"  May 4, 2005
Amsterdam's Mayor Cohen believes social workers - not SWAT teams - will stop terrorism by radical Islamists  April 28, 2005
Paid Assassin chief Abbas tells terrorists to wait until Jewish deportations from Gaza before launching more deadly attacks  April 28, 2005
Council on American Islamic Relations announces' Islamophobia and Anti Americanism' conference  April 27, 2005
Universal Academy Florida :'Striving for Excellence' fundraiser for Islamic kids school features Jihad recruiter advocate & ex principal of school linked to dirty bomber 4/1/05  April 27, 2005
Rahma, Rahma - What's Next At Bernardin -Kama Sutra ?  April 26, 2005
Paid Assassin chief Abu Mazen courts terrorist groups to weaken Hamas after coaxing fails  April 25, 2005
Bilal Philips :Speaker at Reviving the Islamic Spirit confab in Toronto :'Beheadings, stonings, & lashings should be carried out on Fridays'  April 22, 2005
Terrorists terrify terrorism supporters in UK : Al Muhajiroun - 'Saviour' Sect disrupts Muslim Council of Britain press conference  April 19, 2005
Interfaith as bad faith - The perversity of diversity  April 17, 2005
Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals -CAIR demands that Muslim hostesses be allowed to wear burqas at Hooters  April 12, 2005
Hamas leader Youssef evades security on Temple Mount - Arabs riot - while Israeli police arrest Jews  April 10, 2005
Weg Mit Uns - Bitte! PM Sharon pushes "a kinder gentler" Jewish deportation from the West Bank  April 6, 2005
Not just another Jihadi face :The Islamic Thinkers Society - Al Muhajiroun's identical twin in NYC  April 3, 2005
The Wild West Bank :Terrorist 'security chief ' resigns over "lawlessness" - armed thugs demand better 'jobs' and protection  March 31, 2005
'Paid Assassins' gets a 'piece' of the action: "PA has allowed Hamas to rearm and procure more powerful weaponry"  March 30, 2005
Muslim Educational Fund shakedown/scam rejected by MCI executive who says she does 'not care for support' their cause  March 29, 2005
Mazen says Hamas terrorists " won't need weapons" if they become part of ' Paid Assassins' 'parliament'  March 27, 2005
It takes one to know one: Ghadafi : "Terror is identified with Islam"  March 24, 2005
Backfire : Jihad urges Abbas to stop contact with Israel  March 24, 2005
United 'Nazis' helps terrorists in Gaza - Demands Israel fund Arab 'lebensraum' in Gaza  March 22, 2005
Surrender of land to terrorists "deadlocked" as 'truce' leads to attacks  March 21, 2005
FeminIslam ? Muslim world blames "foreign conspiracy" on publicity stunt prayer'vocation' service held by Islamo feminist  March 20, 2005
Chief of Staff of UK armed forces visits terror linked mosque to recruit more Muslims for the military  March 18, 2005
"Israel positive" as targetted terrorist Ramadan Shallah "joins peace efforts in Cairo"  March 18, 2005
Terrorists agree to 'continue open ended truce' -Sharon praises terrorists for taking 'positive step'  March 17, 2005
Islamo facists and fifth columnists protected from being called Nazi in Israel - will ' National Socialist' suffice?  March 16, 2005
ABC News: "Israeli forces pull out of Jericho , aiding Abbas"  March 16, 2005
War and Piece: Hamas rejects "full" cease fire in 'negotiations' with terrorist chief Abbas  March 16, 2005
Kofi 'Inane' says 'ceremony' for murdered Jews : "A good sign for normalisation between Israel and the UN"  March 15, 2005
Weg Mit Uns ! Likud 'right wingers' appealing to Peace Now doves for help in flight from West Bank  March 13, 2005
United 'Nazis' and Kofi 'Inane' call for protection of terrorists : 'counter -terrorism measures must conform to human rights law'  March 11, 2005
Hollandistan Follies : Halaaleken =Burka Beer  March 11, 2005
Islam Awareness Week at Harvard: Sharia 101 : Veilings, beheadings, hiphop and CAIR on "Media Madness"  March 10, 2005
Rough Justice : Terrorist cleric Abu Hamza Al Masri attacked by inmate "who wanted to show ...exactly what they think of him"  March 8, 2005
Jihad fashion is all the rage: From tricolor hijabs to terrorist T-shirts  March 7, 2005
US Treasury Secretary says he "admires" World Bank prez candidate Bono who said; "I think that America has no experience with terrorism or even with war "  March 7, 2005
PA terrorist leader Abbas says his control of suicide bomber towns on West Bank "vital for law and order"  March 6, 2005
Jihad through Conversion : 'Star spangled' bus ads by Al Qaeda linked Muslim organisation asks "Why Islam?"  March 5, 2005
Virginistan Follies: Islamist honored by VA Senate is "supporter" of Al Qaeda linked group demanding Bush assassination plotters release  March 3, 2005
Jihad through Jilbab: Hizb ut Tahrir welcomes Islamist garb ruling as "a great source of motivation for Muslims living in the West"  March 2, 2005
From Sieg Heil to Sieg Halal: Historical hoax perpetuated by UK/ PA terrorism denial summit  March 1, 2005
Hamas spokesman Hassan Yousef 'doubts that PA meeting with terrorist groups in Damascus will lead to a formal truce'  February 27, 2005
Reality in the UK : Terrorism linked Muslim Council of Britain expresses outrage at "24" show  February 22, 2005
CAIR : Council of Anti American Islamic Radicals announces 'Building a Better America' banquet 3/26/05  February 20, 2005
What's a little arms smuggling between friends ? Mubarak 'thanks' Sharon on behalf of PA  February 20, 2005
Alpenhorns vs. Adhan: Swiss ' think tank' recommends teaching Islam in schools to help "Muslims integrate into society"  February 19, 2005
Terrorists using cease fire to plant landmines for detonation as "passive act"  February 19, 2005
Hollandistan Follies: Dutch politicians threatened by terrorists living in jail cell and marine base - radical Islamists roam free  February 18, 2005
Returning terrorists to join PA 'security' forces "to protect them against assassination attempts "  February 16, 2005
Hollandistan Follies: City councilman orders officials to view Muslim rapper's show to understand plight of Moroccan street thugs  February 14, 2005
Abbas "encourages" Hamas truce by unfreezing terrorism funding  February 14, 2005
United Way gave $15,000 to terror linked Islamic Society of Boston for Da'wa & to 'study pyschological effects of 9/11on Muslims' in 2001  February 13, 2005
Hizbollah increases pay for suicide attacks from $20,000 to $100,000 after Israel returns terrorists bodies in "goodwill gesture"  February 13, 2005
Turf war in Londinistan :Terrorists fight fellow Islamists to give Finsbury Park Mosque "a fresh start "  February 12, 2005
MEMRI: Saudi 'Anti Terrorism Conference' calls for Jihad - Saudi cleric : "Throats must be slit and skulls must be shattered"  February 10, 2005
PSA on FOX = Propaganda from Saudi Arabia - from Nihil A. Wad director of The Council of Anti American Islamic Radicals  February 9, 2005
HP CEO Carly Fiorina ousted due to 'doubts about direction' made post 9/11 speech praising Islamic leadership examples  February 9, 2005
Rice proposes pension fund for 'retired' terrorists as part of 350 million dollar aid package for radical Islamists  February 8, 2005
Terrorist who violated house arrest causes UK officials to conclude 'mental illness has not diminished his committment to the extremist cause'  February 7, 2005
Theo van Gogh: Save the Musselmen ! Don't turn the Imams into Martyrs  February 5, 2005
Hollandistan Follies:City Council of Rotterdam -first predicted all Muslim city in Europe - wants to make Islamists feel at home and sign 'tolerance' agreement  February 3, 2005
'Allah Made Me Funny' - Muslim Students bring suicide bombing and 9/11 'humor' to U of Miami campus 2/4/05  February 2, 2005
Hollandistan Follies : Dutch University to offer tax payer financed Imam course : "Because ... many Imams don't have much of a feeling for Dutch society "  February 1, 2005
Hollandistan Follies : Dutch government financed courses will teach Morrocans how to pick up women  January 29, 2005
ADC - Group which supports Hizbollah,Hamas, & suicide bombings asks Muslims :"Would you like to see positive portrayals of Arab Americans in World Wrestling Entertainment?"  January 27, 2005
The Muslim American Society "Fulfilling the Mission" conference gloats about finally having reached 'The Capitol area' 2/27/05  January 27, 2005
A mind (and a visa) are terrible things to lose: Tariq Ramadan's letter to President Bush :"Muslims...faith ...is stronger then your capriousness "  January 26, 2005
Head of NJ Islamic Center expresses annoyance at Christian family's murder : " We Muslims in America are getting sick of this crap "  January 22, 2005
UK Not so Golden Radical Islamist Oldies - Where are they now ?  January 19, 2005
From Burqas to bombbelts - Islamist emancipation - Al Khansa magazine grooms women for Jihad  January 18, 2005
CAIR: Council of Anti American Islamic Radicals demands Fox's 24 show be replaced by the Islamic 1924  January 12, 2005
Candidate for president of non existent country Mahmoud Abbas: calling Israel the "Zionist enemy" was 'slip of the tongue'  January 7, 2005
Abu Hamza al Masri - Imam of shoebomber refuses court via video link citing long toenails  January 5, 2005
Muslim participants returning from ' Reviving the Islamic Spirit -Legacy of Mohammed ' 'terror' conference questioned & fingerprinted at US border  January 1, 2005
Muslim Student Petition in NL - Open Letter to the Dear Friends of Theo Van Gogh threatens" We want to eliminate some misunderstandings once and for all "  December 30, 2004
CAIR & The Gospel according to Ibrahim Hooper - What would Jesus have done when barred from Mecca ?  December 29, 2004
Better but Deader :NL officials respond to security report that "Muslims are becoming increasing radicalised" by helping them to open more discrimination reporting centers  December 23, 2004
"Who is guarding the guardians ?" Faux moderate Muqtedar Khan speaks on Islam at US army base & Wahabist terrorism conference  December 15, 2004
Tariq Rama'damned' :Muslim Brotherhood scion in European clothing ends bid to enter US- Thanks ND U & Scott Appleby for "help and support"  December 15, 2004
Everything I needed to know about Islam I learned on 9/11  December 9, 2004
Islamo facists at UN for 'Islamophobia ' seminar - Kofi 'Inane' hosts John Esposito and Hani El Banna at the ' United Nazis'  December 5, 2004
What part of 'free speech' didn't you understand ? Muslims in Holland file lawsuit to forbid sequel to Theo Van Gogh's film 'Submission'  December 5, 2004
The Pro'paganda'gressive Muslim Union - Islamists in Yuppie clothing & Muslim Wake Up! - Sex in the Umma  November 25, 2004
Islamic Relief fundraiser for 'orphans' and terrorists billed as' Muslim Family Entertainment Night' at Nova Southeastern U &The Islamic Society of Central Florida  November 23, 2004
The Friends of Theo Van Gogh : Open letter to his killer Mohammed B. ' That this had to happen -dammit- during Ramadan'  November 21, 2004
Arch Terrorist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Yasser Arafat Finally Dead !? Theo van Gogh & Luuk Koelman's censored satire  November 10, 2004
After Theo van Gogh's murder writing "Thou Shalt Not Kill" in public is outlawed as incitement - especially near a mosque  November 9, 2004
Lust for Life -Theo van Gogh - filmmaker and chain smoking Casanova  November 2, 2004
Letter to Nihad Awad from AMANA accuses CAIR of :"using ... dinners and fundraising tactics to give the impression you are fighting for the cause of Islam"  October 31, 2004
Da'wa goes Disney :Hamas producer Oussama Jammal brings Saudi funded Muhammed 'profit' animation film to US public  October 27, 2004
MAS/ICNA "attempt late FL vote dump" Muslim ' Voting is Power' thug storms into closed election office -intimidates official  October 11, 2004
Muslims Only Great Adventure Day aka "Six Flags Jihadi Day" according to blogs of war and the 'pajamahadeen'  October 5, 2004
Muslim "stand ups" aim to 'knock infidels dead' with Bin Laden and 9/11 'jokes'  September 22, 2004
The United States of Allah & Muqtedar Khan : American Islamists recruit Muslim voters with the message : "We are this Nation"  September 9, 2004
"Hunger Striking " terrorists "eat again" - Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti caught on tape eating in cell  September 3, 2004
Londinistan Metro Muslim Police "dearrest" Abu Hamza Al Masri in jail after "rearresting" two days ago  September 2, 2004
Londonistan Police "rearrest" Abu Hamza Al Masri in jail  August 30, 2004
Women's War Daily -Al Khansa magazine and Azzam publications offers handy hints for martyr moms and newlywed Jihadis  August 27, 2004
Striking terrorists in Israel list 144 demands - Abu Jihad Center for Political Prisoners Affairs museum moves to new premises  August 15, 2004
Kamran Bokhari :Strategic Forecasting's Terrorism Intelligence Report's 'Islamist Disservice'  August 3, 2004
Sound Vision = Fun with Fundamentalism for Kids : " To acheive the best of this world and of the world to come "  July 30, 2004
Saudomite princes tackle terrorism : Abdul Aziz & Al Faisal launch "Fund for Security Men Victims of Terrorist Incidents"  July 21, 2004
ICNA -Islamist Conspirators of North America's "Great Muslims Only Adventure Day!"  July 14, 2004
CAIR FL Fuhrer 'Adolf' Ali to media: When a Muslim told store :"I am going ...to blow up this place", he meant "These rebates are a big lie"  July 4, 2004
Theo van Gogh : Amsterdam's angry neighborhood Imam  June 23, 2004
Gulshair Shukrijumah:Deceased Wahabi missionary and progenitor of "Mohamed Atta's sucessor" will be sorely missed by Muslim community  June 17, 2004
 June 15, 2004
Islamic ' loo' could transform the lives of British infidels  June 6, 2004
UK Police to Abu Hamza supporters: Would you mind terribly not waging Jihad here ?  June 5, 2004
"Iron Fist A Bit Soft in the Head" -Saudis fight terror while terrorists escape  June 3, 2004
Islamic Terrorists ' Pigged Out' of Paradise  June 3, 2004
The Polygamists Among Us : Whackjob in a Niqab refused to remove veil for license foto and advocates polygamy  June 1, 2004
Muslim CEO of only U.S. anthrax vaccine company says :" I'm trusting not paranoid "  May 23, 2004
"Jihad: Waging Peace and Justice" according to the Canadian Islamic Congress  May 22, 2004
The United States of Allah :The Islamist vision of America in photos and graphics  May 22, 2004
' Happy Chaos' : Theo van Gogh confronts Arab European League leader Diab Abu Jah Jah in Amsterdam  May 18, 2004
Pimping for The Profit : CAIR and the ADC : Islamist attacks which affect Arab countries "are starting to annoy alot of people "  May 14, 2004
What Atrocities ? What Torture ? US troops indulge Saddam loyalist's nostalgia for the "good old days'" with hazing rituals  May 6, 2004
$ 5,000.00 REWARD "for any Muslim who can prove in a public debate that Islam doesn't advocate violence against Christians and Jews"  May 3, 2004
Putting the fun into fundamentalism - In Pakistan martyrs are ' the life of the party'  April 30, 2004
' Imam' Theo Van Gogh : "The right to give (women) a disiplinary slap appeals to me"  April 29, 2004
Will there always be an England ? Oxford University to become Mosqueford University  April 26, 2004
Muslims publish "Jesus" Ad-Insulted Christians claim CAIR's Jesus ad is "poison wrapped in Islamic honey"  April 25, 2004
Al Muhajiroun leader at "Peace Forum" lauding suicide bombers condemns people who "make fun" of fundamentalist Abu Hamza al Masri's 'unhandiness'  April 25, 2004
We owe Arabs nothing - Kilroy Silk's censored article -UK Islamists intimidate the BBC into firing Silk - complete documentation  April 23, 2004
Are we having ' fun' damentalism yet ? Dar El Harb - The House of War - New game from the Religion of Peace  April 20, 2004
CAIR-Council of Anti American Islamist Radicals - Woman's hijab tugged at by Spaniards outraged over Madrid bombings  April 13, 2004
CAIR press release cites claim that "Muslims have sex with animals" ..."and are obsessed with killing Jews" ...  April 4, 2004
Happy Wahabiday - Saudomite Prince Abdul Aziz celebrates "Seventy Fourth National Day"  April 1, 2004
May I say this ? Allah's heroes are at it again - Mag ik dit zeggen? De helden van Allah slaan weer toe  March 31, 2004
CAIR -Mosquito Killed Outside Virginia Mosque  March 4, 2004
Menselijk Schild in Ramallah - Dutch version of ' Human Shield in Ramallah' and 'Jasser Kreeg een Slappe Plasser'  March 4, 2004
CAIR Calls For K MART To Offer Muslim Clothing for Sale  March 1, 2004
Yasser Couldn't Get it Up - Jasser kreeg een slappe plasser  March 1, 2004
Human Shield in Ramallah - Menselijk Schild in Ramallah  October 16, 2003