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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Paid Assassin chief Abbas tells terrorists to wait until Jewish deportations from Gaza before launching more deadly attacks

Paid Assassin chief Abbas tells terrorists to wait until Jewish deportations from Gaza before launching more deadly attacks

Putin assures Israel that weapons Russia gives to terrorists will "not come at the cost of Jewish lives..."
April 28, 2005


MIM: This from the website Clarity and Resolve :"Whoever wants to sabotage (the truce) with rocket fire or shooting must be stopped by us, even if that requires using force [Oh no—force? No! Anything but that! —ed.]," Abbas said. "There is a national consensus regarding the calm, and whoever leaves this consensus will be struck by an iron fist"http://clarityandresolve.com/

Palestinian Leader to Use 'Iron Fist' Against Militants


Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas threatened to use force against anyone who violates a ceasefire with Israel, his toughest warning against Palestinian militants since taking office in January.

In a speech to Palestinian police, Abbas also pledged to ensure quiet during the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip this summer. "We have to give them a calm departure," he said, according to a summary of the speech published today by the official Palestinian news agency WAFA.

In the West Bank, meanwhile, thousands of Israelis streamed into a Jewish settlement to rally against the withdrawal plan.

Abbas has been under heavy pressure from Israel and the US to rein in Palestinian militants, who had a relatively free hand under Abbas's predecessor, the late Yasser Arafat. But so far, Abbas has preferred to negotiate with the armed groups.

Most of the militants have agreed to observe a truce with Israel. There has been a sharp drop in violence since the ceasefire was declared in February, but militants have fired several rockets at Jewish settlements in Gaza and an Israeli border town in recent days.

One salvo landed near a large gathering of Israeli demonstrators in a Gaza settlement yesterday, lightly wounding a soldier. Today, Palestinian militants fired an anti-tank missile at a settlement and attacked army posts with gunfire and a mortar shell in Gaza, causing no injuries, the army said.

Abbas said such violence cannot be tolerated.

"Whoever wants to sabotage the truce – with rocket fire or shooting – must be stopped by us even if that requires using force," Abbas said. "There is a national consensus regarding the calm, and whoever leaves this consensus will be struck by an iron fist."

In his speech, Abbas did not single out any specific militant group. No one has claimed responsibility for the recent rocket attacks, although a tiny group, the Popular Resistance Committees, has said it opposes the ceasefire and is suspected by Israel of being behind some of the violence.

The biggest militant groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have largely honoured the truce. Hamas appears to be focusing its efforts on Palestinian legislative elections scheduled in July, though earlier this week it rejected Abbas's call to give up its weapons after the vote.

Israeli military commanders fear Gaza militants will step up attacks as the pull-out approaches, trying to show that they are forcing the Israelis to leave.

Tens of thousands of Israelis opposed to the withdrawal plan demonstrated in Gaza's largest bloc of Jewish settlements yesterday, a lower-than-expected turnout.

About 10,000 people attended a similar demonstration today in Homesh, one of the four West Bank settlements earmarked for evacuation. Armoured buses packed with demonstrators streamed into the windy hilltop settlement of 55 families, which overlooks a pair of Palestinian villages.

Etti Rosenblatt, a spokeswoman for the settlement, said she opposes withdrawal but is coming to terms with it. "I'm happy that all of the people have come today. But really it's too late," she said.

Israeli authorities fear opposition to the withdrawal could turn violent, particularly in the West Bank, which has special significance for religious Jews. Seventeen religious families have moved into Homesh since Sharon announced his plan to resist the withdrawal.

At yesterday's rally in Gaza, lawmaker Arieh Eldad had called for stiff resistance to the withdrawal. The remarks drew widespread condemnation today, with officials accusing the legislator of incitement and encouraging violence.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops clashed with hundreds of protesters in the West Bank village of Bilin, slightly wounding more than 20 people, including an Arab-Israeli MP and a photographer. Witnesses said two Palestinians and three Israeli protesters were arrested. Israel recently begun construction of its West Bank separation barrier at the site.

The army said it opened fire with "non-lethal" means to disperse the crowd after demonstrators ignored orders to disperse.


Abbas vows to keep truce by force

MIM: Russia is helping to arm terrorists and assures Israel that it "will not come at the cost of Jewish lives"

"...Putin also called on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to support Abbas and the PNA, but reassured Israel at the same time that Russia's help to Abbas will not come at the cost of Jewish lives..."


RAMALLAH, April 29 (Xinhuanet) -- Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas vowed here on Friday to use force if needed to prevent militants from sabotaging the truce with Israel.

At a joint news conference after a two-hour meeting with visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Abbas ordered security forces to use force against those who violate "the Palestinian national consensus."

"All the Palestinian factions and militant groups have committed themselves to a Hudna (ceasefire) and the role of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) is to protect this ceasefire and impose discipline in our territories," said Abbas.

Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared a mutual ceasefire at a Feb. 8 summit. Major Palestinian militant groups have agreed to abide by the truce till the end of the year. But Israel has repeatedly blamed Abbas for not doing enough to crack down on militant groups.

Meanwhile, Abbas also accused Israel of disabling the Palestinian security forces.

"Israel has destroyed all the Palestinian security headquarters in the Palestinian territories over the past four years of Intifada (uprising)," he said.

In addition, the Palestinian leader reiterated his determination to continue implementing the internationally-backed roadmap peace plan while urging Israel to be committed to its full implementation.

Abbas welcomed Putin's proposal to host a Mideast peace conference in Moscow in the coming autumn to discuss the implementation of roadmap peace plan which calls for an independent Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel.

The proposal put forward on Wednesday drew an immediate welcome from the Palestinians and the European Union, but was turned down by Israel and the United States as premature.

Putin, on his part, pledged that Russia will help rebuild infrastructure in Gaza and strengthen the Palestinian security forces.

He has offered the PNA two helicopters and 50 armored vehicles and promised to help train Palestinian diplomats and security officers, adding that Russia will do its best to help the PNA rebuild what has been destroyed during the past four years of violence.

Putin said, "We are determined to reinforce our contacts with our partners within the framework of the Quartet Committee to help achieve progress in the Mideast peace process."

He revealed that the Quartet Committee which groups mediators of the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia will convene in Moscow on May 8 and 9 to discuss efforts to push forward the long-stalled peace process.

Putin also called on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to support Abbas and the PNA, but reassured Israel at the same time that Russia's help to Abbas will not come at the cost of Jewish lives.

Putin wrapped up his four-day Mideast tour, which has already brought him to Egypt and Israel, with visiting the PNA headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah, the first ever by a Russian leader.

Putin's visit is widely seen as Russia's stepped-up efforts to reinvigorate the country's influence in the region.


MIM: Jailed terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti says it is impossible to make peace as long as Israel exists.


Barghouti - Gaza withdrawal won't bring peace

Israel's planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip this summer won't be total and won't bring about peace and stability in the region, jailed Palestinian uprising leader Marwan Barghouti told an Italian newspaper.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Barghouti, a leader of the ruling Fatah movement, also said that groups did not get much in return for observing a truce with Israel that was declared in February.

"The withdrawal from Gaza has been obtained thanks not to the skill of the negotiators but to the arms of the intefadeh," he was quoted as saying. "It is partial. If the situation remains as it is, it won't bring about peace and stability."

Most of the groups have agreed to the truce with Israel. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas threatened this week to strike with an "iron fist" anyone who violates the truce, and pledged quiet during the planned pullout.

"It is impossible to give up the option of resistance for as long as there is occupation," said Barghouti, who is serving five consecutive life terms in an Israeli prison for involvement in deadly attacks.


MIM: According to the Russian president Putin the weapons provided by Russia will enable The PA (Paid Assassins) to join with Hamas and the Al Aqsa Martyrs brigades 'to combat terror'.

Putin: Military Hardware to Permit PA to Combat Terror

Friday, April 29, 2005


(IsraelNN.com) Russian President Vladimir Putin stated the helicopters and armored vehicles his country wishes to give to the Palestinian Authority (PA) will enable PA leader Abu Mazen to combat terror. Putin also plans to provide military training for PA forces. The Russian leader stated the PA cannot possibly be effective in its war on terror with the limited resources currently at its disposal.

The visiting dignitary today made his remarks from Ramallah where he laid a wreath on Yasser Arafat's grave and them met with PA leaders Abu Mazen and Abu Ala, continuing efforts towards hosting an international peace summit in Moscow. While the PA happily accepted the officer, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told Putin while visiting on Thursday that Israel was uninterested in taking part in such a forum.

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