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June 6, 2006

MIM:The American Enterprise Institute, a hitherto respected neo con think tank, has joined the cult of Moral'ali'relativism and considers themselves blessed to be able to finance Ali with a fellowship- to write a book which the Muslimatheist guru calls - "The Path to Enlightenment".

Ali has also announced that the AEI has approved her plans to do a follow up to the film Submission I-which resulted in the murder of the director Theo van Gogh. The new film about the sex life of Muhammed according to Ali is " intended to educate Muslims."

This excerpt from an interview with Ali, should at the very least, prompt the decision makers at the AEI to do a reality check, and consider if they want to morph from think tank into an intellectually pretentious artsy European club.

SPIEGEL: Many have criticized the film as being too radical and too offensive.

Hirsi Ali: The criticism of van Gogh was legitimate. But when someone has to die for his world view, what he may have done wrong is no longer the issue. That's when ]we have to stand up for our basic rights. Otherwise we are just reinforcing the killer and conceding that there was a good reason to kill this person.

MIM: When asked by a German interviewer if Ali would be using her 'uncompromising approach' to make follow up to Submission l, she replied:

"...Yes, of course. We want to continue the debate over the Koran's claim to absoluteness, the infallibility of the Prophet and sexual morality. In the first part, we portrayed a woman who speaks to her god, complaining that despite the fact that she has abided by his rules and subjugated herself, she is still being abused by her uncle. The second part deals with the dilemma into which the Muslim faith plunges four different men. One hates Jews, the second one is gay, the third is a bon vivant who wants to be a good Muslim but repeatedly succumbs to life's temptations, and the fourth is a martyr. They all feel abandoned by their god and decide to stop worshipping him..." http://service.spiegel.de/cache/international/spiegel/0,1518,399263,00.html

Ali's comments in the interviews above and below - indicate the her stint at the AEI think tank will prove to be more of an exercise in the latter.

'Resurrects Muhammed who comes to the New York Public library to discuss Islam and other issues with Karl Popper, Hayek, and John Stuart Mill. No doubt the illiterate "muslim masses' as Ali calls them - are just waiting for her latest work, which, if it is being seriously considered by the American Enterprise Institute as worthy of backing, would effectively render their designation of 'think tank" obsolete.

The AEI has not only put their reputation on the line- but could be putting themselves and their organisation at risk. Ali, who has 24/7 body guards who will take the flak for her has shown in the past that she has no qualms about using other people to further her projects. She admits that she alive because she had bodyguards and Theo van Gogh didnt, and that she exploited his lack of fear, despite knowing they would be targetted, when he made Submission.

A Google search of Theo van Gogh, a long time critic of Islam, who was murdered in 2004 generates one third less then any mention of Ali despite the fact that his murder revealed a homegrown terrorism network in Holland and generated an ongoing public and political debate about immigration and the Islamisation of Holland.

For her part Ali rarely if ever mentions Van Gogh, nor credits him with having had the courage to make the film despite not having had bodyguards as she had. Ali is equally blase about endangering her new employers at the American Enterprise Institute. According to Ali her new colleagues are very supportive of her and her new projects, despite her having told them she"has a big mouth, likes to talk back, and is an atheist".

Doubtless Ali's bodyguards would agree that one would be hard pressed find a more fitting recipient of the American Jewish Committees' Moral Courage Award').

(She has demanded the Dutch taxpayers pony up for bodyguard detail in the US. If they refuse she expects the AEI will be her new cash cow.)

In a London Times piece she was asked about her new book/film project according to the interviewer:

"...which promises to be as provocative as Submission, this time dealing with Muslim treatment of gays. It will also feature the Prophet transported to modern-day New York, forced by three great western liberal philosophers, Mill, Popper and Hayek, to recognise the failure of many Muslim societies.

She (Ali) insists her new employer, the American Enterprise Institute, will let her stoke such dangerous fires, unlike timid old Europe....

MIM: In an interview with the German Der Spiegel - Ali explained that she will be exploiting the funding and prestige of the AEI to write and promote herself and her book and implies she has done them a favor by deigning to exploit their institution.for her own use.

Her book proposal is such a ludicrous exercise in artsy self indulgence that backing by the AEI which described itself as a 'think tank',for Ali and the project would be defacto abnegation of their r'aison d'etre and reinvent themselves as the Ali Enterprise Institute.

"...She has accepted a fellowship from the neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the famous think tank which vociferously advocated regime change in Iraq and the exportation of democracy to the Middle East. She's planning on using the fellowship to write a book providing possible guidelines for the opening up of Islam. The book's working title is "Shortcut to Enlightenment" and she sent the proposal to Christopher DeMuth, president of the American Enterprise Institute months ago.

Hirsi Ali isn't intending to produce a dry, analytical work intended for experts. Rather, it's supposed to be readable -- gripping. "I'm going to resurrect the Prophet Muhammad in the New York Public Library," Hirsi Ali says with sparkling eyes. "There he's going to meet three great enlightenment thinkers" -- Karl Popper, the philosopher of open society, John Stuart Mill, the author of On Liberty, and Friedrich August von Hayek, the economist who argued against the welfare state and in favor of the free market.

In the book, the Prophet and the Western philosophers will engage in a struggle of ideas. Hirsi Ali wants to reach both Arab dissident intellectuals and scholars in other parts of the world who call for the modernization and liberalization of Islamic societies.

Despite the American Enterprise's reputation, it is by no means the war-mongering, America first vanguard of the Republican Party people think it is, Hirsi Ali says. "The AEI brings together people with different viewpoints and allows them to openly discuss their opinions," she explains. "In Europe, on the other hand, intellectuals avoid those with different viewpoints." She says she told the AEI's selection committee that she has a "big mouth," likes to talk back, and is also an atheist. She even got permission to work on "Submission II" -- the sequel to the film directed by Theo Van Gogh, which got him murdered by an Islamic fundamentalist. "Submission II" will be about Islam's relationship to homosexuality, among other things. No problem, she was told.

Was she pleased to read the comparison to Anne Frank that some foreign newspapers suggested? She smiles, looking embarrassed and a little flattered. Then her voice takes on its characteristic toughness as she offers one of her feared rhetorical uppercuts: "This country still hasn't come to terms with World War II."

A moment later, she walks over to the lawyers, smiling and with an outstretched hand.


A simple Google search also reveals the media hype around Ali as opposed to the interest in Theo Van Gogh, who was a long time critic of Islam and whose murder led to major social upheaval in Holland.

Theo van Gogh : Web Results 1 - 10 of about 3,340,000

Hirsi Ali: Web results 1 - 10 of about 7,080,000


Results 1 - 10 of about 925 for hirsi Ali.

Results :1 - 10 of about 828 for Theo van Gogh

The cult of personality around Hirsi is all about the messenger, not the messenger. Shocking is the way that people who purport to be objective and whose careers are based on seperating facts from fiction have not objected to the obscene comparisions being made between Ali and Anne Frank or her situation to that of Jews in The Holocaust.

A critical examination of her writings and statements reveals that she admitted she exploited Theo van Gogh to make the film and tha t"I am alive because I had bodyguards and he didn't have them".She also brazenly claimed that "I exploited his lack of fear". No interviewer has ever remarked on Ali's mercenary attitude toward the Van Gogh murder nor sounded a critical note by challenging regarding Ali's wildly inaccurate historical and political assertions.

MIM: In an interview in 2005 she stated that: "Spinoza's excommunication was the same as the fatwa by Khomeini against Rushdie.

",...Spinoza was cursed and the wording of the curse is exactly the same as in islam. It is almost the same words Khomeiny used to curse Salman Rushdie..."

MIM: The ex socialist declared that Yasser Arafat was similiar to Mohammed,in a 'warts and all' kind of way;

"In many ways the prophet can be compared to Yassir Arafat, who always managed to present himself as a hero and restistance fighter despite all his bad characteristics..."

Last but not least Ali pontificated that reforming Islam was 'easy' if if one declared the Koran profane, regarded Mohammed as just a dirty old man, and did away with sexual taboos ...

Q: Are you optimistic about the prospect of reforming the islamic majority countries?

A :"Yes, if we remove the sacred stamp from the Koran, if we review the prophet Muhammed's role and if we change the sexual morals, then yes, we could do it very easily"


Ali herself has admitted"she has done more harm then good" in Holland. Yet no journalist has every asked her to clarify this statement or explain why she allowed her personal situation to dominate her party politics, leaving it in tatters, or why she allowed Holland's image to be damaged by deliberately fostering the false impression that she was being hounded out of Holland, when she herself had said she was leaving long before her nationality became an issue . http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/31/AR2006053101738.html

One would expect that the media would savage any politician with intellectual pretensions and a history of factually false statements whose quest for personal aggrandisment arguably lead to the death of someone whom they worked with. It is also worth noting that Ali never mentions Theo van Gogh, or credits him with having done the film, nor does any journalist mention him, although, her fame was literally acheived over his dead body.

In addition, Ali has no political track record, and her disdain for what she calls "the Islamic masses" has alienated the very people whose cause she claims to be championing.

The adoration with which Ali is written about is a form of dhimmitude. Non Muslims who have attacked Islam as she has would be branded as ignorant and hatemongers by the same people who lavish praise on the self proclaimed " ex Muslim atheist".

The cult of Hirsi Ali has all the hallmarks of a new religion which can be termed Mor'ali'relativism. A combination of idol worship and personality cult, which cause it's adherents to praise the object of their devotion and disregard the facts.

The examples of recent interviews and articles speak for themselves:

mittel (63902 Byte )

From cleaning woman to Somalian Joan of Arc:

The Muslima goddess has feet of clay - but the media concentrates on the shoes.


The London Times interviewer mentions Theo van Gogh as being used to post a threat to Ali

The Sunday Times

June 04, 2006

You won't beat terror with tolerance

Jasper Gerard meets Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A letter staked through the heart of the dying film director Theo van Gogh began: "Open letter to Hirsi Ali." So the men in black detailed to protect today's special guest were bound to be twitchy.

Still, presidents have turned up in smaller motorcades than this. An advance team has already interrogated and frisked your interviewer, even dismantling the tape recorder in search of bombs. Tension crackles through the damp Dutch air as walkie-talkie chatter intensifies: "She's arrived!" shouts a spook.

In Ayaan Hirsi Ali sweeps, as beautiful as she is reputedly brilliant, surrounded by a medium-sized army of minders...

It must be weird finding secret service agents in the shower.

"...Weird, and difficult," she laughs. "But at least you don't worry about your life. I am close to the bodyguards, in a businesslike way. During peaks in publicity I have to be particularly careful I can't even go to the supermarket."

Any celebrity will tell you fame has a price, but the price Ali has paid is exorbitant. With her long neck, long nose and even longer legs (Peter Crouch with grace), it is easy to see why the media have embraced her. Does she regret using her glamour to quite such potent effect?

"I wasn't aware of it," she almost whispers, stroking a pearl earring. "The Somali idea of beauty is so different. I certainly didn't grow up feeling beautiful."

Still, outside the studio, life must be lonely. Is marriage impossible? "Not impossible," she says firmly. "I'm not going to compromise my happiness, but I must find someone strong enough," she says, pointing to the door, behind which lurks half the Dutch army. "I do come with a huge price."

"...Yet, I flirt shamelessly, you are a huge prize. "I will tell him that," she smiles. Ah, so Ali does not live entirely like a nun! "I'm afraid I can't say," she giggles. How about family? It was an interview with her brother in the recent documentary, claiming Ali had not fled persecution in 1992, that led to the investigation into her background.

It is because I miss my family so much that I walked into the huge trap of taking part in the documentary. They told me they had footage of my brother, and I was happy like a little girl. I was naive."

We will be forced to talk about it next month when Ali comes over to promote a book, which promises to be as provocative as Submission, this time dealing with Muslim treatment of gays. It will also feature the Prophet transported to modern-day New York, forced by three great western liberal philosophers, Mill, Popper and Hayek, to recognise the failure of many Muslim societies.

"...She insists her new employer, the American Enterprise Institute, will let her stoke such dangerous fires, unlike timid old Europe:

"....Still, if Europe is no longer big enough for Ali, we are all in trouble. It is sad that the home of the Enlightenment can no longer cope with her right to free speech.




Gratitude, loyalty, and analytical thought are an anathema to Ali who is used being revered as a celebrity idol.

In a 2005 interview she called Prime Minister Balkenende stupid for believing in God.

In the interview below she adds insult to injury by taking a swipe at the intellectual abilities of her fellow party member and immigration Minister Rita Verdonk,

whose party leadership ambitions she scuttled.

"She's a very strong woman," Hirsi Ali said of Verdonk, a former prison warden, before the conflict flared. "She's not going to move for anyone. But she's not well-versed... . She has not had an intellectual upbringing.... "

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Posted on Thu, Jun. 01, 2006

Freedom fighter
Under threat of death, bodyguards always near, Dutch politician and author Ayaan Hirsi Ali keeps on fearlessly criticizing Islam.
By Carlin Romano
Inquirer Book Critic

Sitting regally at a small table in 19, the tony cafe atop Park Hyatt at the Bellevue, Ayaan Hirsi Ali smiles as if the world were a peaceful place, and all people brothers and sisters.

Slim, black, beautiful and stylish, she lifts her espresso cup to her lips slowly, with a princess' sense of self. Waitresses flit about. Wealthy sorts chat across their overpriced breakfasts. Hirsi Ali, 36 looking like 26, turns heads.

To the business guys eyeing her from other tables, her looks compute as "model," or maybe "TV anchor."

Hey, is that Iman? Naomi Campbell?

Well, they're easier guesses than the second coming of Spinoza. Hirsi Ali may be the boldest rationalist rebel the Netherlands has seen since that 17th-century philosopher got himself excommunicated for rejecting (among other things) the Amsterdam Jewish community's belief in immortality of the soul.

Yes, those two muscled guys a few tables away, who keep drilling in on Hirsi Ali's eyes, are Dutch, but they aren't trying to make eye contact. They're trying to keep her alive.

"Here I have two men and one car," Europe's most stinging critic of Islam says with a sigh. She's in Philadelphia this month for a conference in honor of scholar Bernard Lewis, and to promote her first book, The Caged Virgin (The Free Press, $19.95). "At home it's six men and two cars."

Hirsi Ali, who is single and has (she says) no romantic life given the dangers that swirl around her, has been named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2005, a Glamour magazine Hero of the Month, and European of the Year by Reader's Digest. Over the last few years, she's been awarded the Danish Freedom Prize, the Swedish Democracy Prize, the Government of Madrid's'Tolerance Award, and many other human rights honors.

"... I'm going to resurrect Muhammad, and he's going to have conversations with [British philosopher Karl] Popper and me and [economic theorist Friedrich] Hayek..."

Hirsi Ali smiles. "I hope I live long enough to complete it," she says.


MIM: Phyllis Chessler's puff piece on Ali, whom she referred to as a 'secular prophet' is one glaring example of how her supporters have thrown fact checking to the wind and appear to have been blinded by Ali's media blitz.

Chessler attacked Holland based on incorrect facts, Ali had bodyguards since 2002 not 2004 as she wrote, and was not being run out of Holland but had planned to leave for a prestigious job in the United States long before her nationality became an issue.

Chessler accuses the Dutch government in of having 'saddened' Ali, and implies that this was a more egregious act then the ritual murder of Theo van Gogh by Jihadists.

Feminists' Shameful Silence On Islamic Fundamentalism

By: Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D.

The Dutch have driven the heroic Aayan Hirsi Ali out of parliament, out of Holland, and out of Europe. Their shameful appeasement of murderous, totalitarian Islamism has accomplished what the jihadists could not do: sadden one of Europe's most important critics of jihad. Bat Yeor, the author of Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, tells me that this confirms "how low Europe has sunk. Instead of being grateful to Hirsi Ali, she is banned." Robert Spencer, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam, assures me that "Holland would rather become a Sharia state than have to put up with someone who is trying to stop that from happening."

MIM: Even Christopher Hitchens, who bashed Mother Teresa as a fraud and fanatic,jumped on the Ali bandwagon and in and wrote an article decrying"Holland's shameful treatment of Hirsi Ali" in blatant disregard of facts that would prove otherwise.


I never know whether or not it's right to mention, with female public figures, the fact of arresting and hypnotizing beauty, but I notice that I seem to have done so.

The Muslimah's Necklace: Pearls of Her Character Unstrung

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