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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Abu Mazen's Paid Assassins execute 4 'killers' - pro child suicide bomber Mufti Sabri ruled delay would "encourage revenge"

Abu Mazen's Paid Assassins execute 4 'killers' - pro child suicide bomber Mufti Sabri ruled delay would "encourage revenge"

Israel vice prime minister Peres says PA claims it will allow terrorists to keep weapons doesn't really mean anything
June 12, 2005

MIM :They shoot killers- don't they ? Four shootings and a hanging wouldn't seem like the way to encourage terrorists and murderer's to 'get with the program', since it is just business as usual in the Arab occupied West Bank .

Abu Mazen who had just been feted by President Bush at the White House, and was touted as the second best thing to the messiah, asked Muslim spiritual leader Ikrima Sabri for his opinion on the matter knowing that the sociopathic Mufti had already urged the execution of 15 men accused of collaborating with Israel. Sabri was also known for his admiration of child suicide bombers, and is known for his statement "the younger the martyr the more I respect him'. In 2003 Sabri visited the US and appropriately celebrated the ground breaking of the Tawfek Saleh Islamic elementary school in Broward County Florida, which merged with the Garden of the Sahaba school belonging to the Islamic Center of Boca Raton where member Dr. Rafiq Sabir was arrested for ties to Al Qaeda.

According to news article Sabri oxymoronically decreed that " a delay of the execution orders "encouraged the phenomenon of revenge in the Palestinian community" a verdict which elicted as much silence worldwide as the Michael Jackson verdict will elicit publicity.

Palestinian Authority executes 4 convicted killers


JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Four convicted killers were executed Sunday by Palestinian security forces in Gaza, a Palestinian Interior Ministry spokesman said.

Three of the men were hanged and the other was executed by shooting, said Tawfik Abu Houssa.

Executions by the Palestinian Authority must be approved by President Mahmoud Abbas.

International human rights groups have criticized past executions approved by Abbas' predecessor, Yasser Arafat.

Growing lawlessness and anarchy in Gaza prompted Abbas to meet with representatives of Palestinian militant groups in Gaza on Thursday, a bid to maintain a fragile cease-fire with Israel.

Since that meeting with Abbas, militants and Palestinian security officials have clashed at least twice in Gaza, including a shooting at the home of a Palestinian security chief, Rashid Abu Shbak.



Abbas brings back death penalty Palestinian security forces have carried out their first executions since 2002, reversing a stay imposed in response to international pressure.

Four men who had confessed to murders in a Gaza court were killed on Sunday - three by hanging, one by firing squad.

The executions are part of the Palestinian Authority's (PA) attempt to rein in lawlessness, a spokesman said.

The death penalty is likely to be opposed by the European Union, top donor to the PA, say correspondents.

Human rights groups had expressed their concern at the revival of the death penalty - indicated in February by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

New policy

Mr Abbas signed the order on Saturday, interior ministry spokesman Tawfiq Abu Housa said.

"There is a new policy of enforcing the law to face and fight the chaos and lawlessness in the Palestinian territories," Mr Housa said.

Until Sunday, nine death sentences had been carried out since the formation of the Palestinian Authority in 1994 - out of 70 imposed by the courts, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.

Late leader Yasser Arafat stopped authorising executions in 2002 following international criticism of the measure.

In February, Mr Abbas - responding to pressure from Palestinians to end "security chaos" in the Gaza Strip - asked the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, for an Islamic legal ruling on the death penalty.

Sheikh Sabri was asked to review 51 cases - about half concerning alleged collaborators with Israel, an especially sensitive issue, correspondents say.

The grand mufti recommended a resumption of executions saying a delay of the execution orders "encouraged the phenomenon of revenge in the Palestinian community".


Peres: The PA is Not Doing Us Any Favors

Sunday, June 12, 2005

(IsraelNN.com) Speaking to Army Radio earlier this afternoon, Vice Premier Shimon Peres indicated Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders must decide what kind of state they want, a legitimate government rule or anarchy and terrorism.

Peres was referring to statements made by PA Foreign Minister Nasser al-Qedwa, who stated that weapons would not be confiscated from terrorists as long as Israel continues its "occupation of PA areas."

Peres sought to play down the senior PA official's statements, indicating both Israel and the PA must comply with their respective responsibilities or face the consequences.

The senior minister explained that if the PA does not halt terror, then the global community would view the PA as a terrorist state and that is unavoidable. He added Israel need not grow too concerned over every statement, adding the litmus test will be PA actions, not statements.

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