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About Militant Islam Monitor

"The War on Terror is World War IV"
- Eliot Cohen

Welcome to Militant Islam Monitor. Our mission is to provide an online resource documenting the activities and identities of Islamist individuals and groups in the United States and abroad.

What is militant Islam?

"Militant Islam is a Utopian ideology, initiated in the 20th century, that attracts only a portion of Muslims, (10 to 15 percent) seeks to gain control of governments, and is nakedly aggressive toward all those who stand in it' way, no matter what their faith...Unnoticed by most westerners, militant Islam has unilaterally declared war on Europe and the United States... The enemy in this war is not terrorism, but militant Islam." - Dr. Daniel Pipes, Militant Islam Reaches America"

"After Sept. 11, everyone in America knows full well the power and persistance of these militant radical groups... Is is a certainty that the terrorists, already living among us, will continue to pursue their destructive agenda." Steve Emerson -American Jihad

Militant Islam Monitor will aim to provide the informational arsenal necessary to take part in the struggle against militant Islam and terrorism.