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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Saudi Ambassador and Bin Laden friend Turki flees Washington -stiffs US lackeys -Al Jubeir new face of KSA Jihad

Saudi Ambassador and Bin Laden friend Turki flees Washington -stiffs US lackeys -Al Jubeir new face of KSA Jihad

December 25, 2006

Al Turki Flees, al-Jubeir Steps Up - No Net Change In Continuing Saudi Jihad

December 22, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Perhaps the best place to start in explaining why Adel al-Jubeir's appointment as the Saudi Ambassador changes nothing in the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States is to understand al-Jubeir's role in defending the Islamic Saudi Academy, a Wahhabist funded madrassa located in Virginia.

The Islamic Saudi Academy is as its website states "a subsidiary of the Saudi Ministry of Education."

It is therefore not surprising that the institution's curriculum - developed in conjunction with the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da'wah and Guidance, the country's primary enforcer and exporter of Wahhabism - is engineered to turn out little Islamists through a program of instruction that demeans Christians and Jews as infidels.

The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs's website is prominently linked to by the academy. The Saudi Ministry site features 35 Quranic references to "The superiority of Jihad" and 27 similar entries stressing "The superiority of Mujihideen," including:

"Let those fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter, To him who fighteth in the cause of Allah - whether he is slain or gets victory - soon shall We give him a reward of great (value)." [source Al Islam Quranic search Surah 4, Verse 74]

The overt nature of such radical Islamic indoctrination having been called to task, Adel al-Jubeir, then spokesman for the Saudi embassy jumped to defend the institution, stating that criticism of its curriculum and practices was, "shameful" and designed "to be using this as a source of bigotry. They are making a big thing out of nothing." - [source Washington Times, Islamic groups hit curriculum at Saudi school]

It is worth noting that one of the critics of the academy's jihadist curriculum was CAIR, a group whose Wahhabist roots are undeniable, and which apparently disagreed with the school's approach on the basis that it has generated bad public relations, reflecting poorly on CAIR's Saudi employers.

Regardless, it's clear that Jubeir was selected for his ability to deliver oily and absurd defenses of the world's number one terror funder, Saudi Arabia:

"Third, and perhaps most importantly, Saudi Arabia has taken steps to combat the mindset that instills and justifies acts of terror, hatred and violence. Islam is a religion of peace, benevolence and tolerance, and we will not allow deviants to corrupt our faith. We are revitalizing our educational system to instill the true values of our faith: compassion, moderation, love and peace, while improving critical thinking. In our mosques, imams who have preached hatred and violence have been taken to task. An example has been set, and our religious scholars are working to bring those who have deviated back to the peaceful and tolerant precepts of Islam." [source Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Embassy, SAUDI GOVERNMENT'S NATIONAL CAMPAIGN AGAINST EXTREMISM]


MIM: The Saudi ambassador Turki's 'unexpected' departure from his ambassadorial post in Washington is in keeping with the Saudi MO: Be secretive, deceive, never give a straight answer-play both sides - and lie.

Speculation abounds as to the reasons for Turkis abrupt disappearence which is attributed to a his being needed to plan a war for Iraq - to the more plebian problem of unpaid bills.

Below some of the speculation based on other peoples equally speculative theories:

The Washington Post:

Royal Intrique unpaid bills precede departure

The debts by one of the world's wealthiest countries -- owed to the very lobbyists, advisers and event organizers hired to promote the kingdom -- have left a trail that weaves together bitter princely rivalries, diplomatic subterfuge and a policy clash over one of the thorniest issues of the day: what to do about Iran.

As relations among the royals frayed over the past year, Turki was increasingly squeezed financially. The kingdom did not provide the millions needed to pay Saudi bills, according to contractors and sources close to the royal family. A single contractor -- Qorvis Communications LLC, which oversees Saudi image-building -- has not been paid more than $10 million this year, its entire annual contract, confirms Qorvis partner Michael Petruzzello. Because Qorvis subcontracts to smaller firms, the unpaid bill has left the most high-profile American lobbyists for the kingdom unpaid all year. Others have also not been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to contractors.

Petruzzello said late payment is normal for the Saudis. "I don't find this new, unusual or in any way alarming. It's the way it's gone not just with the Saudis but with other governments," said Petruzzello, although he acknowledged that he had brought up the payment issue several times with Turki.

But subcontractors with Qorvis said they had never been forced to wait more than a few months. Meredith Iler, who is an event organizer, is owed almost $300,000 this year, according to a source familiar with her contract. Her arrangement with Qorvis stipulates that she will be paid monthly even if Qorvis has not received payment, yet she has not been reimbursed for expenses incurred in travels to organize events for Turki, the source said.

Les Jenka, a former Reagan administration official who has served on the Council for American-Saudi Dialogue, also confirmed that he has not been paid.

Gallagher Group's Jamie Gallagher, a former congressional staffer who served as a lobbyist for the kingdom for 11 years, said this is the first time he has not been paid for a whole year. He is owed more than $100,000. "There are people who are owed more than I am. I haven't been able to figure it out," he said.


"Why Did the Saudi Ambassador Quit?"

Time Magazine:

The explanations for Turki's abrupt departure vary wildly: Turki will replace his ailing brother as foreign minister; Turki was furious he was cut out of last month's Cheney-King Abdullah meeting; Turki felt slighted because Bandar was actively undermining him in Washington; Turki is in a succession fight with Sultan, the defense minister and Bandar's father; Turki couldn't get an audience with the neocons; Turki was caught secretly meetings the Israelis. It's not surprising there isn't a consensus; the Saudis keep their own counsel.

But someone who saw Turki before he left Washington advised me to consider another explanation: Turki was recalled to prepare for the possibility of war with Iran.


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