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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Muslims in Britain thank those who showed sympathy and solidarity with them after terrorists attacks on infidels

Muslims in Britain thank those who showed sympathy and solidarity with them after terrorists attacks on infidels

August 9, 2005

MIM: In lieu of flowers the MCB could ask all those who sympathise with the plight of Muslims in the UK to donate money to Al Qaeda via their Webstar terror network run by MCB finance chairman Iqbal Asaria.


MCB Expresses Gratitude For Your Messages

Mon 18 Jul 2005
The Muslim Council of Britain is proud and grateful for the solidarity of the British people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, in the face of such barbarity.
The Muslim Council of Britain would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all those ordinary individuals, organizations, and representative of other faiths, who have sent messages of support to the Muslim community in the days following the London attacks.

This is a difficult time for our whole country, particularly for those who have suffered loss and injury through these mindless acts of violence.

The Muslim Council of Britain is proud and grateful for the solidarity of the British people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, in the face of such barbarity.

We hope and pray that in the days to come we do not have any more victims of the London attacks in the form of an ignorant backlash against ordinary peace-loving Muslims.

The following are comments:
This is a note to offer my support to you all. Over the last few weeks in these difficult times, you have displayed courage, dignity and a voice of common sense. I know that most of the people I spoke to about the issues are supportive of Muslim citizens and abhor the behaviour of an ignorant few. This has only made the greater majority of us want to support all British citizens whatever race, colour or creed in living together in a peaceful society. Thanks for your courage! Frances Webb-Thurgood, Lewisham, London
Frances Webb-Thurgood
I have just heard about the number of hate mails you have received after the recent events in London. I wanted to express to the council my disgust at the behaviour of these hate-filled people who seem to hate the wonderful diversity of the UK. I want to add my voice to the many that condemn such attitudes. I hope that as a country we are stronger and more united in fighting such people who wish to take advantage and manipulate recent events to spread bigotry and hatred
Morna Lane
Firstly, I would like to say that what happened in London was awful. I am a young British Muslim growing up in these difficult times. What happened in London is by the few extremist, whose minds have been twisted by radicals. They are a minority in are religion and always will be because Islam is about peace and the killing of innocent people is wrong. In addition, I would like to pay my respects to those, who lost their lives or were injured in London. My thoughts are with them and with their relatives.
kamran arshad
I would like to extend a hand of friendship & brotherhood to all Muslims & non-Muslims. It is only by remaining 'human' to one another we can hope that these dreadful attacks will cease. I feel saddened that some people (in this country) will group the people who try to cause this loss of innocent life with all Muslims. I feel strengthened that many of us do not share this view - are not so narrow-minded. Peace to all.
David Atkins
I am not religious at all. However, I clicked on to your website to see what Muslims thought about the current terrorist crisis and was reassured to read the statements on your site - you have my full support. I hope that by all working together we can stop these evil maniacs.
Ian Chidwick
I have been appalled to hear that The MCB, and Muslims in general, have been subject to intensified hate messages and attacks since the beginning of July. I am writing to add my voice to the group of people who are sending you messages and thoughts not of hate, but of love and support. I am sorry that there are people with such narrow minds that they cannot understand the harm they are causing, and I hope that you can believe that the majority of your fellow Britons do not feel the same way. I do not have detailed knowledge about the Muslim way of life; I was bought up Church of England but do not choose to follow an organised religion. I am a 30-year-old woman who loves and appreciates diversity as exciting and educating. I also strive to ignore the small minority of people filled with fear, who act without thinking or without feeling with their heart. We can all be proud of our heritage, culture and roots, but at the same time be clear that first and foremost we are brothers and sisters; fellow countrymen and women who will not accept the heightened levels of violence in this, our country. I was proud of Amir Khan last weekend, and hope that he will continue to be an inspiration to people of all ages, never mind their race or religion. Thank you for your time. This was supposed to be a short message of support, and has turned out longer than I had intended. My thoughts are with all people facing pain or discrimination from others today. Please remember that this is not the way everyone feels.
As a committed Christian, I would like to add my voice to all those who are expressing their disgust at the abuse you have received in recent weeks. Hatred has shown its face in too many places of late, and I hope that the communities of faith in London in particular will do all they can to show a face of love instead, which is the only way that we can defeat this evil. Peace be with you.
Joel Lewis
Despite their tragedy, family of Shahara Islam has shown us immense faith, dignity, and courage. This young woman's life should be a reminder to all faiths that extreme hostility will never ascend the brightness of her short life and legacy. Equally, the Muslim Council of Britain has displayed the same proper standards. Sadly the benighted amongst us chose these dreadful acts of terror to disparage both the MCB and Muslim citizens, living within our communities. Take strength from those who value your efforts to bring harmony into the equation. Above all I hope you will continue to reach out to others in your composed way. I wish you well.
Rosemary-Linda Heskett
Just a note to say how saddened I have been to hear reports of abusive emails to the MCB and hate crimes being perpetrated against Muslims. I only hope the messages of support and solidarity you have also been receiving offer some comfort and reassurance. There may be difficult times ahead, but in my heart I am sure that the overwhelming majority of us who want to live together peacefully cannot be beaten. We will defeat the terrorists; we will defeat the racists, simply by standing together. Best wishes.
Gary Owen
I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you at this difficult time. I also wish to express my disgust at those who would monopolize the actions of a few to generate hatred and discord during a time when all the people in our country should stand together united. It is important that Muslims understand that not all non Muslim British people are bigots or full of hate, many, like me, value the richness and diversity of our land. With all good wishes for a peaceful and united tomorrow.
Can I just express my gratitude to you and all law-abiding Muslims for your responsible attitude to the events of recent weeks. I do wish that extremists, both Muslim and non-Muslim, would not polarize issues - most British people have no reason to be "anti-Islam" and most realize that Islam at its core is a faith of peace and that except for a minority, are valuable members of the community, in the same way that most British people are not football hooligans or members of the IRA.
Dear Muslim Council of Britain, I would like to express my support and sympathy for all those Muslim citizens of London who now have to add to their fear of terrorist bombs, fear of backlash and prejudice. I heard that the MCB has received thousands of abusive emails. I am sickened by this, and sorry for the people who have had to read through mountains of this vile hate mail. It's so easy for those filled with hatred to shout the loudest. I fervently hope that most people in the UK understand that the bombers were criminal fanatics acting totally against the teachings of Islam, and I hope that the MCB is receiving many messages of goodwill and support as well. Sincerely yours, Jenny Downes, Farringdon, London, July 22nd.
Jenny Downes
I have a lot of Muslim friends who own businesses all over London, when I go into any one of their establishments I am looked after very well. What saddens me throughout all of this is that when using public transport everyone who is of an Asian origin carrying a rucksack becomes a suspect. These extremist are not helping your faith much, that is why it is very important that you continue to work with leaders of your faith to enlighten them of the image that all of this is portraying to the Great British Public and the world on the whole.
Lance Jones
I'd like to thank the Muslim Council of Britain for their hard work in their attempts to route out hard-line extremists from our society. You are a credit to Great Britain and I, a Christian would like to offer you my heartfelt appreciation and thanks.
Craig Ruff
Dear MCB, I am a UK Christian citizen living in France. I've heard on the radio that you've been receiving abusive emails. I have family living in London, but I also wanted to pass on my message of support to the Muslim community who I know are not to blame for these atrocities. The people who perpetrate these crimes are not worthy of belonging to any religion, and I wish you to know that the majority of people understand that these actions, even if the terrorists may say are carried out in the name of Islam, we know that your religion does not and could never approve. Kind regards & peace,
Subject: With support and concern. Just a brief message to say that I am thinking of your Council at this difficult time and wish it the very best. I am proud to live in such a richly diverse nation. With every good wish, Dr Adrian G. Marshall. Aberdeen Scotland

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