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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Wahhabist funded ADC gives "Friend in Government Award" to FL State Attorney Acosta - announces 'Outreach Grant' from DOJ

Wahhabist funded ADC gives "Friend in Government Award" to FL State Attorney Acosta - announces 'Outreach Grant' from DOJ

Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee got 6 million dollars from suicide bomber telethon Prince Altawheed in March 2005
July 5, 2005

MIM: The keynote speaker at theADC dinner was Prince Waleed Al Talal Al Saud, who announced the formation of a Holding Company and pledged funding for the ADC, CAIR, the AAI and other like minded groups. Al Saud personally pledged 3 million to former ADC president James Abourzek to fund the new ADC building . In 2002 Al Saud contributed 27 million dollars to the families of suicide bombers during a telethon for 'martyrs' held in Saudi Arabia . At the same even the At the same event the ADC awared the new Interim Attorney for Florida, Alexander Acosta it's 'Friend in Government Award". An ADC press release stated that:
"...The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee thanks Assistant Attorney General R. Alexander Acosta of the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division for his outstanding contribution to protecting the civil rights of all Americans. ADC wishes Acosta all the best of luck and a very bright future in his new capacity as Interim US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. .."

MIM: Six weeks later the ADC announces that they have been "recently selected by the Department of Justice ...to conduct a one year outreach campaign to "educate potential victims" about job discrimination. In short, the DOJ has now joined forces with the Saudis to aid in the shakedown and Islamisation of the American workplace . http://www.adc.org/index.php?id=2535 DOJ Awards ADC Outreach Grant

ADC Press Release
June 29, 2005

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is pleased to have been recently selected by the Department of Justice, Office of Special Counsel For Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices, to conduct a one-year outreach campaign. The outreach campaign will focus on education about, prevention of, and what to do in the case of employment discrimination.

The Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices investigates and prosecutes allegations of national origin and citizenship status discrimination in hiring, firing, and recruitment or referral for a fee. The office also investigates unfair documentary practices during the employment eligibility verification process and retaliation under the anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

ADC's outreach program will focus on Arab Americans, immigrant workers, and employers on a national level utilizing its grassroots advocacy, legal, and media networks. The goal is to educate potential victims about immigration-related job discrimination as well as providing information about potential remedies under the law. The program will also inform employers about their responsibilities and prohibited practices under the law. Additionally, the program will promote an understanding of employment rights pertaining to discrimination on the basis of national origin and citizenship.

For more information, you can contact the Office of Special Counsel at http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/osc or at 202-616-5594

Mailing Address:
U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related
Unfair Employment Practices
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20530

Main Number: (202) 616-5594

Fax Number: (202) 616-5509

Toll Free Information Number and Worker Hotline: 1-800-255-7688
(202) 616-5525 or 1-800-237-2515 (TDD for hearing impaired)

Employer Hotline: 1-800-255-8155
1-800-362-2735 (TDD for hearing impaired)

E-mail Address: [email protected]. We will make every effort to respond to emails that relate to the work of this office within 30 days. However, for immediate assistance, please call our employer hotline (1-800-255-8155) or worker hotline (1-800-255-7688).
Web Address: http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/osc

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