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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > ICNA Canada issues press release urging that Muslims who were arrested in bomb plot not be accused of terrorism

ICNA Canada issues press release urging that Muslims who were arrested in bomb plot not be accused of terrorism

July 2, 2006

Attention News Editors:


Muslim organization commends the efforts of Security forces

 TORONTO, June 5 /CNW/ - ICNA Canada, a national organization of Canadian
Muslims, joins other fellow Canadians in commending the efforts of our
security forces to combat terrorism in Canada. ICNA Canada condemns terrorism
in all of its forms and believes that it should be dealt appropriately.
 National security is a top most priority for all of us and we urge all
Canadians, including the Muslim community, to cooperate with the security
forces to combat all forms of terrorism. However we urge and hope that
authorities will take due care in making sure that innocent individuals are
not subjected to serious allegations of terrorism, in this regard.
 Canadian Muslims also asked the authorities to make sure that Muslim
Community does not become the target of any backlash or hostility in the
perspective of these unfortunate events. ICNA Canada has confidence that our
justice system will accord these individuals transparency of due process and
the presumption of innocence.

For further information: please contact: Latif Mirza, Secretary General
ICNA Canada, Phones: (416) 788-9666, (905) 257-4262 ext. 222
MIM: The Youth Division of ICNA is the Muslim Youth and they are based in Mississagauga 
where the 17 terrorist suspects including several minors were arrested. A look at their 
mission statement may give a clue as to why.
Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA) - Toronto Division		(1/99)
	2200 South Sheridan Way
	Mississauga, ON
	L5J 2M4
	Phone: (905) 829-2477
	Fax: (905)829-8598
	Email: [email protected]
	Notes: MYNA Toronto is a division of Muslim Youth of North America
	Notes: (MYNA). Our organization is a non-profit organization
	Notes: which is designed to serve the youth in North America.
	Notes: Our purpose is the instill a deep love of Islam within
	Notes: Muslim youth and to help them practice their faith completely.
	Notes: MYNA is affliated with the Islamic Society of North America
	Notes: (ISNA). Living in North America presents a great challenge
	Notes: for all Muslims. Surrounded by material wealth in a nation
	Notes: that is in dire need of our faith, and in a world in which
	Notes: our Ummah is in dire need of our assistance, we will surely
	Notes: be accountable for how we utilize our resources for the
	Notes: promotion and advancement of Islam and Muslims. Without
	Notes: good planning, close cooperation and generous contributions,
	Notes: we will never find the opportunity to improve our services
	Notes: to the Muslim youth in North America, nor can we effectively
	Notes: serve the cause of Allah (swt) in providing da'wah to the
	Notes: youth of today.

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