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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Almost As Many Jews As Muslims At "A Meeting Of Modern Muslim Minds" Held In March In Toronto

Almost As Many Jews As Muslims At "A Meeting Of Modern Muslim Minds" Held In March In Toronto

Jewish Organizations And Leaders Over Represented At Event Hosted By 'Muslims Facing Tomorrow'
July 19, 2017

MIM: Once again the total bankruptcy of the 'Muslim Reform Movement' was showcased by an event called "A Meeting of Modern Muslim Minds" which was held in Toronto on March 26 2017. At least 2 of the named speakers were Jews and 3 of the "supporting" organizations were directed by Jews. According to the picture the usual Trojan Horse of 'Muslim Reformers' was trotted out of the Kafir funded stable. It was a pathetic showing in both word and deed which was best summed up by Raheel Raza one of the participants. "Stay tuned for more information and action as this movement grows." Given the fact that some of these Muslim groups have been in existence since 9/11 and that tens of thousands of dollars have been thrown their way it would be advisable for Kafirs not to hold their breath.

Muslims Facing Tomorrow
April 7 ·

Posted on March 28, 2017 by raheelraza

Sunday March 26 was a wet, dark and cold day in Toronto. But inside the boardroom of Hilton Garden Inn, there was warmth, light and critical thinking.
This is because Muslims and non-Muslims came together for a one day summit to speak about issues that face all of us.
The event was hosted by Muslims Facing Tomorrow and supported by The Canadian Coalition Against Terrorism. Organizations attending were: The American Islamic Forum on Democracy, Middle East Forum, Muslim Reform Movement, The Clarion Project and Forum for Learning. We were professionally and artistically facilitated by Courtney Lonergan.
We discussed strategies to strengthen ourselves in combatting Islamism as reform minded Muslims with all the challenges involved.
The event culminated with a dinner for supporters of our movement. There were heartfelt speeches by Dr. Daniel Pipes, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser , Asra Nomani and Professor Salim Mansur. Also attending were Professor Jordan Peterson and Ezra Levant.
The response was overwhelming. One attendee wrote "all my heroes in one place. The evening inspired me to reaffirm my commitment to participate in this work through my writings…" and "A wonderful dinner with wonderful people. Thank you Raheel Raza & MFT for all your dedication and passion in the fight against extremism."
Stay tuned for more information and action as this movement grows.

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