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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > NL prince with family ties to Nazis implies that Wilders "polarises...debate" and is "acting destructively" by criticising radical Islam

NL prince with family ties to Nazis implies that Wilders "polarises...debate" and is "acting destructively" by criticising radical Islam

Royal family has history of support for leftist Islamist causes - wife of prince Friso - Mabel Wisse Smit used children's "charity" to smuggle arms
May 2, 2007

MIM: Willem -Alexander doth protest too much - his worry about the "sharp tone" that some politicians (read Geert Wilders) "use on immigrants in Dutch society". (read Muslims) "polarises the debate" is disingenuous and a continuum of the royal familie's decades long sympathy with Nazis, leftists and Islamists.

The Prince's brother Friso is married to Mabel Wisse Smit aka Mabel who was the mistress of Mohammed Sarcibey the Bosnian foreign minister who armed Muslim mujahideen. Mabel used her position as head of the Brussels office of the George Soros directed Open Society Institute and her War Child "charity" to help arm radical Islamists in Bosnia. See:Peter Siebelt: Wife of Dutch prince -Soros Foundation Brussels director Mabel Wisse Smit bears responsibiity for Srebenica massacre' http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/2213

According to researcher Peter Siebelt Mabel (the royal family) and her lover Sarcibey were peripherially complicit in the so called "Srebenica Massacre" even before she married into their circle. The Dutch royal family's Nazi connections - run the spouses on the present Queen Beatrix and her mother Wilhemina. William Alexander's remarks criticising Geert Wilders (head of the Party for Freedom) for warning about the dangers of radical Islam is just the latest manifestation of the royal family's ongoing love affair with leftist and Islamist causes.

Crown prince calls for mild tone on Islam


THE HAGUE, 02/05/07 - Crown Prince Willem-Alexander is worried about the sharp tone that some politicians use on integration of immigrants in Dutch society. He considers this unnecessarily polarises the debate.

The crown prince gave public broadcaster NOS a TV interview on the occasion of his 40th birthday. He could not say when he would ascend the throne. When this happens, he will, like his mother Queen Beatrix, try to play a binding role in society, the crown prince said.

In the interview, the prince said he is worried about "people who are basically acting destructively." He appeared to be referring to Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders, who unsuccessfully demanded earlier this year that Justice State Secretary Nebahat Albayrak give up her Turkish passport.

The prince considered that debates on dual nationality had a polarising effect. "Now and then, it would be good for people not to immediately say something back, but just wait a bit, consider and then say something. (...) Not for nothing do we have the saying: 'Speech is silver, silence is golden.'

A survey held by NOS showed that 70 percent of the Dutch want Queen Beatrix to abdicate in favour of her son within three years. Eighty percent of the Dutch consider the crown prince suitable to be monarch. Around 77 percent want the Netherlands to remain a monarchy.

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