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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Rizwan Wadan: Devout Muslim Filmaker Claims Islam Has Nothing To Do With Islamic Terrorism

Rizwan Wadan: Devout Muslim Filmaker Claims Islam Has Nothing To Do With Islamic Terrorism

'Error In Terror' Director Boasts Of Blowing Up A Market And 'Getting Away With It'
November 18, 2021

"I'm the only Muslim in the world who has blown up a market place and got away with it"

Rizwan Wadan is a devout Muslim filmaker with a propaganda mission. The Pakistani native released his "Error In Terror" - ' Terrorism Has No Religion' 2 minute video to coincide with the 13th year commemoration of the 7/7 terrorist suicide bombings in London. Wadan says the film "aims to separate Islamic teachings and principles from being associated with terrorism,"

Wadan claims that "The biggest stigma and the biggest cause and the biggest cause of division between the Muslim and non-Muslim world is that our community is tarnished with the brush of terrorism".

Ironically, his film depicts just that, showing a young Muslim man with a backpack blowing up a marketplace. https://www.arabnews.com/tags/rizwan-wadan

The film, which cost 1.2 ml pounds to make, was financed by UK taxpayers and the government's British Film Institute in addition to over 50 sponsors which include the East London Mosque a documented terrorism hub.

Wadan's Islamist weltaanschaung is evident in an interview with journalist Chris Sweeney who writes; ...[T]he concept behind the "Error in Terror" video is that Wadan sees the attacks as the perpetrators personal expressions. That mindset is usually applied to art, music or poetry. Is it really fair to regard a bombing as a form of expression?" To which Wadan replies; "Everything is a form of expression...Ultimately what you do leaves behind a story..."


No surprise that the East London Mosque is among the sponsors of Wadan's film. According to a Henry Jackson Society Report: "Extremism in the Community: The Case of Shakeel Begg" (URL pgs 21, 22,23)


"In 2011 footage came to light of Junaid Ahmad... giving an address at the East London Mosque In that speech Ahmed glorified martyrdom and the proscribed terror group Hamas.During the talk entitled "Martyrs Meadow" Ahmad praised a number of Hamas leaders and referred to Ismail Haniyeh Hamas' chieftain in Gaza as "our leader". During the same speech Ahmed said "Every single resistance fighter is an example for of us to follow. And every child who dies, we wish our children would be in a similar position and realize the aggression that is taking place against the believers."

Contrast these statements with Wadan's disingenuous message that "terrorism has no religion"!

Wadan went on a tour of the UK where he shows his film in British pubs, where he is seeking "face to face debates with groups and individuals who hold Islamophobic views, as well as imprisoned Islamic extremists", https://britishcinematographer.co.uk/uk-film-industry-supports-anti-terrorism-campaign/

The British (jizya) taxpayer is getting a double whammy in that they are paying for their own Islamist indoctrination via governmental entities like the British Film Institute and National Lottery funds to be foisted upon them in one of their most cherished national institutions, the pub a place reviled in Islam.

One can only imagine that Wazan and his coreligionists at the East London Mosque are gloating at once again having launched a sucessful taqiyya (disinformation) campaign on the non Muslim's dime aimed at at convincing them that Islamic terrorism "has no religion".

The real 'Error In Terror' is putting Muslims like Wadan in positions where they can lie to the public while promoting their Islamist agenda.

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