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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > CAIR Chicago head Ahmed Rehab: Tolerance, compassion and cultural Jihad - 'I come in peace - good riddance b--tch!'

CAIR Chicago head Ahmed Rehab: Tolerance, compassion and cultural Jihad - 'I come in peace - good riddance b--tch!'

November 14, 2006

Rehab as 'wild and Cairzy' guy in beefcake pose and quite the dandy with an unidentified friend at university gig

Ahmed Rehab - CAIR Chicago director waged jihad against American woman in Walgreens

MIM: Poor Ahmed Rehab -the Chicago director of the Hamas front group was the victim of a horrific act of infidel intolerance by what appeared to be a homeless woman whom he referred to as "trailer park trash" and "b--tch" after she requested he stop speaking Arabic at a Walgreens checkout line.

He entertained thoughts of having water poured over her "frizzy head"(in lieu of cutting it off?) but refrained from physical assault no doubt to be able to register this in CAIR's 'hate crime' file as potential fodder for a lawsuit against the chain, claiming that Rehab's Muslim sensibilities had been offended on the premises.

Rehab's torrent of abuse ended when the woman fled the store as he shouted victoriously "good riddance bi--tch!" after her. Rehab then smirked at bystanders" and gloated that he "went back to speaking Arabic loudly".

A recent bio on a UK website announcing a translatlantic dialouge had this glowing description about Rehab's outreach proclivities:

"... Ahmed is a firm believer in the need to reach out and build bridges with "the other" as the most effective way to battle ignorance and suspicion. .."


Monday, November 08, 2004

I come in Peace!

Dear Internet Earthlings,

I comest unto thee in peace.

This is the first of what should hopefully be a somewhat interesting addition to the vast and endless world of blogs.

I am a Muslim-American, otherwise known as a "Mozlem", or a "God Damn Mozlem" depending on how far and deep into the right wing "Red States" you happen to wander.

Living in America as a Muslim these days is a real blessing.

One day I was standing in line at Walgreens (convenience store & pharmacy). I was speaking in Arabic to a friend. A few short sentences into our exchange, the lady in front of us abruptly turns around with utter disgust oozing out of her eyes, "could you please stop talking in that A-rabic jibberish, you are freaking me out! I don't need this!"

She doesn't need this?
Oh well hey, in that case we had better stop.

Though in her forties, her face was wrinkled worse than a shirt fresh out of a washing machine, her blonde hair was frizzed as if she'd just poked a finger in an electric outlet, and her bloodshot blue eyes were bulging out. She had a slight tremor in her hand, her voice was croaky like that of a compulsive smoker/drinker. She reeked of smoke.

At first, I was stunned. I had never been faced with such a situation before. I wondered what she was thinking, that perhaps we were planning a bombing of the candy section, of the twin gumball slot machines?

The clerk stood still watching; the rest of our fellow shoppers in the Walgreens line paused to watch as well. My accomplice in the act of speaking Arabic in public - who was half-Russian and characteristically as cool as Siberia - chose to look the other way.

I had to do something. Though my blood was boiling, I thought to myself, now is your chance to practice the understanding, forgiving, and tolerant spirit you have always championed.

"Well, if you do the world a favor and never stray out of the trailer trash park from which you hail, I promise you will never have to hear any of the world's rich and diverse languages!"

Couldn't do it. I simply couldn't. I didn't feel myself speaking. I just did.

I didn't feel too bad about it though. True, I was being intolerant, but of what? Of something I should be intolerant of: ignorance. Not only ignorance mind you, but audacity.

This woman had the audacity to express her ignorance in public without the least bit of consideration as to anyone's feelings. I thought a nice pail of cold water thrown on her frizzy head might do her as much good as it does me.

She stormed out of the store, muttering to herself. I yelled after her as my friend held me back, "Good riddance B****!"

Ok, that was a bit much.

But I felt so much better. I smirked at the bewildered bystanders, most of whom promptly cracked a half smile back my way. Then I went right back to speaking to my friend in Arabic - loudly.

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