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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > AMANA -mosque director who employed bomber fugitive's father says "Muslims just want to keep a low profile"

AMANA -mosque director who employed bomber fugitive's father says "Muslims just want to keep a low profile"

Sofian Zakkout recruits converts to Islam under the guise of interfaith - urges Muslims to take advantage of government benefits
May 23, 2005

MIM: The American Muslim Association of North America, an Islamic propagation center, has ties to the Islamic Association of Palestine and Hamas . One of the ways AMANA director Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout 'keeps a low profile' is by paying solidarity vists to jailed terrorists and announcing to the media that they are victims of discrimination . As usual, the Florida papers failed or deliberately neglected to include any background information on the people and organisations who organised the even which they lauded as an example of Muslim outreach to the community while overlooking the real story . The AMANA director who is quoted in the article has documented ties to local terrorists, and Nidal Sakr who is cited at the conclusion of the piece is the director of an organisation called 'The March for Justice' . Nidal is a radical Islamist who called 9/11 "a Bush bedtime story" and started a campaign to have students boycott Jewish professors at the University of Miami.


Muslims Gather in Cooper City to Eat ,Pray, socialize, learn , and buy items by Gregory Lewis http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/broward/sfl-camana23may23,0,7427691.story?page=2&coll=sfla-news-broward

COOPER CITY Rasul, about 8 years old, was standing outside the mosque wearing a ring of candy around his neck.

"It's time to pray," he said. "But I can't go in with this candy because we're not allowed to take material things with us when we pray."

So he dashed off to the bounce house, where a bunch of children were jumping off the plastic floor.

The first American Muslim Association of North America Community Festival at the Nur-ul-Islam Masjid & School in this sleepy suburb drew mostly Muslims from all over South Florida.

They ate, prayed, hawked wares, socialized and, as in Rasul's case, played.

"The most important thing is bringing people together," said Sofian Abdelaziz, director and counselor of AMANA, a Miami-based Islamic organization founded in 1992. "We're trying to bring about understanding, that Muslims be a part of the communities they live in and get the communities to know Muslims."

There are 1,209 mosques in the United States and 2 million American Muslims associated with them, according to Mosque in America: A National Portrait, a 2001 survey.

Ninety percent of mosques have some Asian, African-American and Arab members.

Michael Everett, a Jamaican-American and Catholic, was one of the few non-Muslims to join in Sunday's festivities.

"This event is to show oneness, unity, peace, fidelity, a sort of compilation of all ethnic groups coming together and sharing," said the Lauderhill resident who is a member of the Diversity Advisory Council of the Broward County Commissioners.

"I applaud the Muslims for their continuous outreach programs to show that all of us are under one God," Everett said.

While religious diversity may have been lacking, full plates of food from the West Indies, Pakistan, India and the Middle East were the order of the day. Ten dollars for all anybody could eat. No belly went unfed.

Abdelaziz said he was pleased with the first effort in Cooper City and that it would continue. It takes at least three attempts to get people from other ethnic groups and religions to join in this kind of event, he said.

"Whether you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim, we're all a part of the same society," he said. "Believe me, even some people who are prejudiced have to learn to live with others, even if you don't love others."

Among the invited vendors was Jeff Green of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Miami office.

"We just want to let the community know we're part of the community like they are," Green said. "We protect the rights they have. Events like this help us to promote a greater understanding of community and law enforcement."

Abdelaziz said it was important to have law enforcement officials at the festival because many Muslims do not know or understand the court system.

"We like to keep a low profile," Abdelaziz said. "We don't want to cause problems. But here they can ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere."

Rasim F. Kut drove from Naples to display Turkish art from the Ottoman Empire. He said his art has a religious flavor to it.

"It brings people close to their creator," he said. "When Muslims bring Islam art into their house, it's in remembrance of Allah and in the remembrance of Allah there is peace."

Nidal Sakr, his wife Sara, and their 8-month-old son Muhammad, who was born in Cairo and is the only member of the family not born in the United States, came "to be among Muslims." Gregory Lewis can be reached at [email protected] or 954-356-4203

Event announcement:

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

You are invited to:


"Bringing Communities Together" A Mission of AMANA

Sunday, MAY 22, 2005

(11:00AM ~ 7:30PM)

Location at: Nur-ul-Islam Masjid & School

10600 SW 59 St., Cooper City, FL 33328

Take I-95 to Stirling Road Exit- Take left (West) all the way to 106 Ave. The location at your Right

Or I-75 to Griffin Road Exit take west to Flamingo Road make Right to

Stirling Road and make left and go to 106 Avenue and the Location in your left.

, ALL YOU CAN EAT ($10.00 per person, Under 7 Free)

West Indies, Pakistani, Indian & Middle Eastern Food

b Rides for the kids, Free Toys & Candies, Games, Sports &

Lots of Fun for the Family.

c Islamic Market-Great Products for Sale


Displays will be organized by Public & Private Agencies to provide free

information and assistance. (Please see list of Co-Sponsored Agencies)

For More Information Contact:

Br. Sofian Abdelaziz (AMANA): 305-898-9314,

Br. Nader Khan (Nur-ul-Islam): 954-435-5149,

Br. Shazam Mohamad (Masjid Shamsuddin):305-502-5585,

Br. Moen Mohamed, (IMOF): 954-963-9154,

Br. Rashid Mahamad (Almomineen): 954-647-0306,

Br. Mustafa Nassar (AMANA): 305-725-5507,

Sister Rafee, Masjid (Al-Mumineen): 954-984-4571,

Sister Una Khan (Senior Citizen Society): 954-964-4293

Br. Yakub Khan (Senior Citizen Society): 954-292-9117

Br. Nael Sammour (Pompano Masjid): 954-274-0111

Community Participants: Islamic Woman Association of South FL, Masjid Nur-ul-Islam, FL Senior Citizens Society, Masjid Almumineen, Shamsuddin, Masjid Alhijrah, Masjid Al-Iman, Masjid Miami Gardens,Darul-Uloom, Masjid An-Noor,Masjid IMOF & Pompano Masjid.

Puplic Participants: Asian-American Advisory Board, FIAC, Steps & Broward County Diversity Advisory Council.

Educational Programs on Safety and Security will be presented by:

Dade County Crime Stoppers, the FDLE (FL Law Enforcement) & Miami-Dade Office of Emergency Management

Event by: AMANA, The American Muslim Association of North America


[email protected]

Contact: 305-898-9314

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