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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Danish cartoons used by UAE as lure for d'awa youth exchange where Muslims and Danes can "rap" about them

Danish cartoons used by UAE as lure for d'awa youth exchange where Muslims and Danes can "rap" about them

April 16, 2006

Young Muslims, Danes rap on cartoons


Dubai (dpa) - The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has organised a landmark meeting between young Danes and Muslims to engage in a dialogue in the aftermath of publication in a Danish paper of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, the local news agency WAM reported.

The meeting is bringing together Muslim youth from all over the world to engage in active and meaningful dialogue with young Danes from the Danish Youth Council - Denmark's largest youth organization with over 70 affiliates, said WAM.

Among the thorny issues that the 60 delegates will be tackling over the weekend are discussions about freedom of expression, integration, the so-called clash of civilizations, the perils of inter-cultural dialogue and what role the media can play in hindering or facilitating global understanding.

The initiative, "The Search for Mutual Understanding", has been organized by the Tabah Foundation under the direction of noted scholar and teacher Habib Ali al-Jifri, and the youth and training Ta'aheel consultancy.

"This is an opportunity for genuine cultural, intellectual and spiritual exchange," said Tabah Foundation's Amienoella Abderoef.

The agency said the presence and participation of the venerable Syrian scholar and globally respected Islamic theologian Dr Said Ramadan al-Buti makes the gathering particularly poignant.

The forum will conclude with a declaration by participants on Monday 17 April.

Last September, a Danish paper published the offending cartoons of Mohammed depicting him in one of them as a terrorist.

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