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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > United 'Nazis' helps terrorists in Gaza - Demands Israel fund Arab 'lebensraum' in Gaza

United 'Nazis' helps terrorists in Gaza - Demands Israel fund Arab 'lebensraum' in Gaza

EU warns Israel that building homes for Jews 'deported' from Gaza will "cause terrorist attacks"
March 22, 2005

MIM:Kurt Waldheim the old SS'er who was head of the UN would be proud that his legacy lives on. The United 'Nazis' continues to carry out their agenda of of making the world 'Judenrein' by aiding and abetting terrorists in Hebron. In a move reminiscent of the Nazi Einsatzgruppen (who drove their victims from their homes, forced them to dig their own graves and often pay for the bullets used to kill them), the UN demanded that Israel fund new neighborhoods for the Arabs who want to destroy them.

Jewish Spokesman for Hebron: UN Helping Terrorists

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


(IsraelNN.com) Noam Arnon, spokesman for the Jews of Hebron, today accused members of the UN force stationed in the city of involvement in terror activity. "They aren't as innocent as they look," he said. "They have been involved in activity surrounding the perpetration of terrorism, and have been accused by senior IDF officers of conducting surveillance and supplying of information."

Recently the UN force complained to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Jewish residents of the city had thrown stones at them. In return, a letter was sent this morning by a branch of the Ministry to the IDF and Police Chiefs of Staff. Arnon responded by explaining that while "this isn't the way [to handle the situation] and we do not want them to get hurt," members of the UN force were "provocatively entering and looking over every corner of the Jewish area," and many residents were disturbed over this.


UN: Israel Should Fund New Arab Neighborhoods in Gaza

Wednesday, March 2, .2005


(IsraelNN.com) Even as Israel is planning to shoulder the costs of demolishing and uprooting Jewish neighborhoods in the Gaza region, the United Nations is asking that Israel donate millions of dollars for building new Arab neighborhoods in Gaza. According to the UN representative, such a donation will lessen the violence and improve the atmosphere between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The request for Israeli funding was made by the Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, Anna Tibaijuka, during a meeting yesterday with Israeli Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Housing Minister Yitzchak Herzog. The three were discussing Mr. Peres' plans for rehabilitating the Gaza area after the Israeli withdrawal of military and civilian Jewish presence there. The UN representative also described for the two ministers the international body's plans for investment in Gaza of the monies collected from nations across the globe.


MIM: More evidence that the UN and the EU have joined forces with the Arabs in their goals to eradicate Israel. Instead of condemning threats of terrorist attacks issued from the PA , EU 'foreign policy chief' has joined the PA in threatening Israel, intimated that it will be their fault if they are attacked for building homes for Jews who will be deported from Gaza. At the same time the UN has demanded that Israel pay to build Arab homes there.


Terrorists May Respond to Ma'aleh Adumim Expansion Plans

Friday, March 25, 2005

The European Union (EU) today charged that Israel's plans to build apartments in Ma'aleh Adumim could jeopardize the peace process, and the PA hinted that terrorists may attack in response.

Javier Solana, foreign policy chief of the EU, said Israel had contravened the road map plan of the United StatesUnited States by proposing new building in Ma'aleh Adumim, a city of more than 30,000 people east of Jerusalem. Israeli officials have pointed out the all of the building is within the city's corporate limits.

Solana said failure of Israel to freeze all building in communities beyond the 1967 border endangers negotiations with the Palestinian Authority (PA), which denounced Israel in sharper terms.

Ahmed Qureia, the PA prime minister, warned that the "United States knows the detail and dangers of such plans." The PA's chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, said the proposed building "puts our effort to revive the peace process into danger." Both leaders confirmed charged that the building construction would weaken their demands that Jerusalem be the capital of a prospectiveproposed Palestinian state.

The PA and terrorist organizations last week agreed to continue the present "cooling off" period on condition that Israel withdraw military forces from all major Arab cities in Judea and Samaria. Israel already has said that the IDF's withdrawal from Kalkilya, near Kfar Saba, will be delayed because the PA has not yet proven responsible in arresting known terrorists following withdrawals from Jericho and Tulkarm in the past two weeks.

Arabs have suggested that the delay in withdrawal from Kalkilya, combined with the expansion plan for Ma'aleh Adumim, may be catalysts for a resurgence of terrorism.

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