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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Better but Deader :NL officials respond to security report that "Muslims are becoming increasing radicalised" by helping them to open more discrimination reporting centers

Better but Deader :NL officials respond to security report that "Muslims are becoming increasing radicalised" by helping them to open more discrimination reporting centers

After the Van Gogh murder Dutch & Belgium Muslims continue to declare that 'integration is discrimination' and form new Islamo facist political party
December 23, 2004

The progressive Dutch are the only ones who still remain open to other cultures :

"This Islamic butchershop is so very interesting !"



MIM: This cartoon was made by Gregorious Nekschot months before the murder of Theo van Gogh, as an attempt to warn people that multi culti kills.

On November 2, 2004 Theo van Gogh, who was butchered by a Muslim in the culmination of multi culturalism run amok and what he characterised as a Dutch " sheepish lack of self respect...and "a teeth chattering fear of being labelled racist and discriminatory" wrote :

" ...The biggest lie which has been sold to the good willed voters for the last thirty years is called "the multi cultural society".Since the robber baron Den Uyl sucked the country dry -we are being told that we who are supposed to be tolerant Dutch -must adapt to the dark medievalists, whose hatred towards the freedom of the individual, which has made the free West into a beacon for the entire world, is being vented increasingly more openly . It is like having a guest who is slowly taking over your house..."

"...If something characterises the so called 'Dutch identity' it is a sheepish lack of self respect, which expresses itself in a teeth chattering panic at the prospect of being labelled 'racist' or 'discriminatory'..." http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/349

The Muslim response to the Dutch request to fight against "increasing radicalism" in their community was for two mosques to brazenly propose opening more 'anti discrimination reporting centers' blaming what they call the Dutch lack of acceptance of Muslims (i.e.refusal to run the country according to Shar'ia law) as the root cause of alienation and radicalisation (!) .

MM: In 2004 it appears that not only has nothing changed in Holland since his murder, but that the Dutch are still blaming themselves 'for not doing enough' in a show of the "lack of self respect" which he made the title of his article, indeed the self destructive bent of the moral relativist 'better but deader' mentality is no better illustrated then the flawed reasoning which prompts Dutch officials to pour public funds into opening discrimination reporting centers where Muslims can complain of perceived bias, while gently hinting to them that it would also be helpful if they were to inform the authorities of any signs of radicalisation in their community.

On the same day that the Dutch AIVD -General Security Services issued a report which stated that:

"The AIVD fears that moderate Muslims are going to fall through the cracks and become radicalised",

The Dutch dhimmis of political correctness showed support for Muslims who wanted to do their mercenary 'bit for the cause' and dutifully announced that:

More reporting centers for anti Muslim discrimination known as 'discriminatie meldpunten' are to be set up specifically for 'Islamophobia'.

Of course, one would think that after the killing of Theo van Gogh, the 'Islamophobia' referred to would be the Dutch fear of Muslim attacks and cause them to want to report suspicious behavior, but in the age of political correctness run amok the 'Islamophobia' reporting centers are for Muslims to file complaints against any Dutch whom they feel are not reciprocating the respect and deference which they feel is their due to them by infidels. It appears that members of the 'De Baarsjes' city council, a predominently Muslim neighborhood, has groveled in abject dhimmitude and is actively aiding and abetting the self serving Muslim initiative.(see picture below)

Not unexpectedly the CIDI - The Center for Information and Documentation Israel, (seen as the Dutch equivalent of the ADL) has announced their support and offered their help for the Muslim initiative. The CIDI ,(like the ADL) is another Jewish grouo which obsesses about anti semitism and knows nothing about Judaism. The article also referred to an unnamed ' Jewish synagouge'. which one can infer is of the liberal/ reform bent whose real religion is that of political correctness. The CIDI, like the ADL in the US, wants to prove they oppose bias in all forms by helping the Islamo facists who would reciprocate by wiping them off the face of the earth, when they do become the majority.This suicidal impulse can be explained as the need to be 'better but deader' . In Germany it was hailed with the slogan "Weg mit Uns" ( Away with Us).

The Dutch dhimmis (see photo below), who are aiding and abetting the "discrimination complaint registration centers' have insidiously lent credence to the Muslim's disingenous contention that: 'If Muslim youth weren't prevented from entering clubs and cafes , they will not feel so alienated from Dutch society and have to go and stab and decapitate people on the street ... Of course, the Muslims who are laying the blame for radicalisation on 'discrimination' against Muslim youth by Dutch club bouncers who refuse them entry based on their violent track records which includes routinely assaulting.stabbing, and terrorising native Dutch customers and molesting women whom they refer to as 'Dutch whores'. The Dutch moral relativists who so despise religion have failed to demand that the Muslim Imams who are so concerned about the spiritual well being of Muslim youth explain why they are complaining about perceived lack of bar and night club entry to Muslim youth, by Dutch bouncers, when Islam forbids them from frequenting cafes and bars in the first place (!)

(Perhaps Abu Hamza al Masri, aka Captain Hook, the Imam of the Finsbury Park/ Al Qaeda mosque , who is presently jailed in the UK on terrorism charges can be consulted and induced to issue on fatwa(religious ruling) about this based on his own prior experience as a night club bouncer... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2919291.stm )

Instead of coming to the government offering to set up a 'radicalism reporting center' the mosques Imams have found support from local politicians and religous groups to set up more 'anti Muslim discrimination reporting centers' which effectively, act as an instruments of threat and intimidation against anyone who raises objections to anti social Muslim behavior or possible radical activitity (!)


Translation by Beila Rabinowitz director MIM (original Dutch article below with photo)

Two Dutch mosques want to set up a reporting station for discrimination against Muslims.

Mosques: Reporting Centers for Discrimination

Amsterdam: Two Amsterdam mosques want to set up a discrimination reporting center. The initiative is the result of talks which the Turkish Mosque Aya Sofya and the Pakistani mosque Ghouia Masjid, both in the city district 'De Baarjes' held with each other as a result of the so called "contact with the society". This was announced on Thursday by the City Council. (1)

The Muslim organisations signed an agreement with the city council of 'De Baarjses" after the murder of Theo van Gogh'.There are agreements in the contract which, among other things, explain how to deal with freedom of expression and to report radical behavior .

The reporting center called 'Islamophobia' will in addition to registering complaints, develop expertise over the type of accusations and ways in which the accusers can react, for example, with written replies and civil lawsuits. The mosques expect among other things reports of discrimination at work and at entertainment establishments.

The Jewish synagouge and the CIDI (Center for Information and Documentation Israel) have announced that they are ready to help the initiative's founders. The reporting center is primarily intended for the residents of 'De Baarjes' district, but will , most likely be extended if it proves sucessful.

(1) The oxymoronic so called 'contact with the society' initiative testifies to it's futility, by the very fact that it had to be launched after more then 40 years of Muslim immigration into Holland well into it's third generation.. The initiative is nothing more then a desperate attempt on the part of the Dutch government to avoid facing the truth that multi culti society concept is an abject failure and completely ignores the Muslims own declarations that they have no interests what so ever in integrating and see the Dutch attempts to make them do so as a form of discrimination. The Muslims in Holland are clearly stating that they see the Dutch 'contact with the society' intiative as an opportunity to manipulate Dutch social service organisations and politicians into serving their community's needs.


Dutch intelligence agency warns that radical Islam is spreading


THE HAGUE, Netherlands Dutch Intelligence is warning that radical Islamic ideology is spreading to thousands of young Dutch Muslims through the Internet.

The assessment comes nearly two months after the murder of film director Theo van Gogh, who was shot and stabbed to death on a busy Amsterdam street.

A letter pinned to his chest with a knife threatened politicians and other so-called "infidel nonbelievers."

The report also cites a variety of other sources of radical Islam that could pose a threat to the Netherlands. They range from mosques openly preaching anti-Western, antidemocratic ideas to an underground political movement backing violent jihad.

There are roughly one million Muslims in the Netherlands.


Mosques: Reporting centers for Muslim discrimination

MoskeeŽn: meldpunt moslimdiscriminatie


AMSTERDAM - Twee Amsterdamse moskeeŽn willen een meldpunt oprichten voor discriminatie jegens moslims. Het initiatief vloeit voort uit besprekingen die de Turkse moskee Aya Sofya en de Pakistaanse moskee Ghousia Mashid, beide gelegen in stadsdeel De Baarsjes, met elkaar voeren naar aanleiding van het zogeheten 'contract met de samenleving'. Dat maakte het stadsdeel donderdag bekend.

De moslimorganisaties tekenden deze overeenkomst vorige maand samen met het stadsdeelbestuur van De Baarsjes naar aanleiding van de moord op Theo van Gogh. In het contract staan afspraken over onder meer hoe om te gaan met vrijheid van meningsuiting en het melden van radicaal gedrag.

Het meldpunt, getiteld Islamofobie, moet naast klachten opvangen expertise ontwikkelen over de aard van de klachten en over de wijze waarop klagers kunnen reageren, bijvoorbeeld met weerwoord of civiele procedures. De moskeeŽn verwachten onder meer meldingen over discriminatie op het werk en in het uitgaansleven.

De joodse synagoge en het CIDI hebben zich bereid getoond de initiatiefnemers te helpen. Het meldpunt is in eerste instantie alleen bedoeld voor de bewoners van De Baarsjes, maar zal wellicht bij succes worden uitgebreid.


Dutch Security Service 60 page report on increasing radicalisation entitled : "From Da'wa to Jihad" proves in the title that Islam is the problem, and then evades dealing realistically with the problem through politically correct endeavors . It is clear that the Dutch government is too intimidated by Muslims to follow through with measures to fight the radicalisation which the report said was becoming a growing threat to Holland and the security of the non Muslims in the country.


Radical -puritaan Muslims in Holland are increasingly viewing the western lifestyle,and with it the entire western society -as the target of violent attacks. They are also 'excommunicating' moderate co religionists with more often .

This was revealed in report by the AIVD -General Information and Security Services, about radical Islam in Holland.

The AIVD finds that the government and society has to do everything to separate moderate Muslims , who are according to estimates 95% from all the Muslims in Holland. The AIVD does not know how large the group is.The AIVD fears that the moderate Muslims are going to fall through the cracks and become radicalised.

Therefore the government should work together with moderate Muslims, who for their part, have to be stimulated to be a counter voice. The AIVD finds it important that there is enough 'competition' from moderate Islam to offset the appeal of radical ideology.

The government must stimulate that.

The AIVD report: "From Da'wa to Jihad" (From Islamic proselytising to armed struggle) was compiled, in par to inform local authorities about the threat.

After the murder of Theo van Gogh, on 2 November, they complained about the lack of information.

In the report the AIVD describes various threats to the democratic rule of law. The agency provides strategies., with which to make the entire society, from government institutions, to schools, and from investigative groups, and religious organisations more 'immune' from the radicalisation process and threats to the rule of law.

Minister Remkes of ( Internal Affairs ) concluded from the AIVD analysis that the prevention, isolation,and the pushing back of the increasing radicalisation is an important way to fight terrorism. This must take place on all levels of society, according to Remkes.


Radicaal-puriteinse moslims in Nederland zien steeds vaker de westerse levensstijl, en daarmee de hele westerse samenleving, als doelwit voor gewelddadige acties. Ook 'verketteren' zij steeds vaker gematigde geloofsgenoten.

Dat blijkt uit een rapportage van de Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD) over de radicale islam in Nederland.

De AIVD vindt dat overheid en samenleving alles moeten doen om een scheiding aan te brengen tussen gematigde moslims, naar schatting 95 procent van alle moslims in Nederland, en de zeer radicale moslims. Hoe groot die laatste groep precies is, weet de AIVD niet. De dienst vreest dat de kans bestaat dat de gematigde moslims tussen wal en schip vallen, en mogelijk zelf radicaliseren.

Daarom zouden overheden meer moeten samenwerken met gematigde moslims, die op hun beurt gestimuleerd moeten worden om een ,,tegengeluid" te laten horen. Ook vindt de AIVD het van belang dat er voldoende ,,concurrentie" komt vanuit de gematigde islam tegenover het radicaliserende gedachtegoed. De overheden moeten dat stimuleren.

De AIVD-rapportage 'Van dawa tot jihad' (van islamitische zending tot gewapende strijd) is mede opgesteld om de lokale autoriteiten te informeren over de dreiging. Na de moord op Theo van Gogh, op 2 november, beklaagden zij zich over gebrek aan informatie. De AIVD beschrijft in het rapport de diverse dreigingen vanuit de radicale islam tegen de democratische rechtsorde. De dienst geeft strategieŽn waarmee de hele samenleving, van overheden tot scholen en van opsporingsinstanties tot religieuze organisaties, ,,weerbaarder" moet worden tegen radicaliseringsprocessen en bedreigingen tegen de rechtsorde.

Minister Remkes (Binnenlandse Zaken) trekt uit de analyse van de AIVD de conclusie dat voorkomen, isoleren of indammen van de toenemende radicalisering een belangrijke manier is om terrorisme te bestrijden. Dat moet in alle lagen van de Nederlandse samenleving gebeuren, meent Remkes.



MIM: The chairman of the CDA fraction (Christian Democrats) has proposed that the Dutch constitution be amended to include a provision which would temporarily or permanently remove the civil rights of any group or individual who attempted to overthrow the rule of law. The proposal was met with opposition by other political parties. The PvdA, (Labor) declared that: the proposal was "almost like a reward for terrorists who want civil rights to be curtailed". Lower house member Luchtenveld of the VVD (People, Freedom and Democracy )"radicalisation of Muslim youth should be fought by making them aware and teaching them about the norms and values of the constitution. According to Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen, whom Theo van Gogh likened as a collaborator during WWII, "The AIVD report adds nothing new, you can't argue against it, we have been busy for a long time trying to stem radicalisation in the city". Cohen's attempts have been written about extensively by Theo van Gogh. In one of his last articles entitled 'Our Mayor ' Van Gogh wrote :

After the 9/11 attacks, mayor Cohen visited mosques in Amsterdam and told Muslims "you are one us" instead of asking them "what are you doing here?"

Recently, Job Cohen debated with self proclaimed Hizbollah member , and head of the AEL, the Arab European League, Diab Abu Jah Jah, whom he complimented with the words, "You are the only one who understands me". The article below also ends with a quote from the Arab European League who personify the Islamist views of integration and multi culturalism and whose leader Diab Abou Jah Jah mockingly proclaimed he had lied to immigration officials about his membership in Hizbollah. Instead of being deported, he recently ran for a government office..

"According to immigration records Abou Jah Jah arrived in Belgium from Lebanon in 1991 as an asylum seeker. On his application form, he claimed that he had belonged to Hizballah and was fleeing after a dispute with militia leaders. "That was a lie," he says now. "I was a 19-year-old boy and I had to make up a story so I could get asylum. I emigrated because I wanted a better life."

Abou Jah Jah and the AEL's platform show that Muslims view integration as a form of discrimination.

. "We have three basic demands," he says. "Bilingual education for Arab-speaking kids, hiring quotas that protect Muslims, and the right to keep our cultural customs. For example, there should be laws that prevent discrimination against women who wear the veil."

The Islamo facist nature of the group is evident in their stance towards Jews and Israel.

We want to warn Antwerp's Jewish community in its entirety to be on its guard. The community's support for Israel is no secret," Ahmed Azzuz, head of the AEL in Belgium told the Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique.

"The AEL calls on the Jewish community in Antwerp to cease its support of, and distance itself from, the state of Israel. If not, attacks in Antwerp are almost unpreventable.."

For more on the AEL's views against integration see Robert Spencer's book Onward Muslim Soldiers.

In addition to setting up the above mentioned 'discrimination reporting centers the Dutch are also allowing an offshoot of the AEL to form a new Muslim Democratic party despite the fact that the AEL was mentioned in the AIVD report as an extremist group and radicalising force among Muslims in Holland (and Belgium).

The AEL response was to refute the facts with lies and hysteria: "The AEL reacted (to the report) "with great indignation" issued a written declaration that "We were named as an organisation whch is 'radical Muslim nationalistic puritan (fundamentalist) ,which is striving for the formation of an Islamic state in Holland. The AEL does not recognise itself in this description ". The members of the AEL have reacted with dismay at this policy paper". "We see it as an attempt to keep Muslims out of the democratic process."

Theo van Gogh's article 'Our Mayor' ended with the question , "How much longer until no native Dutch will be welcome in Amsterdam?". Ten days later, he was ritually murdered by a Dutch born militant Islamist .


'Neem extremisten grondrechten af'

Door een onzer redacteuren

DEN HAAG, 24 DEC. Van groeperingen en individuen die de rechtsstaat omver willen werpen, moeten de grondrechten worden ontnomen. Dat stelde voorzitter Verhagen van de CDA-fractie in de Tweede Kamer gisteren voor in reactie op de rapportage van de Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD) over de radicale islam in Nederland.

Verhagen wil in de Grondwet vastleggen dat wie grondrechten misbruikt zoals het recht op de vrijheid van vergadering, organisatie en vereniging, dat deze tijdelijk of blijvend worden afgenomen. ,,Er zijn groeperingen die de Nederlandse rechtstaat willen afschaffen en hier een islamitische rechtsstaat willen vestigen en de sharia willen invoeren. Dat zijn aanvallen op onze rechtstaat waar we ons ook tegen moeten weren." De voorzitter van de grootste coalitiefractie verwees naar Duitsland, waar in de grondwet is bepaald dat grondrechten kunnen worden ingetrokken.

Oppositiepartij PvdA is het oneens met Verhagen. Volgens Tweede-Kamerlid Dijsselbloem zou de aanpak van Verhagen ,,bijna een beloning zijn voor terroristen, want die willen juist dat de rechtsstaat wordt ingeperkt".

Coalitiegenoot VVD ziet evenmin iets in het CDA-voorstel. Het Tweede-Kamerlid Luchtenveld wil moslims die dreigen te radicaliseren overtuigen van de waarden in de grondwet. ,,Je moet heel erg uitkijken met grondrechten", vindt de VVD'er die het AIVD-rapport beschouwt als ,,een bevestiging van de zorg die de liberalen hebben als het gaat om moslimextremisme". Radicalisering van moslimjongeren moet volgens Luchtenveld gebeuren door ze ,,vertrouwd te maken met de Nederlandse Grondwet en de westerse normen en waarden".

Volgens burgemeester Cohen van Amsterdam bevat de analyse van de AIVD weinig nieuws. ,,Je kan er niets op tegen hebben. Wij zijn al langere tijd bezig met het tegengaan van radicalisering in de stad." Volgens Cohen probeert het stadsbestuur sinds de aanslagen van 11 september 2001 polarisatie, radicalisme en intolerantie in Amsterdam tegen te gaan.

De burgemeesters Wallage van Groningen en Sakkers van Eindhoven menen eveneens dat het rapport van de inlichtendienst weinig toevoegt.

Een van de organisaties die daarin worden genoemd, de Arabisch-Europese Liga (AEL), heeft in een schriftelijke verklaring ,,met grote verontwaardiging" gereageerd. ,,Wij worden genoemd als een organisatie die radicaal moslimnationalistisch, radicaal-islamitisch puriteins is en streeft naar de oprichting van een 'islamitische staat in Nederland'. De AEL herkent zichzelf absoluut niet in deze beschrijving." De leden van de AEL hebben met ,,ontsteltenis gereageerd op de nota". ,,We zien het als een poging om Arabieren en moslims uit te sluiten van het democratische proces."


MIM:The middle class Dutch,many of whom are VVD supporters see the situation very clearly. Many are emigrating abroad and see the Van Gogh murder as the death knell for the rule of law and an ominous portent of things to come. Theo van Gogh was planning to emigrate to the US before he murdered because he said that the Muslims would soon be in the majority and "I don't want to live in a country which is cowering under the censorship of political correctness and where goat fuckers are calling the shots". http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/343

Excerpt from 'Exodus - Dutch middleclass seek a new life"

"...People no longer know what to expect from each other. There are so many rules, but nobody sticks to them. They just do as they want. They just execute people on the streets, it's shocking when you see this for the first time," she said. "We've become so tolerant that everybody thinks they can fight their own wars here. Van Gogh is killed, and then people throw bombs at mosques and churches. It's escalating because the police and the state aren't doing anything about it..." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2004/12/11/wneth111.xml


Sieg Halal!

Politically correct 'Group Fuhrer' Brinkhorst of Economic Affairs presents the new logo of the D'66 party . Next to him stands a member of the Hofstad Groep aka Halal Youth.

More cartoons by Gregorious Nekschot can be seen at:



Note: After the murder of Theo van Gogh Minister Brinckhorst declared that the making of a movie like "Submission" which criticised Muslim abuse of women "was like setting off a match in a munitions factory" and intimating that the Van Gogh was to blame for the murder. Van Gogh's killer Mohammed Bouyeri of the Hofstad Groep (an extension of Tafkir Wal Hijra), was the prototype of Dutch born young "radicalised Muslims" which are described as being on the increase in the AIVD report. Dutch officials are fooling themselves and the citizens into thinking that these Muslims can be turned away from radicalism if they are made to understand the "values and norms of the constitution".

The cartoonist labels the Islamo facists "Halal Jugend" as the new 'gestalte' of "Hitler Youth".


"When I saw the film I thought"uh oh, how will this finally end?" You know what happens when you light a cigarette in a munitions dump. Such a film is permissible, but unwise.I can understand that Muslims were upset by it.Don't blame me! Who is being naive here ?" according to Brinckhorst.


His killer Mohammed Bouyeri of the Hofstad Groep was a member of a group of "radicalised Muslims" which are described in the AIVD report. The cartoonist labels the Islamo facists "Halal Jugend" as the new 'gestalte "Hitler Youth".

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