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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > The Muslim American Society "Fulfilling the Mission" conference gloats about finally having reached 'The Capitol area' 2/27/05

The Muslim American Society "Fulfilling the Mission" conference gloats about finally having reached 'The Capitol area' 2/27/05

January 27, 2005

Muslim American Society


MIM: From the MAS website:

"...America has witnessed the expansion of Islam from a few mosques in urban cities to today's rural south and the Midwestern heartland, or as one poet put it, 'from sea to shining sea.' Muslim schools, businesses, political organizations, associations, and institutions, inundate the landscape of America..." http://www.masnet.org/freedomfoundation.asp

MIM: The Muslim American Society name reflects their intention of turning America into a "United States of Allah" . Anyone who doubt this need only look at the picture above and then see the announcement below for "The First Capitol Area Conference" which is openly billed as "Fulfilling the Mission". The Muslim American Society merged with the Islamic Circle of North America in 2000 and is associated with Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Among MAS's spiritual leaders are Yusuf Qaradawi, the Qatar based cleric (who is banned from entering the US), who ruled that women should become suicide bombers to fulfill their Islamist obligations, and the so called Grand Mufti of Jerusalem- Ekrima Sabri, whose of child suicide bombers "the younger the martyr - the more I respect him". For more on MAS and ICNAs ties to international terrorism see: http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/216

This page of the MAS website openly states that it is the mission of Muslims to enter American society and politics "for the express purpose of fulfilling the mandate of Allah (SWT)..."

"...We know how to bifurcate our advocacy. MAS Freedom can and has vigorously protested the policy of our government. Yet, we are still able to meet and engage our government from the inside. Why? Simple, we understand the politics of American dissent. Often Muslims are afraid to demonstrate against bad government policy because they either do not understand how dissent and advocacy works in America, or they fear that dissenting against policy will not get them invited to government functions. MAS Freedom can engage our government in the streets or in the suites while not marginalizing the relevance of our mission..."

"... Your minimum contribution of just one dollar per day will greatly assist us in our mission to build a grassroots movement that supports an all encompassing approach of total integration into American society for the express purpose of fulfilling the mandate of Allah (SWT) to "enjoin that which is good and forbid that which is bad", in a quest to make a better America for ourselves, our children and all Americans... " http://www.masnet.org/takeaction.asp?id=1457


MIM: The Muslim convert 'Preacher Moss' who is scheduled to entertain at the MAS event is a member of the 'suicide bomber joke' comedy troupe aptly named "Allah made Me Funny" . Moss's 'humor' was described in an article which said that his appearence 'made everyone's pleas for acceptance and seeing beyond stereotypes hypocritical". http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/415

Excerpts from article:

Scenes : Unveiling Homophobia


"...But headliner Preacher Moss ended his set with several unfunny anti-gay comments you couldn't call them jokes that wrecked the night and made everyone's pleas for acceptance and seeing beyond stereotypes seem hypocritical.

Moss claimed homosexuals are "like Visa, everywhere I want to be," dismissed gay rights with an impression of a man cooing, "I have a dream, too!" in reaction to Martin Luther King's civil rights speech, and implied that gay men like the prostrate Muslim praying stance and wear the hijab.

Two steps forward, three back.

NOW | JUN 3 - 9, 2004 | VOL





MIM: Poster from 2002 MAS student event at University of California, Irvine, an Islamist stronghold, illustrates a global ' vision' of a world dominated by Muslims. Note the picture of the boy throwing a stone in the corner and the title of the event:" Towards a Comprehensive Vision"


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