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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Utah = Ummah:Outpouring of love and support for Jihadi Sulejman Talovic's family shows dhimmitude trumps survival in SLC

Utah = Ummah:Outpouring of love and support for Jihadi Sulejman Talovic's family shows dhimmitude trumps survival in SLC

March 18, 2007

MIM: Why waste ink and cyberspace on trying to find out why a terrorist attack is being denied by law enforcement when Brittany is in rehab and we still dont know who the father of Daniellynn is ?

Public Forum Letter Article Last Updated: 03/16/2007
I would like to express my concern that news coverage continues through all news media regarding every aspect of Sulejman Talovic's life, the signs that might have stopped his actions, his actions six weeks prior to the Trolley Square incident, funeral, etc., etc.
A person who has created such pain and grief should not receive front-page headlines on a daily basis. Let those who were involved in the Trolley Square tragedy have a break.
Stop the coverage now, let the mending begin. Let the families grieve without daily reminders of why they are mourning.
In fact, stop the coverage and give the residents of Salt Lake and surrounding areas a break.

Karen Fryer
Herriman '


Public Forum Letter Article Last Updated: 03/17/2007

MIM: Perhaps it would interest Katie Corak to know that her sentiments were shared with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy Veigh who expected his victims and their families to "get over it".

Reading your March 14 edition, I noticed once again you are not letting the Trolley Square massacre go. It's been over a month. What really sickened me was the photo of young Sulejman Talovic lying in his coffin at his funeral. It was completely unnecessary. Didn't we see enough dead bodies after the shooting?
Do you have any regard for the family of Sulejman? Did they appreciate you putting that photo in your newspaper? Do they appreciate you and other news media swarming in front of their house and pestering them for a month - a constant reminder of their son? I don't think so. So the bottom line is all news media must leave the family of Sulejman alone - for good.

Katie Corak

MIM: Melvin Grossgold should not be mistaken with the landlord who was threatened with a knife by Sulejman Talovic. (or the 12 year old girl).

At age 12, Talovic was hauled into juvenile court, accused of threatening a little girl with a knife, The Salt Lake Tribune reported on its Web site, quoting an unidentified source. The newspaper also quoted a former landlord who said Talovic pulled a knife on him when he was barely 10. The landlord said he did not call police because Talovic was so young, the newspaper said. http://www.heraldextra.com/content/view/210609/3/

According to Grossgold former mujhadeen Sulejo Talovic is "a peaceable,caring and saintly man". His jihadi son Sulejman is the obvious proof of this.

Utah voices: The Talovics are also victims
By Melvin J. Grossgold
Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated:03/03/2007
As the former landlord of the Talovic family and as the employer of Suljo Talovic, the father of the Trolley Square shooter, I wish to add yet another commentary to this tragic story.
This unfortunate family have become victims twice. They lost a beloved child, for whom there are no flags now flying in Utah at half-staff. Certainly they also feel themselves to be community pariahs, burdened by unwarranted feelings of profound guilt.
The Talovics moved into an apartment property which I owned and managed shortly after their arrival from Bosnia/Herzegovina. Because we had several other refugee families living there at the time, I was very happy to rent to this family, knowing from my previous experience with their compatriots that they would be exemplary tenants. They proved to be just that.
They lived in my building for a few years until they were able to buy their "fixer-upper" home in Rose Park. I remember performing the pre-purchase inspection of the house for Suljo because I was concerned that he might be getting in over his head. Suljo, by this time an accomplished carpenter, performed all of the needed "sweat equity" work with the help of his Bosnian buddies prior to moving in with his by-then-expanded family.
Because one of my other Bosnian tenants worked for my construction company and could help with translations, it was decided that I would take on Suljo as an unskilled construction laborer on a trial basis.
Suljo has worked for us loyally ever since. In a very short time he has become one of our most valued employees, having become a "jack-of-all-trades" by dint of his dogged determination to learn new skills, including English.
I remember one day, back when he could hardly speak a word of English, hearing him trying to communicate in Spanish with a coworker who had been here a lot longer than he had. He had already learned the Spanish words for "pick" and "shovel"!
Suljo is a peaceable, caring and saintly man. His coworkers all feel his absence from the job site. We sincerely hope that he comes back to work for us after he recovers from this tragedy.
* MELVIN J. GROSSGOLD owns a construction company and lives in Salt Lake City.

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