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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Dutch PM quits as ex parliamentarian /Muslim Ali trashes party before leaving for new gig - undermining the American Enterprise Institute

Dutch PM quits as ex parliamentarian /Muslim Ali trashes party before leaving for new gig - undermining the American Enterprise Institute

June 29, 2006

MIM:Hirsi Ali "To hell with the VVD"

The Prime Minister is out of job after an outlandish and absurd governmental dispute which resulted in Ali retaining her Dutch citizenship and hundreds of asylum seeks who lied to obtain asylum appealing their rigt to stay on the grounds that Ali sucessfully did the same. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1935

In the meantime self proclaimed ex Muslimah,-(who has proved a boon to Islamists by toppling the anti immigration government ) is laughing all the way to her newest cash cow - the American Enterprise Institute - which she will soon transform into the Ali Enterprise Institute. One wonders how long it will take for the AEI to go the way of the Dutch government after new employee Ali uses her bodyguard protection to taunt Muslims in order to generate controvery and media attention-while self serving jeopardising her new (mostly Jewish) colleagues the American Enterprise Institute.

In a recent piece in a major Dutch paper Ali blithely wrote that "I am alive because I had bodyguards, and he (Theo van Gogh) did'nt", adding , "I exploited his lack of fear". She also endangered the Jewish director of her planned sequel to the film which caused the murder of Van Gogh , revealing his identity with the callous comment that "he did not like like Van Gogh". http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1949

Ali also used the sentence "I am furious" several times - to make sure readers knew about her depth of feeling on the matter.

Ali's metamorphose from Jew hater to Judeophile is not surprising. The maker of her next film and biggest advocate in Holland is Jewish, and she is enjoying celebrity status among Jews in the United States. Oblivious to the fact that she had bodyguards since 2002 and fled the country in the wake of Theo van Gogh's murder in - rather then stand up to the Islamists who murdered Van Gogh, the American Jewish Committee gave Ali their 'moral courage award'. In a pathetic display of dhimmitude - the AJC's David Harris introduced Ali in reverential tones as the Muslim equivalent to the Messiah. In an offensive speech which Ali addressed to the 'Jews in the audience' she stated 'You are evil, everything you did was evil, but the good news is that I don't hate you anymore." Atheist Ali's philosemitic ephiphany should come as no surprise,since her funding and support in the United States is coming from Jews and she can expect to make big money with speaking gigs like her co religionist , Irshad Manji, the lesbian 'Itjihadist"whose reported rate for a speaking gig is a whopping $7,500 and a first class ticket to the venue.

According to journalist Ebru Umar, Ali was criticised for neglecting her parliamentary duties to promote herself and her book -and replied "To hell with the VVD". As the party soon found out, inviting Ali in as an affirmative action move backfired and proved that the road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions.

The American Enterprise Institute will doubtless find themselves mired in controversy and lawsuits as Ali uses her position as member to promote herself . Ali has stated that she intends to use the AEI as a funding source to enable her to realise her ambitions to 'write philosophical essays like Karl Popper'. The intellectual wannabe has also compared the ex communication of Spinoza to Khomeini's fatwa against Salman Rushdie. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1925

For Ali facts,like people, are expendable. Several years before her fraudulent asylum claim became public knowledge and brought about the demise of her party, Ali told an interviewer" "I am an expert at the art of lying" and related how "she had brought someone to the breaking point".

As with most pathological liars , Ali trips over her own fallacies. One glaring example is the two stories she told of a beating by a Koran teacher- which has been repeated by countless interviewers and then inexplicably , contradicted by Ali herself, in an english interview, apparently forgetting what she told a Dutch interviewer two years previously.

Trouw interview 2003 in which Ali also boasted of being 'an expert in the art of lying' gives a dramatic account of her beating at the hands of a Koran teacher.

A saint? Me? No not at all.I have done bad things. Teased girls at school, rang on bells, taunted my grandmother.Is that not bad enough. Then I will tell you that I was caused by Koran teacher to be stigmatised.

After my mother found out that we didnt want to behave at the Koran school, she took a private teacher to come to my house to give lessons. ..After a while I had enough, and I looked myself together with my sister in the toilet.The teacher,my mother, my grandmother, whoever came to the door - we didnt open it.I yelled the most terrible things at the Koran teacher, which wasnt in the fashion even in the 16th century... At a certain point my mother sent the Koran teacher away...'Here is your money' they don't want Koran lessons' I am dead tired' just go away now.'

Not much later- I was alone in the house- I saw the Koran teacher coming back. I ran to the door but Iwas too late.He pulled me into the house, put a blindfold on me and began to hit me.He hit and he hit and then I was able to pull off the blindfold. An then one more time.I heard a 'crack' and became unconcious. Fractured skull. He had to pay for the twelve days I was in the hospital. He could not show his face anywhere. He was marked for life.

I have that on my conscience.I have provoked someone to the breaking point". http://www.trouw.nl/deverdieping/dossiers/article7566.ece/Ayaan+Hirsi+Ali

MIM: For Ali the parliamentary debacle turned out to be a win win situation for her and the left wing who support lslamists.

Parliament passed motions calling on Verdonk to ensure Hirsi Ali remained a Dutch citizen, no matter what.

Verdonk is using the letter to explain her about-face in Hirsi Ali's case. The reasoning is that under Somali law a person is entitled to use a grandfather's name.

The Minister's letter will be studied closely by MPs who still have not forgiven Verdonk for causing the crisis in the first place.

Left-wing groups will scrutinise it to see if it affords an opportunity for at least 60 other people stripped of their Dutch nationality for giving a false name during the asylum process.



MIM: In a Guardian interview in 2005 it is the Koran teacher and not Ali who is the victim .

Cod-psychoanalysis might find other patterns of trauma in this journey, such as the time she received a beating from an imam for refusing to recite the Qur'an...

Hirsi Ali corrects this oft-reported story, and turns it inside out. "He wasn't an imam," she says, "he was a mallim, a teacher, and I was a difficult girl. He caught me by the braids in my hair and began tossing my head against a wall, and then I heard a 'crack,' and he must have heard it as well, because he immediately stopped, gave me a warning, and went away. He was probably the one who was traumatised, because after that nobody wanted him back."

The AEI's hiring of Ali a moral relativist atheist has cast serious doubt on their designation as a neo con 'think tank'.

The collapse of the Dutch parliment is another indication that the AEI will soon be viewed as the Ali Enterprise Institute. Dutch commentators have opined that that they are pleased that Ali 'will soon become the AEI's problem.'

Instead of hiring of a ex parlimentarian, and self proclaimed ex Muslim, ex anti semite who, to paraphrase the words of one Dutch journalist ' has turned the issue of female circumcision into the most pressing Islamic problem facing the West today. In the interests of fairness the AEI could consider hiring Jan Pieter Balkenende, the soon to be ex Dutch Prime Minister, who championed the cause of Ali, against his fellow party members instead.

Surely the input of a politician with experience of running a country (however flawed) trumps the input from an ex parlimentarian whose has never made a political contribution of note, while exploiting her governmental status to launch a self promotional Ali v.s. Islam European book tour and bring about the end of her anti immigration party's ruling position resulting in the left wing Labour(pro Islamist) party's ascent.

The AEI would not only save money on Balkende's, and their security, they might get some constructive return for their investment, or at least not become the dupes of the endless controversy generated by Ali, being passed off as substance.



Dutch government falls after Hirsi Ali citizenship imbroglio

June 30, 2006 - Washington, DC - PipeLineNews.org - In a development which should serve as a warning to the sage heads at the American Enterprise Institute, Hirsi Magan aka Ayan Hirsi Ali's wake of destruction is now complete with the announcement by the Dutch Prime Minister that he will depart office over the affair.

Yesterday PM Jan Peter Balkenende announced his intention to tender his resignation.

The ruling VVD coalition Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk has also been seriously wounded politically in the Ali affair over a series of flip-flops over the Somali born activists citizenship, leaving the party in shambles.

Verdonk's decision to reverse her previous decision - now allowing Ali to retain both her Dutch citizenship and her legal Dutch name - has injected additional questions relating to the ability of the party to govern.

Signs that the Dutch social order has been breaking down have been evident since the assassination of Dutch MP Pym Fortuyn [and culminating with the assassination of film maker Theo Van Gogh in November of 2004 by Islamist Mohammed Bouyeri] by leftist radical animal rights thug Volkert van der Graaf on May 6, 2002 which had the effect of catapulting Fortuyn's LPF party into a three-way coalition with the Christian Democrats and VVD Liberals.

With the incineration of the Dutch government complete, Ali now sets her sights on much larger game - the American conservative movement.


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Dutch coalition collapses in row over Somali-born politician's citizenship

Kabinetsval De val van het kabinet in foto's.

The fall of the cabinet in photos


Nicholas Watt, European editor
Friday June 30, 2006


The Dutch government collapsed last night in a row over its treatment of a Somali-born politician who came to symbolise the country's troubled relations with its Muslim population.

Jan Peter Balkenende, the prime minister, will tender his resignation to Queen Beatrix today after the small D-66 party withdrew its ministers from his centre-right coalition government. A general election, which was not due until next May, will be triggered, though Mr Balkenende may try to hang on until September when next year's budget is due to be presented.

There was speculation in The Hague last night that Mr Balkenende would carry on as the head of a minority administration until the end of the year, supported by the hard-right LPF party. This was founded by the late Pim Fortuyn, who electrified the 2002 general election by saying that the liberal traditions of the Netherlands were being threatened by Muslims who refused to integrate.

Mr Balkenende's humiliating climbdown came after he had vowed earlier in the day to remain in office after surviving a vote of no confidence in his hardline immigration minister, Rita Verdonk. The crisis was sparked after D-66, a small centrist party in the coalition, refused to support the minister after she stripped Ayaan Hirsi Ali - an MP in her rightwing Liberal party - of her Dutch citizenship.

An international outcry at the treatment of Ms Hirsi Ali, who needs armed police guards to protect her from Islamist extremists, forced Ms Verdonk to restore her citizenship this week. But D-66 was infuriated when the minister forced Ms Hirsi Ali to sign a statement admitting that she had lied in order to gain Dutch citizenship when she fled to the Netherlands in 1992.

"It's unfortunate that it came to this," Mr Balkenende said. "But we know that's the way things go in politics."

The downfall of the centre-right coalition will ring alarm bells across the EU because it marks the first time that a government has fallen in a row linked to the continent-wide struggle to integrate Europe's Muslims.

Ms Hirsi Ali, 36, has been living under armed guard since the murder of her friend, the controversial film director Theo Van Gogh in 2004. She wrote the script for his film, Submission, which offended Muslims by depicting excerpts of the Qur'an on the bodies of naked women. She has strongly defended the film on the grounds that it was designed to highlight the mistreatment of women by many Muslims.

Van Gogh's murderer, Muhammad Bouyeri, threatened Ms Hirsi Ali in a five-page note pinned to Van Gogh's body. Bouyeri, 26, a Dutch Muslim, was sentened to life imprisonment last year.

Opinion polls indicate that Wouter Bos, the Blairite leader of the Dutch Labour party, will emerge as the leader of the largest party. Mr Bos was scathing about the government's conduct. "I think the minister really has acted in a shameful manner," he said.


MIM: All Hirsi Ali All the time

'The world' and the Dutch will doubtless be delighted to note that Hirsi Ali " feels very sad"about the collapse of the goverment ,' has a 'complex of feelings going through her'and still feels Dutch and involved". Apparently Jan Peter Balkende the prime minister who resigned his post over the issue, and Rita Verdonk, the immigration minister whose bid to lead the party has been scuttled by the affair - were not deemed important enough by the media to inquire about his emotional state regarding the Ali affirmative action debacle and their new job plans.

Hirsi Ali regrets collapse of Dutch coalition

30 June 2006

AMSTERDAM Ayaan Hirsi Ali said on Thursday night (Dutch time) that the government in The Hague should not have collapsed in the row over how Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk treated her in the passport affair.

"I feel very sad about it," Hirsi Ali told CNN. "There's a complex of feelings going through me at the moment, and I feel the Cabinet should not have resigned over this issue" Speaking from Washington, she added: "I still feel Dutch, and I still feel very involved."

The three-party centre-right government fell on Thursday when junior coalition party D66 withdrew its support.

D66 pulled out after the rest of the government ignored an ultimatum that Verdonk had to resign.

Verdonk of the Liberal Party (VVD) caused an international outcry in May when she tried to revoke Hirsi Ali's Dutch passport.

Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia and used a misleading name to get asylum in the Netherlands in 1992 to get away from an arranged marriage. Her original name was Ayaan Hirsi Magan, but she adopted her grandfather's name Ali to hide her background.

As Hirsi Ali, she was granted naturalisation in 1997 and gained recognition for her staunch criticism of conservative Islam. She confessed publicly to lying in 2002 shortly before she was elected to parliament for the VVD.

She again repeated the confession during a television documentary in May. Verdonk then held a two-day investigation into the issue and began efforts to take back Hirsi Ali's Dutch passport.

Hirsi Ali resigned from parliament and announced she was accelerating her plans to move to the US to work for a neo-Conservative think tank.

Parliament ordered Verdonk to ensure Hirsi Ali kept her passport. Verdonk complied by citing the right under Somalia law to use a grandfather's name.

However she angered the opposition and D66 by continuing to deny she bore any blame.

She also had Hirsi Ali sign a statement written by government officials that stated the entire affair was the former lawmaker's own fault. This was because she was wrong to state that she had lied about her name.


MIM: Even ex Muslimahs can turn the other cheek when it comes to forgiving infidels who try to to implement the rule of law . The farce is now complete. Hirsi Ali left her political party which financed her book tour and bodyguards, for a plum post at the AEI in DC, leaving ex colleague Rita Verdonk's political future in shambles. She then added insult to injury by cynically saying she 'exonerates' the immigration minister for attempting to carry out the policies which Ali herself supported as a lawmaker, all the while knowing she had made a mockery of them as a fraudulent asylum seeker.


Hirsi Ali exonerates Verdonk for passport gaffe

27 June 2006

AMSTERDAM Ayaan Hirsi Ali has released a statement that totally exonerates Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk for suggesting her Dutch naturalisation was invalid.

After all the fuss, Hirsi Ali
to keep Dutch citizenship
Justice ministry officials attached the statement to copies of a letter being sent to parliament to confirm Hirsi Ali is a Dutch citizen. Verdonk said she agreed it was all Hirsi Ali's fault.

Verdonk provoked a storm of protest both in the Netherlands and internationally in mid-May when she gave the Somali-born critic of Islam six weeks to explain why her Dutch passport should not be withdrawn.

Hirsi Ali's self-confessed crime was that she had given a false name to get asylum in the Netherlands in 1992. Her real name was Ayaan Hirsi Magan, not Ali which is her grandfather's name.

She was naturalised under the 'false name' in 1997 and became an MP for the Liberal Party (VVD) in 2003. The world now knows her as Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

The Minister's officials decided her naturalisation was in doubt on the basis of a lightning investigation conducted as Verdonk was in the middle of a race to become VVD leader. The review was prompted by a television documentary in which Hirsi Ali admitted again that she had used a false name to get asylum.

Although Hirsi Ali was open since 2002 about using the false name, Verdonk claimed never to have heard this before.

Verdonk's supporters praised the Minister's commitment to the law but most MPs, including VVD lawmakers, demanded that Hirsi Ali be allowed to keep her Dutch passport. Verdonk was defeated in the leadership election.

Hirsi Ali resigned as an MP and announced she was accelerating her plans to move to the US to work for a neo-Conservative think tank.

Her statement on Tuesday puts the blame on herself for the political fiasco. She writes that she actually had not lied about her name as she was entitled under Somali law to use the name Ali.

"Contrary to what I have sometimes said in the past, the name Ali really does belong to me," she said in the statement. Therefore, she had not actually lied about her identity. "I regret that I have put her [Verdonk] on the wrong track by this".

She wrote that she has "complete understanding" for the way the Minister had dealt with the matter.



After all the fuss, Hirsi Ali to keep Dutch citizenship

27 June 2006

AMSTERDAM Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk has informed parliament that Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali is to keep her Dutch passport.

Hirsi Ali exonerates Verdonk for passport gaffe

This follows an agreement reached by senior Cabinet ministers during a meeting in the Hague apartment of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende late on Monday. Deputy Prime Minister Gerrit Zalm (Finance), the first to leave the meeting, told journalists he had "good hope" Hirsi Ali's case could be finalised this week.

Zalm was leader of the Liberal Party (VVD) when he recruited the Somali critic of Islam to run for election for the party. She told him at the time that she had given a false name - Ayaan Hirsi Ali - to get asylum in the Netherlands in 1992. She was naturalised under this name five years later.

Her real name was Ayaan Hirsi Magan, but the world now knows her as Hirsi Ali. The latter was the name of her grandfather.

Opposition MPs want to debate on Wednesday as the issue.

Verdonk, who was campaigning to become leader of the VVD in May, caused consternation in parliament and abroad when she informed Hirsi Ali that she had six weeks to explain why she should not be stripped of her Dutch passport.

This followed a short investigation by ministry officials into Hirsi Ali after a documentary looked again at the fact she had used a partially made up story to get asylum.

Hirsi Ali gave a press conference the next day to announce her resignation as an MP for the VVD. She also said she was accelerating her plans to relocate to the US to take up a job with a neo-conservative think tank.

Prior to this, Hirsi Ali was a staunch ally of Verdonk and her restrictive immigration policies. The foreign media blasted the Netherlands for what was seen as an attempt to silence a person who had faced death threats for her criticism of fundamentalist Islam.

Parliament passed motions calling on Verdonk to ensure Hirsi Ali remained a Dutch citizen, no matter what.

Verdonk is using the letter to explain her about-face in Hirsi Ali's case. The reasoning is that under Somali law a person is entitled to use a grandfather's name.

The Minister's letter will be studied closely by MPs who still have not forgiven Verdonk for causing the crisis in the first place.

Left-wing groups will scrutinise it to see if it affords an opportunity for at least 60 other people stripped of their Dutch nationality for giving a false name during the asylum process.

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