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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Rice as PA 'diplomat'- Pressures Israel to give PA terrorists easy access into Israel -accepts Abbas claim "he will fight terror after election"

Rice as PA 'diplomat'- Pressures Israel to give PA terrorists easy access into Israel -accepts Abbas claim "he will fight terror after election"

Rice and Abbas meet for working dinner as US Secretary of State becomes Paid Assassins staunchest ally and advocate
November 14, 2005

MIM: After Rice's plan to pay terrorists 100 dollars a month to 'retire' from terrorism had no takers, (since the going rate for suicide bombings was 100,000), it seems that she has decided 'if you can't beat them join them' and has now become aid, and advisor to Arafat sucessor Mahmoud Abbas, head of the terrorist group Fatah and the terrorist entity known as the PA (Paid Assassins). Rice is now urging Israel to open checkpoint and allow Arabs to pass through Israel, (presumably the Abbas who objected to Israel's demand for video surveillance if checkpoints were open would also object to their refusing entry toanyone who says they are a terrorist with full backing of Rice, who has accepted terrorist leader Abbas's 'promise' to fight terror after the election. A claim brings to mind the prospect of giving birth when 'almost pregnant', since all those running in the fraudulent 'elections' are terrorists.

MIM: Rice made a speach at a Yitzhak Rabin memorial. Rabin,who was behind the disastrous Oslo Accords, and won a Nobel Peace Prize with terrorist chief Yasser Arafat, is responsible for one of the most terrorist plagued legacies in Israeli history, during which hundreds of Israelis were murdered and thousands maimed for life. Rice vowed that the US would continue to throw money into the gaping hole of PA corruption and terrorism to the tune of 350 million. Rice is full of praise for the bloody Rabin 'legacy', praised what she called his "gritty realism" and added "Terrorists have claimed the lives of over one thousand innocent Israelis and injured thousands of others" and equated the carnage caused by acts of terror by obscenely equating the victims with the perpetrators of aggression, ie. the Arabs, claiming"they (Palestinians) have suffered too".

What Rice neglected to mention is that many Arabs were killed or injured while involved in terrorist activities, or as was the case by those blown up while cheering Israel's destruction at a post Gaza deportation at a Hamas rally, and the mother who hid her husband's grenades under the baby she was holding), were acting as 'human shields' for terrorists.

Even more obscene is the way in which Rice blithely talked about how the "Palestinians" problems are caused by "misrule by those who used corruption and violence" when she is in fact talking about Yasser Arafat and his 'partner in crime' and protege the US 'partner for peace', Fatah terrorist group leader Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen.

"...Now, the Palestinian people are finally undertaking the democratic and economic reforms that have long been denied to them....And for our part, we are helping them, providing $350 million to help them build the institutions of a democratic future..."

He (Rabin) was a man who was a pioneer and a warrior and a statesman and a peacemaker. And he approached all of his callings, especially that of peace, with tenacity, and aplomb and a gritty realism -- but also with hope and trust and an abiding idealism.

After risking death so many times in war, it was for the cause of peace that he ultimately gave his life. And despite the heroic efforts of many individuals since that time, the past decade has seen much pain and disappointment. Terrorists have claimed the lives of over one thousand innocent Israelis and injured thousands of others -- men and women and children who simply wanted to enjoy a pizza or catch a bus or celebrate Passover.

And the Palestinian people have suffered, too. They too have mourned the loss of innocent life. They too have been deprived of days that are normal, filled with peace and opportunity. And now, and for many years to come, they must work to overcome a legacy of corruption and violence and misrule by leaders who promised to fulfill their people's dreams, but instead preferred arbitrary power over democratic progress..."


Abbas Tells Rice He'll Start to Fight Terror After PA Elections
13:58 Nov 14, '05

(IsraelNN.com) At the end of his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Ramalla, PA chief Mahmoud Abbas told Rice he would prevent Arab terror groups operating in his territory from carrying weapons "after the elections in January."

Afterwards, Abbas said, "we will totally prevent terrorist organizations from holding weapons, and anyone who carries a gun will be considered a criminal."


Rice Says PA Arabs Should be Able to Pass Through Israel

Monday, November 14, 2005

(IsraelNN.com) After meeting PA chief Mahmoud Abbas at his compound in Ramalla, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that an agreement between Israel and the PA regarding the Rafiah crossing (between Egypt and the Gaza district) was on the horizon.

She also said it was important to make it easier for PA Arabs from Gaza to enter Judea and Samaria and vice versa. Movement from these two areas would require passage through Israel's pre-1967 borders.


Rice, Abbas to meet for working dinner
Rice, Abbas to meet for working dinner

WASHINGTON, Oct 19 (KUNA) -- Ahead of a scheduled working dinner with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said there continue to be problems concerning Israeli settlement expansion and the route of the barrier.

Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on developments in Iraq, Rice said the Middle East peace process is a pillar of overall progress and reform in the Arab and Muslim world.

During the slated meeting Thursday between US President George Bush and Abbas, which will be their second meeting at the White House since Abbas was elected president and the first since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, the two leaders are expected to discuss a number of issues, including the deteriorating security situation in Gaza and West Bank settlement issues. White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Wednesday that it is important that Abbas act to prevent violence, but emphasized that both Israelis and Palestinians have a responsibility to "get back to the road map." The Palestinian leader will likely ask Bush to do more to stop Israeli settlement expansion and construction of the wall, which Israel claims is for security purposes, but Palestinians view as an avenue for Israel to seize more land. - In his meeting with Rice, Abbas will also likely raise the issue that the Gaza withdrawal is incomplete because Palestinians still have no control over air and sea ports in Gaza and cannot lawfully travel freely through the Rafah border-crossing with Egypt. Gaza has been characterized as an open air prison because of Israeli-imposed travel restrictions between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

In reference to the West Bank, Rice told the senate committee that there are settlements around Jerusalem that the Bush administration is concerned about and that US officials have told Israel such actions contravene American policy. The United States is determined that there is not going to be any prejudging of what a final status agreement might look like, said Rice.

But she added that it is extremely important not to lose sight of the larger picture that Israelis are "out of Gaza" and that both Palestinians and Israelis worked together to facilitate the pull out, despite the withdrawal being a unilateral Israeli decision.

"I think we just have to acknowledge that while there continue to be problems with settlements and even with the route of the fence there also has been great progress because of the Gaza withdrawal," she said. - Rice was questioned by Republican Senator Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island if the Bush administration is putting enough pressure on Israel with regard to West Bank settlement expansion.

He explained that settlement plans revert the stated objectives of the Road Map for a viable Palestinian state and work against US President George Bushs policy that no side should take actions that prejudice final status outcome. "While 8,000 settlers moved out of Gaza, 30,000 moved into the West Bank in opposition to the president's stated objectives," said Chaffee.

The senator said that as long as such actions by Israel continue it will be "more and more difficult" for supporters of Abbas to succeed over militant groups in the upcoming January parliamentary elections, where Hamas is expected to do well. Abbas and his supporters have argued that as long as Israel continues to kill Palestinians and does not help ease the daily life of Palestinians, militant groups will continue to have the support of the people and resist disarmament.

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