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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > UK officials too preoccupied with terror threats to ban Hizb ut Tahrir -group marched in London demanding UK become the Ummah Khalifate

UK officials too preoccupied with terror threats to ban Hizb ut Tahrir -group marched in London demanding UK become the Ummah Khalifate

August 20, 2006

MIM: Apparently the UK government was too busy dealing with the inquiry into the causes of the 7/7 bombings, and and the latest terrorist threat to get around to banning Hizb ut Tahrir, a radical Islamist groups which calls for overturning the government and turning the United Kingdom into the Ummah Khalifate.


An extract of Asim Qureshi's speech:

" ... when we see the examples of our brothers and sisters, fighting in Chechnya, Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, then we know where the example lies ... we see Hezbollah defeating the armies of Israel, we know what the solution is, and where the victory lies ... we know that it is incumbent upon all of us to support the jihad of our brothers and sisters in these countries when they are facing the oppression of the West. Allahu Akhbar!"

Poster reads: "Send Muslim armies to defend the innocent". Speakers Taji Mustafa and Maajid Nawaz have called for the establishment of a caliphate and Sharia law. Nawaz urged Muslims to realise that their reward was in paradise, and to work towards the strengthening of political Islam throughout the world, until a caliphate has been established. Then, he said, the armies of Islam would be unleashed on Israel and America.


NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION: America! Stop Meddling in the Muslim World


  • The massacre in Gaza continues. This latest UN resolution effectively allows Israel to continue its violence in Lebanon and Gaza under a pretext of self defence.
  • The US has used Israel as a proxy in its ‘war on terror' to kill thousands. The US has blocked more than 30 UN resolutions against Israel.
  • Bush has armed Israel with more than $17 billion worth of military aid and equipment since 2001.
  • Blair has allowed the bombs to pass through British airports and boasted that no government has ever been a greater friend of Israel than his.
  • Bush and Blair sponsor and maintain dictators across the Arab world and support Israel's massacre as part of the war on terror. The US has kidnapped thousands of Muslims from across the world to be tortured.

Date: Saturday 19th August

Gather at Edgware Road Tube station 2pm

March to U.S. Embassy for Rally

send a proper non-violent message to the world's biggest sponsor of terror to


email: [email protected] web:www.hizb.org.uk


Thousands Denounce Bush, Blair and Israel's Terrorism at London Demonstration

London, UK, August 19 - Thousands of people, Muslim and non-Muslim, young and old, shia and sunni, sufi and non-sufi, men and women, from across the UK have marched through London to the US Embassy to condemn US and British foreign policy and call for an end to the interference of Western governments in the Muslim world. Demonstrators made it clear that despite the proclamations of Bush and Blair, speaking out against foreign policy and working for the return of the Caliphate in the Muslim world is not 'extremism' or 'terrorism'. The demonstration was organised by the Islamic political party Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain.

Demonstrators had earlier assembled at Edgware Road Underground Station before marching to the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square via Edgware Road, where representatives and leaders of Muslim groups and community organisations delivered speeches. On Edgware Road (the heart of London's Arab community), many Arab tourists joined the demonstration.

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