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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Islam Expo UK marks July 7th bombings with family fun zone Mujihadeen training

Islam Expo UK marks July 7th bombings with family fun zone Mujihadeen training

July 13, 2006

http://islamexpo.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogsection&id=8&Itemid=76 The IslamExpo Funzone will be situated in the Football Field, two minutes walk from Alexandra Palace Ice Rink and opposite the Funfair. It will be open everyday from 10.00 – 18.00. IslamExpo ticket holders can gain entry into the Funzone for £3.50 per person, per day. Non-IslamExpo ticket holders can gain entry for £7.00 per person, per day.Entry will be available on a stall outside the Funzone. Once you have gained entry into the Funzone, you will be able to use and go on any activity as many times as you wish (Dependant on Crowds). This zone will offer a wide range of exciting activities for both Children & Adults including;

Assult Course Mega Challenge Assault Course - Over one hundred feet of inflatable challenges from hurdles to scramble nets, squeeze tubes to slides and lots more. An fun challenging assault course for all the family.....
Mega Slide Mega Slide - A huge bouncy slide which will get you to climb from the front foam steps to the top before deciding how to calm your nerves before descending!!!
Sumo Sumo Wrestling - Ever wanted to feel and fight like a Japanese Sumo Warrior? Now you can! After transforming into Sumo Wrestlers, two contenders have to try to force each other out of the red circle. Whoever wins gets to jump on the losing contender... This is more difficult than it looks! And don't worry, there are adult's sumo suits as well, so kids…now is your chance to get back at your parents!
human Football Human Table Football – A fun and exciting team activity which speaks for itself. Each team would have one goalie, two defenders and two strikers. The fun aspect of this game is that the players cannot move forward or back so team work is a must in this game!
Bouncy Castle Turret Bouncy Castle - If you ever wanted that traditional feel of a "true" bouncy castle, then this is the one. Although not shown in the picture, it even has a swinging bell in the bell tower! Will you be king of this castle?
Laser Shooting Laser Clay Shooting – An activity which combines shooting, skill and excitement with complete safety. Shoot from different positions producing a fast and skillful competition whilst spectators and competing players can follow the scores on the electronic scoreboard. (Children May need assistance from Parents)
Archery Archery – Archery is one of the oldest and most traditional sports, suitable for anyone from 6 years upwards. No previous experience is required. Instructors will guide you through the techniques required to become master archers like the companion Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas or even Lord Of the Ring's Legolas! (Children May need assistance from Parents)
Spider Climbing Spider Climbing – Wanna feel like Spiderman? Now you can – After donning specially designed gloves and leg pads you get onto a magnetic climbing wall and climb like a spider. You don't need to be big or strong, girls and boys compete on an equal footing. Spiderman may be out of the job after this activity…..
Mobile Climbing wall Mobile Climbing Wall - After having the super-human abilities of Spiderman, find out how really good you are at climbing with our exciting climbing wall. The climbing wall stands 24 foot high and can give a challenge to climbers of all abilities. Instructors will provide you with all safety advice as well as tips on how to climb professionally.
Bungee Trampoline Bungee Trampoline - A unique and exciting activity the worlds leading 4 in 1 trampoline unit. The bungee trampoline allows riders to defy gravity and offers a way of achieving acrobatics, weightlessness

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