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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Islamo Jew And Muslim Wannabe Rebecca Abrahamson - " Quran Influenced Constitution"

Islamo Jew And Muslim Wannabe Rebecca Abrahamson - " Quran Influenced Constitution"

Useful Idiot Apologist For BDS & Promoter Of Radical Islam As Is Crackpot Cleric Husband & Aspiring Sheik Ben Abrahamson
February 1, 2017

"We are an Umma Wahida, it is impossible to separate Muslim from Jew"

Rebecca Abrahamson

MIM: Rebecca Abrahamson is obviously and dangerously delusional as is her crackpot cleric husband "Rabbi" Ben Abrahamson. It appears from this Facebook posting that Musawi Muslim is a perverted reference to Moses who is called Musa by Muslims.

"Where can I register? "Musawi Muslim" is a recognized category, right?"

Rebecca Abrahamson is the editor of "Divine Diversity - An Orthodox Rabbi Engages With Muslims". The Rabbi author is her husband Ben Abrahamson, a crackpot cleric who founded Alsadiqin.org run by "The Committee For Historical Research In Islam And Judaism" which promotes the fallacy that Islam and Judaism can coexist by making false claims that they have the same culture, traditions and humanistic worldview.


MIM: In an incoherent screed entitled "Islam In The USA - Points Of Conciliation" Abrahamson writes that the U.S. Constitution was influenced by the Quran.

Rebecca Abrahamson
20 hrs

My latest! Here we look at history and scripture to find that Islam is not foreign to western thought or to the United States of America. This is their home, as it is anyone's.

"The theme of this first article is the scriptural basis for western political theory and American identity. I am not jumping right into the story of Islam in the USA just yet, we need a little background, so that I communicate this to you, listen up: Muslims and Jews are not interlopers on the American scene; indeed, ideals with roots in the Torah as well as the Qur'an found their way into modern political theory, and even the Constitution of the United States of America itself."

MIM: Abrahamson idiotically states that murderous terror attacks by Muslims makes it important to listen to those whom she regards as 'peaceful Muslims' despite feeling "jittery". She ignores the fact that the pages of the Quran itself reveals that Islam is not peaceful and urges Muslims to wage jihad i.e. kill non Muslims.

"I admit many of us are jittery when it comes to exploring Islam in the USA. Since 9-11 and the attacks at Fort Hood Texas, 2009, the Boston Marathon bombings, 2013, the San Bernadino killing spree in 2015, and the attack in Orlando, 2016, fearfulness is quite understandable. That is precisely why it is so important to listen to those Muslims who condemn terror in the name of Islam, and get to know those who are actively working for a peaceful Islam."


MIM: For more on these two dangerously delusional Islamophiles see:

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