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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Delusional Peacenik Jewish Psychotherapist Yisroel aka Israel Kalman Lauds Terrorist Ali Abu Awwad As "Gandhi"

Delusional Peacenik Jewish Psychotherapist Yisroel aka Israel Kalman Lauds Terrorist Ali Abu Awwad As "Gandhi"

August 22, 2016

"Ali abu Awad quipped, "people ask Palestinians, 'why do you teach your kids to hate Israel?'" He answered wryly, "You do not need a curriculum to teach hate with what goes on under the occupation."

MIM:In his article "Where Are The Palestinian Gandhis?" Kalman paints a fawning picture of one Ali Abu Awwad, a terrorist who claims to be a peacenik. Kalman's own moral compass is so impaired that he can see no moral or ethical difference between Judaism and Jihad! He claims that 'peace will never be established by trying to prove one side's truth is superior to the other side's'.

(By referring to Ali Abu Awwad as "Gandhi" Kalman implies that he views his grievances against Israel and Jews as justified and that Awwad should be lauded for encouraging the path of the oxymoronic "non violent resistance" together with people like the sociopathic pedophile Ezra Nawi.) http://www.timesofisrael.com/far-left-activist-at-center-of-storm-arrested-trying-to-leave-country/

In a blog entry of a slightly different version of his screed on the website Psychology Today entitled "A Palestinian Gandhi" Kalman wrote:

"I am thrilled to inform you that I've had the opportunity to get to know one of these Palestinian Gandhis. And I will do what I can to bring attention to him. His name is Ali Abu Awwad". https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/resilience-bullying/201504/palestinian-gandhi

"Ali Abu Awwad is a tall, handsome, charismatic man who looks younger than his 43 years. He speaks Arabic, English and Hebrew fluently. When listening to Ali, one hears true wisdom..." I cannot do Ali's story justice, as it deserves an entire book. He happens to be working on one: Painful Hope. Keep your eyes open for its publication. Meanwhile, you can learn more about him on his TedX Jerusalem biographical page and listen to his talk.

"One of Ali's messages, perhaps inspired by Rabbi Froman, is that each side has his truth, but peace will never be established by trying to prove that your side's truth is superior to the other side's."http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/19368

Yisroel aka Israel aka Izzy Kalman's buddy, Ali Abu Awwad, is a convicted terrorist from a terrorist family who is playing mind games with this gullible useful idiot. Kalman is a psychotherapist who in normal circumstances would be Baker Acted and is suffering from severe delusions and identity/projection issues. Calling Ali "Gandhi" and ignoring his collaboration with pedophile and violent sociopath traitor and self hater Ezra Nawi Is but one symptom of Kalman's being deranged and in deep denial regarding who his enemies are.

Both Kalman and the erstwhile Menachem Froman are dangerously delusional and are afflicted with the Stockholm/Oslo Syndrome. Kalman should go with "Gandhi" aka Awwad to Halhoul (where he was born) and sing Kumbaya in the town square while holding hands and tell about it if he lives to do so. (Halhoul is a notorious "Palestinian" town where the entry is surrounded by signs which say that among other things that Jews and Israelis are forbidden to enter on danger of death by the inhabitants!)

Kalman lives in Tekoa. Instead of looking for " Palestinian Gandhis" he should ask his buddy Awwad to help find the killers of Yossi Ishran and Koby Mandell who were murdered by his co religionists there.

"…The bodies of two boys were discovered the next morning in a cave near the West Bank settlement where they lived (Tekoa). USA Today reported that, according to the police, both boys had "been bound, stabbed and beaten to death with rocks". The newspaper continued, "The walls of the cave in the Judean Desert were covered with the boys' blood, reportedly smeared there by the killers".[5] CNN and the Irish Independent reported that "Israel's Channel Two TV said police believed there were at least three assailants who dipped their hands into the boys' blood after the killing and smeared it on the walls of the cave."[8][9]…"

According to his bio Ali has worked with convicted pedophile and Jewish traitor Ezra Nawi;
"...David Shulman has cited him as one of three exponents of satyagraha active on the West bank, together with Abdallah Abu Rahmah and the Israeli peace activist Ezra Nawi. http://www.tedxjerusalem.com/speaker/ali-abu-awwad/

"Nawi famously was convicted of pedophilia and rape of a minor boy some years ago. Later he was also convicted of violently attacking police as part of a riot of violent Palestinians he helped lead. He speaks Arabic and likes to dress as an Arab. He is active in small far-leftist anti-Israel NGOs operating in Israel that pretend to be "human rights groups," including B'tselem and Taayoush. These are foreign-funded subversive groups that have never heard of any human right for Jews worthy of being defended and certainly not the right of self-defense against genocidal terror and Islamofascist aggression. They are also notoriously indifferent to violations of free speech rights of anyone not from the far Left.http://www.jewishpress.com/.../the-israeli.../2016/01/13/

An excerpt from Ali Abu Awwad's bio on the left wing propaganda Tedx site gives a whitewashed version of the violence he perpetrated using the euphemism "politically active" for terrorist activity. Awaad laments that he is a victim of "Jewish fear" and says that "we must help them to stop being so afraid" as if fear not legitimate and necessary defensive measures are driving Israeli police and army activity!

"…Awwad was raised in a politically active refugee family and, following in his mother's footsteps (he saw her beaten up by Shin Bet agents when he was 10, and she was arrested several times and spent four years in Israeli prisons) became a member of Fatah. He served 2 years prison sentences. His first arrest occurred while studying for his secondary exams, after an Israeli helicopter observer reported seeing him throw stones. He refused to pay a 1,500 shekel fine, stating later that, while a stone-thrower, he had not engaged in that activity on the day and served three months in prison in the Negev. Eight months later, he took part in the First Intifada as a teenager, and was subsequently sentenced to 10 years in prison in Israel on charges of stone-throwing, throwing Molotov cocktails, and being part of a military cell. According to Awwad, his major crime consisted in refusing to cooperate with his interrogators who wanted information concerning his mother's activities, and the charges were trumped up for this reason. He served four years and was released after the signing of the Oslo Accords,

"The Jews are not my enemy; their fear is my enemy. We must help them to stop being so afraid – their whole history has terrified them – but I refuse to be a victim of Jewish fear anymore"….


Kalman concludes his pathological screed with a pitch for his terrorist idol stating that;

"Ali's work, as well as that of others promoting nonviolence, deserves to be publicized. Fortunately, it is happening."

What really needs to be happening is that useful idiots like Yisroel Kalman and the deceased Menachem Froman and his ilk are not given platforms to promote their perverted version of Jewish kumbaya with terrorists. As stated above psychotherapist Kalman needs to have his head examined and and delve into his own deluded obsession with Muslim terrorists metamorphosing into "Gandhi".

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