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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > May I say this ? Allah's heroes are at it again - Mag ik dit zeggen? De helden van Allah slaan weer toe

May I say this ? Allah's heroes are at it again - Mag ik dit zeggen? De helden van Allah slaan weer toe

"America - America" -The last beacon of hope in a steadily darkening world
by Theo Van Gogh translated by Beila Rabinowitz
March 31, 2004

May I say this ?

As far as I am concerned there aren't enough blind shieks who can be sent to Allah's paradise, and I dare to ask if anyone can really claim that Israel would be safer if he had lived. But Israel,which rightly defends itself -will sooner or later be driven into the sea,and the world will look on in aquiesance ,since that will be have finally settled the old score which remained from 1945 . The steadily waning sympathy from Europe is being eagerly awaited by Hamas .

May I say this ?

According to Harry Van Bommel, a parliamentarian from the Socialist Party, I am a hatemonger who drives Muslim youth into the waiting arms of Jihad recruiters .Harry said this into the microphone of the Muslim radio station. He was supported by the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD), and is a peace loving parliamentarian whose party claimed that the concentration camps in China under Mao were necessary. He was certainly honored to find the General Intelligence and Security Services by his side. That's how a campaigner for the censorship of tommorrow lands on his feet.

May I say this?

According to Boris Dittrich, the "holy unction oil of the liberals", Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is not allowed to call the Prophet Mohammed "a pedofile". But if I understood correctly what the experts have said Aisja was nine years old when she was taken out to the desert and forced to marry a dirty old man named Mohammed. Is the rapist of a young girl more admirable because he has the Koran on his mind ? Dittrich also appealed to the General Intelligence and Security Services.There is no difference between the witchhunt that he is leading against Ayaan then the one which was directed against Pim Fortuyn.I wonder when Anne Frank will be brought into play. Too bad for him that Ayaan has bodyguards. But it will all work out.

May I say this?

(MIM editors note : Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an ex Muslim member of the Dutch Parliment who has called Islam a "backward" religion . http://www.danielpipes.org/article/125 . Pim Fortuyn was the Dutch parliamentary candidate who was gunned down by a Dutch animal rights and environmental activist. Fortuyn ran on a platform which warned against the impending Islamisation of Holland and called for strict control of immigration.

That they, (Pronk a parliamentarian for the Labor Party ed.note) use words such as "deportations", and "transports", (Melkert), when they are talking about rejected asylum seekers is because the Labor party doesn't understand what the Second World War was all about. Their ignorance might be because all that talk of "diversity" which was part of the history curriculum under their fellow party member Van Kemenade has been scrapped.

The rejected Iranian asylum seeker who who was highlighted after he sewed his eyes and mouth closed has gone back safely to his homeland. It appears that the media is less eager to paint a portrait of this mental case if he will be regarded as victim of Verdonk.(ed note : a member of the Labor party). The papers reported that a congressman is going to escort this faker . I've always been one to call for amusement on television. Shouldn't our asylum seeker sew his mouth and nose closed one more time so that the congressman will be able to practice his Farsi on the border guards?

In Iran the prodigal son was greeted with joy .Another full time patient for the pyschiatric ward. Allah is great. But it would be sad if this if the Dutch wife of this clown would have to stay behind. Perhaps the missus can give a sewing class in a local refugee center : eyes closed , traps shut. So our "deportees", (Pronk), wont be"transported,"(Melkert) .May I say this ?

According to the General Intelligence and Security Services and Van Bommel I may not say these things.Because partly due to people like me this Fifth Column of goatfuckers is going issue a desperate cry for "respect", and assault your and my children with poison gas, diseases, and atomic bombs. That's logical, isn't it ?

Twenty years ago there was a film which was being shown in the civilized world called Monty Python's,"The Meaning of Life". In that film the Christian belief was was made to look totally ridiculous, complete with a fake holy man who was nailed to the cross while singing a song. I assume that the same type of film about the travails of Allah could not be made today, let alone be shown. Thanks to our multi cultural society .

But I don't think I am allowed to say this.


Vrijdag 18-03-2004

Theo van Gogh schrijft ook voor


America - America

by Theo Van Gogh

Translated by Beila Rabinowitz


MIM: Note that the views on the Bush presidency and Republicans are that of the author of this piece.

Two academic corrections regarding Bernard Lewis's statements are as follows:

Lewis did not predict the Iranian revolution.

Lewis stated that Europe would become Muslim at the end of the 21st century.


From people who are well versed in the subject I am told that Americans are "superficial".

Americans confuse Amsterdam with Copenhagen, for example and think that we stick our fingers in the dikes. When I ask these self proclaimed intellectuals who look with such disdain on "Joe Sixpack" if they themselves know for example the capitol of Iowa (Des Moines) they usually don't answer and laugh at me like I'm backward. My natural superficiality is the cause of some memorable moments.

It is surprising to see how willingly the Europeans distance themselves from the only beacon of light in a steadily darkening world ,the United States of America, which is considered in by the ‘pundits' in the papers and the T.V. to be mainly populated by hamburger eating , believers in the G-d from Bush ignoramouses.

How did this come about?

I suspect that the anti Americanism from today can be compared to the virulent anti Semitism which was fashionable in the sixties .It's hard to prove such a supposition but if I remember enthusiasm in the 80's with which the so called "Peace' demonstrations hundreds of thousands took to the streets for one sided disarmament and to vent their spleen the stench of a collective hatred for America began wafting through .

It was America which prevented Hitler from uniting Europe into the "Thousand Year Reich ", America that won the Cold War for us, but, America should keep their it's big mouth shut . We would rather bite the hand that protects us and also keep ourselves under the atomic umbrella if push comes to shove, of course.

Bernard Lewis, the expert on Islam who predicted the Islamic revolution against Khomeni was not believed at the time. He is now ninety four and predicts that Europe will have a Muslim majority in ten years. The old man probably won't live long enough to see if his predictions come true . In his view there is a big chance that Al Qaeda may win. And he declares the rage against the large democracy(of the U.S. ) as being based on jealousy.

"Because they have far surpassed the Europeans" and he adds, "That's why the Europeans understand the Muslims so well", they also have the feeling that they are inferior".

If Lewis is right, and I fear that he is, there is enough reason to emigrate to the land of McDonald's. Even if it's just to have the feeling that the war of ideas is going to be fought to the finish . A free press that can bring a president to his knees. That the crazy right wing of the Republicans can be beaten. That you are living in a society which has a constitution that gives the right to every citizen to strive for happiness. Immeasurable depths, breathtaking heights, name for me a more fascinating experiment in the course of history.

In a word ;


The dirt poor sheep herders of Sicily in the 1900's thought that America must be paradise on earth because they heard from families who had emigrated that you could eat meat every day .

For people who could eat meat once in their lives at most, they began to salivate. You can call this simplistic but I don't see any reason to belittle such aspirations. America is hated because it embodies the desires of people for a better life, from eating meat every day to being allowed to worship the deity of your choice,or not to believe at all,.To say what you think with being prosecuted . To be a woman without a veil and with voting rights.the right to speak one's mind, and to commit adultery without being stoned to death.

I admit that this sounds like something from the boy scouts but even President Bush, who stole the election,stands for the minority of aggressive Christians who want to limit America's freedom. But he can also be sent away by free citizens, because he just one man among his peers.


Amerika, Amerika

Theo Van Gogh


Van mensen die er verstand van hebben krijg ik vaak te horen dat Amerikanen 'oppervlakkig' zijn. Amerikanen halen bijvoorbeeld Amsterdam en Kopenhagen door elkaar en denken dat wij onze vingers in de dijken stoppen. Als ik dan vraag of zìj, de zich noemende intellectuelen die met veel dédain op Joe Sixpack neerzien, de hoofdstad van - bijvoorbeeld - de staat Iowa kennen (Des Moines), komt er meestal geen antwoord en een glimlach alsof ik een mongool ben; mijn natuurlijke oppervlakkigheid zorgt altijd voor bitse momenten.

Het is verbazend om te zien hoe graag Europeanen zich afzetten tegen het lichtend baken in een steeds duisterder wordende wereld, de Verenigde Staten van Amerika, die in de waarneming van de meeste Deskundigen in de krant of op tv voornamelijk bevolkt worden door hamburger vretende, in de God van Bush gelovende domkoppen.

Hoe zou dat toch komen?

Ik vermoed dat het anti-Amerikanisme van nu vergeleken moet worden met het virulente antisemitisme dat in de jaren dertig zo in de mode was. Bewijzen kan je zo'n bewering niet, maar als ik me de gretigheid herinner waarmee in de jaren '80 al tijdens de zogeheten Vredesdemonstraties honderdduizenden de straat op gingen om voor eenzijdige ontwapening en vooral ook tégen Amerika te loeien en te stampvoeten, sijpelt de geur door van een collectieve haat.

Amerika voorkwam dat Hitler Europa kon verenigen in het Duizendjarige Rijk, Amerika won de Koude
Oorlog ook voor ons, mààr... Amerika moet z'n grote waffel houden. Wij bijten liever in de hand die ons beschermt, mèt behoud van de Amerikaanse atoomparaplu als het er echt op aan zou komen, natuurlijk.

Bernard Lewis is de islamdeskundige die destijds de revolutie van Khomeini in Iran voorspelde; uiteraard werd hij niet geloofd. Hij is nu vierennegentig en voorspelt dat Europa over een eeuw een moslimmeerderheid zal hebben; de oude heer zal dus niet meer meemaken of zijn voorspelling uitkomt. In zijn optiek is er een grote kans dat Al-Qaida winnen zal. En hij verklaart de woede van Europa jegens de grote democratie overzee simpelweg uit afgunst: "Omdat de Europeanen natuurlijk ver zijn gepasseerd." Hij voegt hier aan toe: "Daarom begrijpen de Europeanen de moslims zo goed: die hebben namelijk ook het gevoel de mindere te zijn."

Als Lewis gelijk heeft - en ik vrees het ergste - is er alle reden om te emigreren naar het land van Mc Donald. Al was het maar omdat je in Amerika het gevoel hebt dat de oorlog der ideeën op 't scherpst van de snede wordt uitgevochten.

Dat een vrije pers die presidenten op de knieën brengt, er toe doet. Dat de getikte rechtervleugel van de Republikeinen verslagen kan worden. Dat je rondloopt in een samenleving die het recht om geluk na te streven voor iedere burger in de Grondwet heeft vastgelegd; peilloze diepten, adembenemende hoogten, noem me een meer betoverend experiment in de geschiedenis van het denken.

In één woord:

De doodarme schaapherders in het Sicilië van rond 1900 meenden dat Amerika het paradijs op aarde moest zijn omdat ze van hun geëmigreerde familieleden hoorden dat je er iedere dag vlees kon eten. Bij mensen die hooguit éen keer in hun leven vlees te eten kregen, liep het water in de mond. Zoiets kan je 'plat' noemen, maar ik matig me niet aan om neer te zien op zulk verlangen. Amerika wordt vooral zo gehaat omdat het de hoop belichaamt van alle mensen die een beter leven willen; om iedere dag vlees te eten, maar ook om te mogen geloven in het Opperwezen van hun voorkeur, of helemaal niet. Om te mogen zeggen wat je denkt zonder vervolgd te worden. Om zonder sluier vrouw te mogen zijn, mèt stemrecht, vrije meningsuiting en overspeligheid, zonder gestenigd te worden.
Toegegeven: dit klinkt allemaal wat padvinderachtig, en Bush - die zijn verkiezing stal - staat vooral voor de minderheid van agressieve christenen die Amerika's vrijheden wil beknotten. Maar ook hij kan worden weggestuurd door vrije burgers. Want hij is maar de eerste onder zijn gelijken.

Theo van Gogh

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