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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Hamas accuses Israel of interfering in PA elections by arresting terrorists -Abbas calls Israeli response to 40 rocket attacks 'unjustified'

Hamas accuses Israel of interfering in PA elections by arresting terrorists -Abbas calls Israeli response to 40 rocket attacks 'unjustified'

September 25, 2005

MIM: The sociopathic and hysterical world view of Arabs such as Mahmoud Abbas, who calls himself the Prime Minister of a non existant country, is highlighted by his irrational demands that Israel halt what he terms 'their military escalation' which is actually a response to 40 missile attacks (tantamount to a declaration of war) which came from Hamas and other affiliated groups following the Israeli surrender of Gaza.

Seemingly oblivious to his own statements about saying he would not disarm Hamas and invite them to run in the PA elections, Abbas blithely announced that 'more preparations were needed ahead of his planned summit with Prime Minister Sharon'.

For his part, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri presented a case study of of delusional paranoia, and showed that his mental capacity would make a Neanderthal look like a Mensa Club candidate , when he proclaimed to the media that "Israel is trying to weaken Hamas by carrying out these arrests", "They are trying to interfere in our elections". ..

Abbas lashes out at 'unjustified' Israeli response

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas lashed out at Israel on Sunday for attacking Hamas targets, saying such actions were unjustified and called on Israel to halt its "military escalation" in the Palestinian territories.

He also announced that more preparations were needed ahead of his planned summit with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The two were expected to meet October 3 to discuss issues related to the future of the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of the disengagement. "If we want a successful meeting, then we should prepare for it," Abbas told reporters in Ramallah. "If we make the preparations, we will remove any obstacle to holding the meeting," he said.

Abbas, who is scheduled to visit Cairo on Tuesday for talks with President Hosni Mubarak on the latest flare-up of violence, pointed out that he had reached an agreement with Hamas and other armed groups to halt military-style celebrations in residential areas in the Gaza Strip as of last Saturday. "I've reached an agreement with all the factions on this issue, but Israel hasn't given us a chance to follow up on this important subject," he said.

Asked about Sharon's threats to use all means to halt the rocket attacks on Israel, Abbas said: "If he does this, then he doesn't want peace or security or negotiations."

Abbas also lashed out at Hamas for giving Sharon an excuse to escalate the situation by resuming its rocket attacks on Israel. "The attacks on Israel and the response that followed have brought us back to square one," he said. "We must return the calm. Sharon is happy with what happened in Jabalya and Gaza because he wants to escalate the situation so that he can deal with his internal political problems."

Abbas also called on Hamas to admit that the blast in Jabalya on Friday was caused by an explosion of a Kassam rocket inside a truck. "One of the rockets fell from the truck during a road accident," he said, noting that his information was based on investigations carried out by the Palestinian prosecutor-general and explosives experts.

PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei also criticized Israel's response to the rocket attacks as a "serious provocation," claiming that Israel's policy was aimed at undermining efforts to revive the peace process. The renewed violence has, ironically, spared Qurei a vote of no confidence that was planned against his cabinet on Monday for its failure to end lawlessness and anarchy in PA-controlled areas. Rouhi Fatthouh, Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, announced on Sunday that the session had been delayed indefinitely due to deterioration in security. He said the decision to call off the meeting was also because of closure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a move that is likely to prevent many legislators from getting to Ramallah.

Meanwhile, Hamas condemned the arrest of scores of its leaders and members in the West Bank by the IDF as an attempt to prevent the movement from participating in parliamentary elections scheduled for next January. Many of the Hamas leaders arrested on Saturday night were planning to run in the elections. "Israel is trying to weaken Hamas by carrying out these arrests," said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri. "This is Israeli interference in our elections."

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