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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Pervy Paki Putz: Ammar Anwer Lauded As 'Muslim Reformer' Obsessed With Hitler, Nazis And The Holocaust

Pervy Paki Putz: Ammar Anwer Lauded As 'Muslim Reformer' Obsessed With Hitler, Nazis And The Holocaust

Posted Smiling Selfie Underneath Picture Of Naked Jewish Prisoners In Concentration Camp
January 16, 2018

MIM: Anwer is pathologically obsessed with Hitler, Nazis and the Holocaust. He posted a picture of naked Jewish male prisoners in a concentration camp with the caption "Can't wait to see what that that "bigger plan" is. Underneath it he placed a smiling selfie. A few days before he posted what he thought was a hilarious video featuring Hitler. In the same week he posted : "I hate to say it but Nazis did win the second world war as far as uniforms are concerned".

For more on Anwar "Amweird" see:"Ammar Anwer: Another "Ex Radical Muslim Reformer" Dissembles - Calls Islamist Javed Ahmed Ghamidi "A Reformist Scholar" http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/7476

"Ammar Anwer: 'One Trick Phony' Self Proclaimed "Ex Islamist" Plagiarizes Own (?) Screed" http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/7504


Jan 15

Ammar Anwer
6 hrs

Can't wait to see what that "bigger plan" is

Image may contain: 2 people
Ammar Anwer
7 hrs

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, selfie and closeup


MIM:The video is just as perverted,vile and puerile as he is.

(No need to watch it.)

This inbred is one very sick puppy...

Jan 14

Ammar Anwer shared a link.
8 hrs

Hitler finds out there is no toilet paper

Funny subtitles




Ammar Anwer
6 hrs

I hate to say it but Nazis did win the second world war as far as uniforms are concerned.


Jan 16

Ammar Anwer
1 hr

Hitler is informed he's a Jew

The last thing Hitler wants to hear from his subordinate.

Created by Kakashiballz Property of Constantine Film Production GmbH Inspired by: hitlerrantsparodi...


Ammar Anwer
1 hr

These Hitler memes on YouTube xd.


Jan 17

Ammar Anwer
13 hrs

Hitler Finds Out Himmler Killed all the Jews

Hitler Finds Out Himmler Killed all the Jews, don't take this video personally! I OWN NONE OF THE CLIPS USED IN THIS VIDEO Send it to your friends! (That mea...


Jan. 23

Ammar Anwer
4 hrs

I am an #Aryan.

MIM: Self proclaimed 'Humanist' and 'Aryan' Ammar "Amweird" regards human life as worthless and babies as expendable.

Jan 28

Ammar Anwer
26 mins Gliwice, Poland
Killing a baby is murder, abortion, not so much. How many who oppose abortion are also willing to provide financial aids to the kids?

Jan 31

Ammar Anwer
1 hr

And what is death for a nihilist, if not a mere riddance from an existence and life devoid of any sense and meaning?

MIM: Anwer, the vile and twisted anti semite and conspiracy theorist, posted a video link on his Facebook page (since deleted) purporting to show that Paki cricketeer turned Islamist politician Imran Khan is really a Jewish agent and member of the Illuminati.

Ammar Anwer shared The Olomeenati Guy's video.

15 mins

30,450 Views The Olomeenati Guy added a new video: Imran Khan is Illuminati Confirmed. Yesterday at 11:36pm

Proved with some solid facts. Imran Khan (PTI wala) is illuminati confirmed! 100% yahoodi illuminati agent.

#NoJoke #OlomeenatiGuy

MIM: The Pervy Nazi loving Paki inbred Anwer is suddenly a Jewish wannabe! Maybe a "yahoodi illuminati agent" got to him...

Feb. 20
Ammar Anwer
1 hr

If i could change something about my ancestry, I would add something Jewish in it.

Feb 21

MIM: Sicko Anwer used Dr. Daniel Pipes Twitter picture and laudatory posting about him as wallpaper on his Facebook page. He also placed the published item on his page and placed a puerile Nazi "joke" above it.

Ammar Anwer
1 hr

I did Nazi that coming.

MIM: More proof that Ammar "Amweird" is a delusional very sick puppy.

One more inbred Muzzie "mental case" in Allah's Asylum...

This from March 4th 2018

Ammar Anwer
16 mins

I have been noticing something rather strange lately. Whenever I see a young couple walking, the guy would simply look at me and give a smile. I don't know what that smile entails but I think it's a sort of a smirk that actually means " hey I got one and what about you? Hehe".

That's how I perceive it, at least. Super weird.

March 6th 2018

MIM:More insane and lunatic ravings from "Amweird" the self declared "militant atheist" on ISIS and Islam.

Ammar Anwer
1 hr

Isis is atheistic in essence. Can't you see they recite the gospels of Dawkins before they push a gay from the top of the building?

Ammar Anwer
1 hr

Islam has nothing to do with Islam.


MIM: Inbred Amwer once again proves he is a total moron.

March 7th

Ammar Anwer
36 mins

Crusades had nothing to do with Christianity. They were entirely atheistic in nature.


MIM: If terrorism has no religion than "ex Islamists" like Anwer have no relevance or credibility!

March 10th

Ammar Anwer
5 hrs

Terrorism has no religion. They are all atheists. Why cant the people see the atheistic nature behind Crusades, Violence in Myanmar and ISIS?

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