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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Londonistan Police "rearrest" Abu Hamza Al Masri in jail

Londonistan Police "rearrest" Abu Hamza Al Masri in jail

Metropolitan Police morph into Metro Muslim Police
August 30, 2004

Speculation that Al Masri's hands were cut off for theft in Saudi Arabia, or a bomb making 'work accident', not lost fighting in Afghanistan as he claims

Sieg Halal !

Captain Hook: aka Abu Hamza al Masri

Islam Uber Alles :

"It's okay to kill them by slitting their throats, or by shooting them, any way you can deter them and others like them to do such a thing".
- Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Masri, asked whether it's ok to slit the throats of those who "work against Islam," interview for British television



Theories as to why Abu Hamza lost his hands from lgf:


#6 NTropy 1/17/2003 05:05PM PST
Abu Hamza, 45, who lost his hands and left eye fighting in Afghanistan [snip]

But he is vowing to keep preaching at the mosque until he is arrested.

Horribly bad taste I know but will the bobbys lead him away in handcuffs?

MIM:After more then a decade of preaching Jihad and being openly connected to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the Metropolitan Police in London have formally rearrested Abu Hamza Al Masri, in prison. The Imam of the Finsbury Park mosque, was finally where he should have been a decade ago when he fled the Middle East to escape arrest for terrorist activities to find a welcoming haven in the UK . Despite having aided and abetted dirty bomber RIchard Reid, Al Qaeda operative James Ujaama, the Courtellier brothers, and Zachrias Moussaoui , it was not until last month that new terror allegations made by the US prompted UK authorities to take Abu Hamza Al Masri into custody for questioning. He was formally arrested a few weeks later . Had he been deported years ago British taxpayers might have been spared the more othen 10 million pounds which his trial is expected cost. A great portion of the money will go into Abu Hamza's fight to avoid extradition to the US to stand trial for his involvement in terrorist attacks against Americans and United States interests abroad,

Another noteworthy aspect of the Londinistan Metro Muslim Police is that the police service assistant commissioner , Tarique Ghaffour, is encouraging other Muslims to enter the police force .

The Metropolitan Police has been making concessions to attract more Muslims to the police department which will result in their having to be be renamed the "Metro Muslim Police".


Met Questions Abu Hamza on New Terror Allegations


By Jason Bennetto, Crime Correspondent

27 August 2004

Abu Hamza, the radical Muslim cleric facing extradition to the United States, was questioned yesterday by Scotland Yard officers on suspicion of plotting or taking part in terrorist acts in Britain.

Mr Hamza, 47, who is already in custody, was re-arrested by police following the disclosure of new information about alleged terrorist activities in Britain. The Metropolitan Police said the radical preacher was held under the Terrorism Act 2000 on suspicion of involvement in the "commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism".

If any criminal charges are brought against Mr Hamza, who used to preach at the Finsbury Park mosque in north London, they will have to be dealt with before the extradition proceedings.

Mr Hamza was arrested at Belmarsh jail, the high-security prison in south-east London where he has been since his arrest in May on separate allegations by the US. Mr Hamza faces 11 charges in the US, which involve allegations of hostage-taking in Yemen, a conspiracy to set up a terrorist training camp in the US state of Oregon, and sending another radical to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban.

Hedenies the American allegations and is fighting legal moves to extradite him to the US to stand trial.

A Scotland Yard police spokesman said his arrest yesterday was "part of separate, domestic inquiries". He is being questioned at Paddington Green police station by officers from the Met's anti-terrorist branch.

Police are understood to be probing a range of allegations relating to the provision of support for terrorism, rather than involvement in any specific plot. These will include examining whether he gave aid to terrorists and terrorist organisations, either through recruitment, finance or logistics.

The US's request to extradite the Egyptian-born former imam and yesterday's arrest under the Terrorism Act were being dealt with as "completely separate matters", said a spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service.

However, should the UK authorities decide to press charges against Mr Hamza under the Terrorism Act, these will automatically take precedence over the charges in the US and their related extradition proceedings, according to the police and CPS lawyers.

There was also speculation last night that charges may be brought in Britain as British suspects cannot be extradited if the charges they face are penalised with capital punishment.

Mr Hamza's legal team have said that they believe he would not receive a fair trial in the US.



Sat 28 Aug 2004

Police Continue Questioning Abu Hamza
By Emily Beament and Emily Pennink, PA News

Hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza faces yet more questions today after police were given more time to hold him on suspicion of being involved in terrorist offences.

The Muslim cleric was arrested at Belmarsh prison on Thursday under the Terrorism Act 2000 on suspicion of involvement in the "commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism".

Bow Street magistrates yesterday granted a warrant for further detention until September 2.

Hamza, 47, was being questioned at Paddington Green police station in London.

Detectives are understood to be probing a range of allegations relating to the provision of support for terrorism, rather than involvement in any specific plot.

They are trying to find out if the cleric gave support to terrorists or terrorist organisations, either through recruitment, finance or logistics.

They are also looking at whether controversial sermons by the former imam of the Finsbury Park mosque in north London encouraged others to commit terrorist acts.

Hamza was arrested at high-security Belmarsh Prison, where he has been since his arrest in May on separate allegations brought by the United States government which wants to extradite him to face trial there.

He denies the 11 charges brought in the US and is fighting extradition to America.

Police in London said that their investigations were unrelated to the terrorism charges brought by the US government.

They said their probe was "part of separate, domestic inquiries" and that they have been monitoring Hamza's activities since long before his arrest on the extradition warrant in May.

If he is charged in Britain under the Terrorism Act, that would take precedence over extradition proceedings.

Hamza, who emigrated to Britain from Egypt as a civil engineering student, has a missing eye and an artificial hooked hand. He says he received the injuries while clearing landmines in Afghanistan.


Latest News:


MIM: Who is policing the police ? One can infer that the AMP website links to militant Islamist sites and their stated mission to promote the understanding of Islam within the police service and the wider community " will be of great use when Shari'a law is implemented when the United Kingdom becomes the United Khalifate.


Association of Muslim Police

Our objectives

  • To assist Muslims in the police service to observe their faith
  • To promote understanding of Islam within the police service and the wider community
  • To provide a forum for all Muslims in the police
  • To support their religious and welfare needs, with a view to improving their immediate working environment and retaining them in the service
  • To assist in the recruitment and retention of Muslim staff
  • To assist in the creation of a fair and just working environment for all cultural minorities.

How can we help you?
If you are a Muslim and thinking about joining the Metropolitan Police Service, we can offer you expert support and advice about life in the service and the application and selection process.

We also provide further advice and guidance to officers who wear Hijaab or Amaama Sharif while in uniform and circulate books and pamphlets about Islam to members of the MPS who genuinely want to improve their knowledge and awareness of Islam and Muslims.

Recent achievements
The AMP has been instrumental in ensuring the provision of many relevant facilities to benefit Muslim staff. These include Hijaab for female officers, the Amaama Sharif for male officers, the freedom to wear cultural dress when not in uniform and prayer facilities, to name a few.

Membership enquiries are welcome from all members of the MPS. Associate membership is also available to spouses and family members.

Another association


Association of Muslim Police

All enquiries (including all media enquiries) should be emailed to:

Email muslimpolice@

In exceptional cases you can also contact the Secretary General on:

Tel 07946 540 889

Interesting websites

Positive Action Team

PAT provides support and advice to anyone thinking about joining the MPS from a minority background. More



HM Prison Service appoints a full-time Muslims Adviser

In September 1999 HM Prisons appointed its first Muslim Adviser, Maqsood Ahmed,working within the HQ Chaplaincy Team. The adviser is involved in the appointment of prison imams and providing them support and guidance. Many inmates adopt Islam as their religion while in prison.


Metropolitan Police's scheme on PCW uniform

Since 2002 the Metropolitan Police Service has amended its dress code to allow female Muslim officers to wear the hijab. The Head of the Met's Human Resources, Bernard Hogan-Howe, has said: "It is only right that the Met ensures that its uniform is appropriate for all its staff".



Racism, Bigotry, and the Association of Muslim Police

By Hwaa Irfan


The Association of Muslim Police in Britain pray that the move by the Metropolitan Police to introduce hijab as an option for Muslim women officers will attract more recruits (John, p.1). It is part of an initiative called Protect and Respect: Everybody Benefits.

Four styles of hijab that complement the Met's colors have been approved for women in uniform. Association Chairman Inspector Richard Varley said a proposal for the headscarf was put forth to Met Commissioner Sir John Stevens in February. "We've had certainly dozens of inquiries by potential Muslim female recruits but these inquiries dry-up as soon as they realize they can't wear a hijab...(it) sends a wider message that Muslim values are valued within the Met whether or not the officers choose to take up the offer of a hijab," said Varley (John, p. 2).
One hopes that the necessary support mechanism will follow, as there are possibilities of negative reactions from some of the non - Muslim male officers who may feel 'challenged' in some way. Non - Muslim female officers joining the Met have usually been subjected to psychological games and there is good reason to assume that veiled Muslim officers will have to contend with the same torment.

Bigotry within the British police force is still a major concern for some. Last month, 39-year-old Iranian born police officer, Ali Dizaei, announced that he would take the Met to tribunal. Dizaei was set to become a chief constable but was suspended in January after being accused of dishonesty, attempts to pervert the course of justice and personal misconduct. However, Dizaei has yet to be officially charged (BBC, pg. 1,2). Although a national selection board, including former Met Commissioner Sir Condon, had recommended him for the promotion, he was turned down for an interview. Dizaei bases his strong allegations on discrimination and victimization issues aimed at him because of his race and his work for the National Black National Police Association (NBPA), where he was the Vice-Chairman and legal adviser. Chairman of NBPA Ravi Chand said, "There is overwhelming evidence of the unfair treatment of Superintendent Dizaei...taking the Metropolitan police to tribunal is the only way he can seek justice from a service riddled with senior officers who have become 'the untouchables' when it comes to accountability."

Institutionalized bigotry can only be eliminated with support on the ground. "Protecting and Respecting" requires an extended arm beyond that of formal legislation. If the intent is genuine and not merely lip service, then the toleration of hijab must be followed by the inclusion of prayer rooms and crèches for the larger police stations. The Association of Muslim Police has an opportunity to be actively involved in the educational and cultural sensitization processes that must ensue. The Protect and Respect initiative was devised after heavy criticism surfaced in a report examining the police forces' handling of the murder of the Afro-Caribbean teenager, Stephen Lawrence. Thanks to Lawrence's parents, anti-discriminatory legislation was created - reshaping the current discourse on race (Younge p.11 and John, p.2).

One out of every four people in the world is a Muslim. They have increased by over 235% in the last 50 years. Of that growth, 142.35% Muslims are in/from Europe, with Islam holding rank as the second largest religious group in France, Britain and the U.S. (MSA, p.1). Britain alone is home to 1.5 million Muslims of varying nationalities and classes.

A December deadline has been set for all British police forces to conduct a full race relations/cultural audit to use as a measure for future planning. The 25-point plan includes a review of all recruitment procedures, targets, retention and promotion of ethnic minority officers. Police forces have been told that they have ten years to make the number of ethnic officers relative to that of the local population.

Home Secretary Jack Straw announced far - reaching reforms for the police force in February (The Economist, p.39). On the surface, these reforms allow all concerned civilians to participate in reshaping British society. Studies show that people in England and Wales, more than any other developed country, tend to be at a greater risk of being assaulted, robbed, sexually attacked or having their homes burgled.

Coupled with the Met's new tolerance for hijab, the ensuing general elections bear witness to the growing clout of British Muslims with mainstream parties' wooing them for votes. Prime Minister Tony Blair attended the Muslim News Awards for Excellence and Opposition Leader William Hague attended the Muslim Council of Britain's reception.

There are also several Muslims running for or defending seats. Mohammad Sarwar became the 1st Muslim Member of Parliament for the Labor Party in Glasgow back in 1997; Khaled Mahmood was recently selected to replace Social Security Minister Jeff Rooker in Birmingham and has a good chance of holding on to his seat; and Mohammad Riaz is also in the running.

Add it together and what does this all mean… if anything? Is the veil a symbol of better days to come? But, after the elections take place and everything settles down, what will maintain momentum of these recent events? Our patience, understanding and efforts know no end, but nothing changes overnight and bigotry dies hard.

Reporter Yasmin Alibhai-Brown bitterly remembers her BBC interview with former Minister, Lord Norman Tebbitt, a once powerful ally of the Conservatives, where he said, "We were debating the controversial predictions that in both the US and Britain non - whites would make up the majority within the next century because white birthrates were too low and those of colored folk just too damned high..." He then brazenly added that social problems had been brought to his country by 'multicultural societies'. The broadcast attracted racist letters and death threats, but it also brought in hundreds of letters of support for a multiracial Britain (Alibhai-Brown p.67).

Maybe now hijab will become the symbol of honor, responsibility and human rights for all…a symbol that stimulates the subconscious of those non - Muslims who wish for a better world than the one they currently have.


Alibhai-Brown, Yasmin "The Color of Great Britain." US Newsweek. 136:12 (2000) 67.

"Drive To Boost Black Police Numbers" 2. BBCNEWS. UK; 28.02/22.

Hopkins, Nick. "Modest Start: Met To Allow Hijab." The Guardian Weekly. UK; 164:20 (2001).

"Jack Straw takes on the Law." The Economist. UK; 358:8210 (2001) 39-40.

John, Cindi. "Police Hope for Muslim Headstart." BBCNEWS. UK; 4/24/01.

Muslim News. "Main Parties Field Record 25 Muslim Candidates." Muslin News UK; 5/19/01.

Muslim Students Association. "Islam Is the Fastest Growing Religion and the

Second Largest Religion in the World." CIA World Facts Books. Muslim Students Association; 5/19/01.

"Officer Takes 'Racist Met" To Tribunal." BBCNEWS. UK; 4/18/01,1,2. 5/22/01.

Younge,Gary "What Was all that about?" The Guardian Weekly. UK; 164:20 (2001).


25 Muslims honoured by Queen

By Elham Asaad Buaras


Twenty-five Muslims (2 CBEs, 4 OBEs, 15 MBEs, 3 overseas OBE, and 1 overseas MBE) received accolades in Queen's Birthday Honours, ranging from engineering, education to enterprise.
Metropolitan Police Service Assistant Commissioner, Tarique Ghaffur, has been made a CBE for his services to the police. Ghaffur, who leads the Specialist Crime Directorate, was
the first visible ethnic police officer to reach the equivalent rank of Chief Constable. Ghaffur said: "It is both an honour and a privilege to receive the CBE. During nearly 30 years of service I have had the pleasure of working with a great many committed and dedicated officers and police staff. The CBE is a recognition of their efforts."

Among the four OBE recipients is head of Edinburgh Primary School, Hasan Chawdhry, who was awarded for services to education. Chawdhry, of Bangladeshi origin, has been the head of the school for 4 years. Since then the School has developed from being identified as having "serious weaknesses" to top ten of the most improved primary school in the country in 2002. Chawdhry, who has taught in several London boroughs, told The Muslim News, "This award is a tribute to my family, friends, colleagues and the community of Edinburgh Primary School. I am extremely honoured by the Award – as I enjoy thoroughly my job."
Managing Director of the Copenhagen based DELTA Microelectronics Ltd and Professor of Electronic Engineering at the University of Glamorgan, Mohammed Wahab, was awarded an OBE for services to Electronics. Wahab has directed Glamorgan's Technology & Industrial Collaboration and is a board member of the Welsh Development Agency, which achieved recognition from the EU. Speaking to The Muslim News, Wahab said, "I'm proud to be awarded" and dedicated his award to "colleagues and business partners ".
One of five Muslim women recipients, Chief Executive of Shere Khan Group, Nighat Awan, received an overseas OBE for services to export and charity. Awan of Pakistani origin, managed her own garment factory from the age of 18 and went on into fashion retail and the floristry business before entering the restaurant trade with her Shere Khan restaurants. Much of Awan's spare time is taken up with charitable activities for a variety of organizations, including The Prince's Trust, Business in the Community and Cancer Bacup as well as community initiatives including the Pakistan Human Development Fund. Speaking to The Muslim News Awan said, " I feel honoured and privileged to receive this award. It came as a surprise. It's particularly important for women to be rewarded."
Editor of Emel magazine, Sarah Joseph, was awarded an overseas OBE for services to interfaith and women's rights. Joseph has lectured on Islam both within the UK and internationally for twelve years. Speaking to The Muslim News, the mother of three said she was "incredibly surprised". "I feel my husband and children, my family, the Emel team, the Islamic Society of Britain, the Islam Awareness Week project, the community groups and the universities where I have spoken - this OBE belongs to them all." She added, "It is a great signal to the wider society that a hijabed woman is fully participating in society and can win such an award. When I had embraced Islam it had been understandably difficult for my family on many levels, but I think that they are proud of our family life and work."
Consultant Cardiologist at Wrightington Hospital, Dr Nayyar Naqvi, 49, was also awarded an OBE for service to Medicine. Dr Naqvi is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London, the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and the European Society of Cardiology, and Associate Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. Dr Naqvi told The Muslim News, "I was completely surprised on receiving the award. It has been a guiding principle of my life to serve my fellow human beings. To be rewarded for what I consider my duty, for a job that I love and enjoy, by Her Majesty, the Queen, is absolutely wonderful. I am deeply honoured, and feel very humble."
Director of Brent Council's groundbreaking Refugees into Jobs project, Dr Anba Ali, received an MBE for services to UK's refugee community. Dr Ali, originally from Iraq, came to the UK in 1979, and has been involved in refugee issues since 1989. She became Director of Refugees into Jobs in 1997. "I am deeply touched and very proud," she told The Muslim News. She added, "It has been a privilege to serve the refugee community for the benefit of the broader community to boost employment. I continue to do this important work to help refugees to overcome difficulties and contribute positively to their new country."
Chair of Al-Nisa Association in Northern Ireland, Amtul Salam Khan, told The Muslim News she was "delighted" with her MBE. Khan, who is originally from Pakistan but arrived to the UK 18 years ago from Saudi Arabia, said, "I was delighted that my work has been recognised. I feel honoured to receive the award for the Muslim community in Northern Ireland." She added, "It's also great to see Muslim contribution in Northern Ireland recognised."
Labour Councillor in Waltham Forest, Mohammed Miskin Nasim, received an MBE for service to Local Government. Nasim, a former Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Chair of Waltham Education, told The Muslim News he was "proud" to "have my work recognised". Nasim also initiated Waltham Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme and has since been working for the cardiac unit.
In Coventry, voluntary worker and poet, Jamila Qureshi, has been made an MBE for her work with Age Concern and for boosting the Asian community's use of services. Qureshi, 62, who is fluent in seven languages, told The Muslim News, "It gives me happiness to help others and I feel it is our duty." Qureshi has been an active community member for 30 years. She has worked tirelessly in promoting interfaith dialogue, cancer research funding and children charities on a local and national level. "The award is importance because it comes at a time of intense Islamophobia," said Qureshi.
QED UK, Chief Executive, Adeeba Malik, has been awarded an MBE for services to ethnic minority communities. Malik, of Pakistani origin, joined the Bradford-based development charity in 1992 where she developed economic, social and educational projects for people of South Asian origin. She is currently a board member of the regional development agency, Yorkshire Forward, the Ethnic Minority Business Forum and British Waterways. Malik told The Muslim News, "I'm absolutely delighted to be awarded an MBE."
Greater Manchester Police's Community and Race Relations Officer, Afzal Iqbal, received an MBE. Iqbal has received the award for services to building links between the police service and ethnic communities. Afzal, 43, joined GMP in 1993. He was the first Community and Race Relations Officer from a minority ethnic background to be recruited by the Force. In 1995, he helped set up the Longsight Multi-Agency Racial Harassment Project. In a statement to The Muslim News, Afzal said, "I am happy to have made a small contribution to building relationships between the police and minority ethnic communities in South Manchester."

Full Muslim Honours Recipients List: Civil CBE: Mohammed Tarique Ghaffour, Asst Comm., Met Police, London, for services to the police.
Civil OBE: Hasan Chawdhry, Head teacher, Edinburgh Primary, London, for service to Education. Dr Nayyar Naqvi, Consultant Cardiologist, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust, for service to Medicine. Prof Mohammed Wahab, MD, DELTA Microelectronics Ltd, Prof of Electronic Eng, University of Glamorgan, for services to Electronic Eng. Nosheena Mobarik, Dir, M, Computer Technology, for services to Business in Scotland.
Civil MBE: Mohammed Issa, Dir, Tayside Equality Council, for service to Race Equality in Scotland. Afzal Iqbal, Comm Dev Officer, Greater Manchester Police, for service to the Police. Dr Anba Farhan-Ali, Dir, Refugees in Jobs, for service to Community Relations. Mohammed Miskin Nasim, Cllr, London Borough of Waltham Forest, for service to Local Government. Khandaker Abdul Musabbir, Chair, Bangladesh Assn and Community Project, for service to Community Relations in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Mohamed Farouk Desai, for services to Publicly Funded Legally Services. Mohammed Abdul Matin, Chair, Keen Students Supplementary School, for service to Education. Saleh Ahmed Khan, for service to Community Dev in Bangladesh. Amtul Salam Khan, Chair, Al-Nisa Assn, Northern Ireland. For service to Muslim Women in Northern Ireland. Adeeba Malik, Dep chief Executive, QED UK. For services to Community Relations and to business in Bradford. Jamila Qureshi, for service to the Asian Community in Coventry. Jalal Uddin, for service to Community Relations in the West Midlands. Mohamed Salim Ali Riyami, for service to the NHS. Jawaid Khaliq, for service to Boxing. Raja Miah,, for services to Comm. Relations in Gt Manchester.
Diplomatic Services & Overseas List OBE: Dr Mutei Khaled Asir, for service to medical care in the West Bank. Sarah Joseph, for service to inter-faith dialogue and to the promotion of women's rights. Nighat Banu Awan, for service to charities and to food exports.
Diplomatic Services & Overseas List MBE: Sharif Muhammad Hasan-Al Banna, for service to inter-faith dialogue and to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Hajj Advisory Group.

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