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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Fantasy Islam Being Played In Berlin: "Liberal" Mosque Opens To More Media Than Muslims

Fantasy Islam Being Played In Berlin: "Liberal" Mosque Opens To More Media Than Muslims

30 "Mosqueteers" Show Up For Prayers Lead By Female "Imamin"
July 7, 2017

Liberal Mosque Opens In Berlin

Swiss-Yemeni political-scientist Elham Manea (C) speaks to the media before she participated in leading Friday prayers during the opening of the Ibn-Rushd-Goethe Mosque on June 16, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The new, liberal mosque, co-founded by human-rights activist Seyran Ates and located for the next year in space rented in a Protestant church, seeks to bring together liberally-oriented Muslims from different strains of Islam. In conrast to traditional mosques male and female worshippers will attend services together and homosexual Muslims are welcome. The mosque derives its name from the 11th-century Muslim philosopher Ibn-Rushd and German writer, dramatist and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

MIM: Elham Manea is one of the founders of the Ibn Rushd-Geothe mosque.

For more on her see:

"The Clarion Project's Advisory Board Plays Fantasy Islam - Part 3: Elham Manea Rejects The Koran"


MIM: Excerpt from "Islamic Mosqueteers Strike Again In The Heart Of Europe".

"....In a breaking update; as if designed as an accompanying document in support of this piece, today, Gatestone published an article about a newly opened German mosque [see, Vijeta Uniyal, Germany's Quest for 'Liberal' Islam , Gatestone Institute].

Despite the obviously fervent hopes of the German Federal Republic's bright lights, the facts surrounding the event read like a macabre comedy caught in a Felliniesque time warp. That the mosque's opening was feverishly hyped by Germany's uniquely smug state run, Deutsche Welle only heightens the nauseous sense that Europe is far past the point of ever possibly restoring the ancient order.

"The newly unveiled 'liberal mosque' in Berlin was supposed to showcase a 'gentler' Islam. An Islam that could be reformed and modernized while it emerges as the dominant demographic force in Europe. German public broadcasterDeutsche Welle touted the opening of the mosque as a "world event in the heart of Berlin…Everyone is welcome at Berlin's Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque…Women and men shall pray together and preach together at the mosque, while the Koran is to be interpreted 'historically and critically,' crowed DW…"

Multiculturally stunted Euro reporters were trampling over each other in their glee to prove that the "critics of Islam" were indeed, guilty as charged…Islamophobes. The icing on this strange cake however is what takes the matter beyond the ironic; the mosque's "imam" is…of course…a woman who buoyantly proclaimed:

"For me there is no contradiction in being a Muslim and a feminist at the same time," Seyran Ates, the mosque's female imam told the German reporters.

When news of the heterodox German mosque "project," leaked outside the confines of Berlin and Brussels, and started filtering into the Middle East, what any rational observer of things Muslim could have told the central planners far in advance, were borne out - things have gone entirely sideways:

"…The liberal utopian dream quickly turned into an Islamist nightmare. Islamic fanatics from near and far started flooding the Berlin mosque with death threats. Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the foremost authority on Sunni Islam, issued a fatwaforbidding the 'liberal mosque.'

Leaving the befuddled "imam" stammering and unable to fashion a reasonable but "culturally sensitive" response:

"…[though]…300 emails per day [encouraged her] to carry on"…but also "3,000 emails a day full of hate", some of them including death threats. Egypt's Dar al-Ifta al-Masriyyah, a state-run Islamic institution assigned to issue religious edicts, issued a statement on Monday declaring that the Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque's practice of men and women praying side by side was incompatible with Islam."..."


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